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The next morning, Ray was at Waiting For Tomorrow’s bus really early. Maybe a little too early. Penina answered the door in her pyjamas, her hair sticking out in several directions and her make-up halfway down her face “It’s the middle of the night, what are you doing here?” Penina groaned.

“I came over to see Raven.” Ray replied nervously, wiping his hands on his jeans “Is she in?”

“She’s in but she’s fast asleep. Don’t worry; I’ll wake her up for you.” Penina grinned and raced upstairs so Ray climbed onto the tour bus. He heard several thumps, Raven shrieking and then Penina laughing hysterically.

Raven made her way downstairs and saw Ray standing on the bus “Oh my god!” She shrieked, running back upstairs. Why hadn’t Penina warned her that Ray was there? She knew that Raven liked him!

“Why didn’t you tell me he was there?” Raven whispered frantically, going back into the tiny room that her and Penina shared “I’m wearing my fucking teletubbie pyjamas!”

“That is the funniest thing!” Penina giggled, falling onto the floor with laughter.

Raven ripped off the pyjamas “He’s gonna think I’m a right weirdo. I was only wearing them because they’re comfortable and I thought you’d be the only person to see me in them.” She pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a large My Chemical Romance tee-shirt “Now to go downstairs and re-assure him that I’m not massive fan of the teletubbies.” She held her head high and left the room… Managing to trip over the hair dryer that Penina had left out the night before when she’d been preparing for her date with Frank. Penina roared with laughter and Raven stood up, turned around and glared at her “Can you clean this room up please? I’ve kept all my stuff tidy!”

“T-That was s-so f-funny!” Penina managed to splutter between giggling.

Raven shook her head at her and went downstairs “Is everything okay?” Ray asked, looking slightly worried.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine.” Raven told him and then laughed “Please ignore those awful pyjamas you saw me in.”

“I barely noticed, you were only in here for about a second.” Ray replied. It was a lie, he’d totally seen her teletubbie pyjamas but he didn’t want her to be embarrassed. He thought her teletubbie pyjamas were cute.

“Thank god!” Raven smiled “So, why are you here in practically the middle of the night?”

“Oh well um yeah. Do you wanna sit down?” Ray asked nervously, biting his lip. Raven nodded and sat down. He sat next to her “I didn’t know whether or not to tell you this but the guys re-assured me that you’d be okay with it so… I guess I should tell you.”

There was a long awkward pause until Raven said “Okay, you can tell me.” Ray looked worried so Raven said “Go ahead, I won’t bite your head off.”

Ray laughed nervously and wiped his hands on his jeans again “I might as well just say it in then… I think you’re beautiful and I really like you like a lot so I was just wondering if you felt the same way about me?”

Raven blinked at him for a moment “So you’re saying you have a crush on me?”

“Well yeah I do but oh god I shouldn’t have told you, you obviously don’t feel the same way, you’re way out of my league. It’s gonna be so awkward now, I’m so sorry, I promise that I’m not like a pervert or something-“

“Oh shut up and kiss me.” Raven laughed, putting her hand on Ray’s shoulder.

Ray stared at her a second before kissing her. Penina came in and yelled “Wow! You guys don’t even go on a date and he kisses you? Frank needs to man up and kiss me sometime soon!”

Later that day after both bands had had a sound check, Samantha was heading out to the tour bus when Gerard grabbed her arm and pulled her to one side “I’ve been thinking about what you said the other day.” Gerard said to her “Do you really think I’m a jerk?”

“Oh yeah,” Samantha replied, being painfully honest like she always was “You do act like a bit of a dick sometimes.”

Gerard rolled his eyes “I’m not being funny Sally but you don’t even know me.”

“Umm my name’s Samantha and I don’t know much about you. But I know enough about you by now to know that actually you’re really rude.”

“Excuse me but are you Gerard Way?” A sudden voice next to them asked. They both turned to look who it was and found a girl with light brown curly hair up to her shoulders “My name’s Kasey, I love you and your band so much. Do you think I could have a picture or an autograph or something?”

“How inconsiderate can you get?” Gerard snapped “Can’t you see that I’m having a conversation?”

“Look, Gerard, I don’t mind if you have a picture with her…” Samantha said quickly.

“It’s not about whether you mind or not, it’s about manners!” Gerard yelled “Look, just leave us alone!”

Kasey’s eyes filled with tears and then she ran off. Samantha rolled her eyes “That is exactly what I’m talking about. You shouldn’t talk to your fans like that.”

“Hey, she was rude-“

“And so were you when you made her cry dumbass!” Samantha snapped, shoving him away and storming towards the bus.

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