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Samantha, Raven, Daniel, Alex and Maria sat on their tour bus waiting for Penina to come back. When she opened the door, everyone shrieked and ran over to her “Where did he take you?” Maria asked.

“Did he kiss you?” Raven asked.

“Did he try anything inappropriate?” Daniel wanted to know, trying to sound threatening.

“It was perfect.” Penina grinned, flopping down onto the sofa “He was really sweet and no Daniel he didn’t try anything inappropriate. Not that I’d mind of course…”

“Penina!” Raven giggled, shoving her.

“Whatever.” Penina laughed “Anyway, it was amazing but at the end he didn’t try to kiss me. Does that mean anything?”

“He was probably just too nervous to kiss you. It probably didn’t mean anything.” Maria said comfortingly, sitting next to her and putting her arm around her “Tell us about it.”

Penina told them everything that had happened “He was really sweet, he held my hand and he kept hugging me but he didn’t kiss me.”

“Yeah, he was probably just nervous.” Samantha told her “Are you going on a second date?”

Penina smiled and nodded “Yeah, next week. Do you think he’ll kiss me then?”

“I’m pretty sure he will.” Alex said certainly “Anyway, I’m gonna go to bed now.”

Everyone nodded and went to bed too.

“How was your date with Penina?” Mikey asked the moment that Frank got back on the bus.

“I don’t know!” Frank cried “She’s so amazing and I think that I love her. But I don’t know if she had a good time. And then I was too nervous to kiss her. I’m such an idiot.”

“You’re not an idiot, she’ll understand.” Ray said “… Do you think you guys could give me some advice?”

“Sure, what about?” Bob asked.

“Well it’s just that I really like Raven but I don’t know if she likes me back.”

“Just tell her and then you’ll find out if she does or not.” Mikey said, nodding his head like a wise old owl.

“Tell her tomorrow!” Frank yelled “I was really scared to tell Penina and we went on a date and it was PERFECT.”

“Okay, fine, I’ll tell her.” Ray sighed, looking terrified.

[A/N] – I’ll write a longer chapter tomorrow, I promise :)
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