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If You're Lucky, Things Will Be Fine.

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If things are okay, there's nothing to worry about. LAST CHAPTER!

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Penina's P.O.V

We had a great time at the hotel, but when Jennifer called again, we had to go home. We weren’t allowed to know if we could be together or not unless we were told in person. We were definitely not allowed if we didn’t show up though, so we decided we should face our fears. We really want to be together anyway, so we hope it’s good news. Frank pulled up by the house.

‘Ready?’ He asked, his voice barely above a whisper. I shook my head.

‘Not at all.’ I answered. He giggled nervously, and we walked into the house. I saw Chloe there.

‘Hey Penina.’ She greeted.

‘Chloe! What are you doing here?’ I asked giving her a hug.

‘Ray invited me. Why didn’t you tell me about this? This is the most exciting thing ever. Do you know how boring things are back there? Do you? No. I needed this bit of juicy gossip!’ She exclaimed. I giggled.

‘Sorry for being in love with a man I want to protect.’ I said sarcastically.

‘Yeah, that’s exactly what we need to speak about.’ Mazy said. ‘First of all, Frank, we want to know why you had sex with our daughter who’s underage.’ She demanded angrily.

‘Look, I get why you’re upset, but I love her, and she loves me. It was a spur of the moment bliss kind of thing. I never wanted to hurt anyone.’ He answered. I gave him a hug, and he kept his arm around me.

‘I don’t know why you hate this so much. He’s amazing to me, and I love him. He loves me too and he hasn’t hurt me at all, and he never will. Isn’t that what matters?’ I asked.

‘No. You’re my little girl. I don’t want to see you with anyone.’ Ray said.

‘You only saw me for a few seconds when I was a little girl. Maybe it will be different for Hozzie and Say because you get to see them grow up, but just because you didn’t witness me growing up, doesn’t mean I’m not. I need Frank in my life. He’s the most amazing person I’ve ever known.’ I told them.

‘Well, in that case, I guess you can be together, but there are a few rules.’ He said. I ran up to them and gave them a hug.

‘Thank you Dad!’ I screamed. He pushed me back and looked into my eyes.

‘Did you just call me Dad?’ He asked. I nodded, embarrassed.

‘I’ve kind of wanted to for a while. Is that okay?’ I asked.

‘It’s perfect.’ He said. I smiled.

‘Don’t think I forgot about you Mum.’ I said. She smiled and hugged me.

‘I love happy endings!’ Gerard said. Bob even had a tear of joy in his eyes.

‘Can we play princesses now?’ Shayla asked. I giggled.

‘In a bit honey, we need to talk to your sister and Frank.’ Dad said. Frank and I sat down. ‘Okay, as much as we hate it, we know you’ve had sex a few times before, but that can no longer happen until marriage. If you disobey this rule, make sure we don’t know about it, and make sure you use protection. I don’t want you to turn out like us.’ He said.

‘Don’t let the public eye know until you’re 18. You can and you will get tormented.’ Mum said.

‘And lastly, please take good care of each other. You’re my daughter, yes, but you’re also my best friend. I don’t want either of you hurt.’ Dad said. Frank smiled.

‘Does that mean I’m still in the band?’ Frank asked. His whole face lit up.

‘Of course you’re still in the band.’ Mikey said. All the boys tackled him to the ground and they started having some sort of boy fight. I giggled. I turned to Mum.

‘Thank you.’ I said.

‘It’s okay. I’m not exactly thrilled about it, but I know what love feels like. I’m actually really proud of you for sticking up for him no matter what.’ She said. I smiled.

‘I’d die for him.’ I said.

‘Penina! Guess what?’ Chloe asked. I walked up to her and Jen.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Jen said she’s going to adopt me.’ She answered. I gasped and looked at Jen for confirmation. She just shrugged.

‘I love this kid, and you think Bob can just get a cat and not tell me? Well now he has to put up with one of my favourite teens.’ She answered. ‘Suck on that Bob!’ She screamed. Bob looked over.

‘Did you say something?’ He asked.

‘I was just saying how much I love you.’ Jen answered innocently. Bob got back to the fight. ‘He’s my beautiful idiot.’ She sighed. Chlo and I laughed before we hugged each other. Frank and I looked at each other from across the room, and we ran into a kiss. It was perfect. We were finally happy, and no one could ruin that.

The next day I walked in to school happier than ever. Addie ran up to me.

‘Where were you yesterday?’ She asked. I decided to tell her everything. She was my friend after all.

‘So now we don’t have to keep it a secret from anyone but the public eye.’ I told her. She smiled.

‘Okay, I’m going to be honest with you, if you told me that 2 weeks ago, I would’ve been jealous as hell.’ She said.

‘Frank’s truly something, isn’t he?’ I asked. She smiled.

‘Penina, I’d be jealous of him. I kinda had a massive crush on you, but 2 weeks ago I met this girl at a café, and well, we’re girlfriend and girlfriend now. She’s joining the school today. In fact, here she is.’ She said pointing to a girl with curly, light brown hair and green eyes.

‘Hi honey.’ The girl said before pecking Addie on the lips.

‘Hey baby. Penina, this is Adria, Adria, this is Penina.’ Addie said introducing us to each other. I shook her hand.

‘Hi.’ I greeted.

‘Hi Penina, call me A.’ She said. I giggled.

‘Sure.’ I said.

‘Penina, it looks like someone’s here to see you.’ Addie said pointing to the wired fence with big gaps in it. Frank was there. I ran over to him.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked.

‘Well, now we’re allowed to be together, I wanted to give you a kiss good morning. Also, I wanted to ask you out on a date for tonight. Do you want to go?’ He asked. I smiled and kissed him.

‘I’d love to.’ I said.

‘Great. I love you.’ He said.

‘I love you more.’ I told him. He giggled and kissed me again. The bell rang. ‘Crap. I’ve got to go.’ I said.

‘See you later sweetie.’ He said. I smiled at him.

‘Bye.’ I said waving at him. It didn’t matter how bad my days are, or how stupid the people in this school are. What does matter is that Frank will always be there to cheer me up and make the day alright. He’ll always be there through thick and thin, and no one’s angry about that anymore.

I guess this is what life is like when it’s perfect.

This is it folks. The end of the line for this story, but fear not! If you haven't already seen, I've got some auditions up for my next one! Link: A lot of people have already auditioned, and most of them were for Mikey's girlfriend. If you auditioned for that and you don't mind being someone else apart from any of the girlfriends, just let me know. I do need some other important parts, and there are still people for the cute girls. I love those parts. So, for the last time this story, rate and review. I hope you liked the whole story. Thank you to everyone who read it and everyone who reviewed, and everyone who rated. Like, seriously?!? Wow! Thank you guys so much! I love you all! XD xx

Sorry! I forgot to wish everyone a happy Guy Fawkes night! For those who don't know, it's about this guy who failed to blow up the parliament hundreds of years ago. We set off fireworks and celebrate it for some reason. Isn't that cool? It's like my story ended with a bang! XD xx
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