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[A/N] – Okay from now on, I’m calling Maria Mia because I think she prefers that :)

“What if I pretended to like pass out or something?” Penina suggested “And he gave me the kiss of life?”

“Penina, you’ve been through every possible trick and none of them are gonna work.” Daniel groaned, starting to get sick of Penina’s plans to kiss Frank “Why don’t you just kiss him?”

“Because he’s the guy, he’s meant to do it first!” Penina yelled “I am a woman of tradition! I believe in romance!”

“It would still be romantic if you kissed him.” Raven told her “Anyway, Ray asked me to go over to his bus now so I’m gonna go…”

“Frank hasn’t even mentioned hanging round with me since our first date?” Penina frowned “Does this mean he hates me?”

“He asked you to sleep in his room last night.” Mia reminded her “Did you share a bed with him?” Penina nodded “Well then he’s just SHY. He just pretends that he’s not shy.”

“But he doesn’t have to be shy, I love him…” Penina moaned, flopping onto her back and moaning continuously.

“So anyway, Sam, heard anything off Gerard?” Mia winked at Sam who hit her.

“Shush, I don’t want anyone to know!” Sam hissed.

“Don’t want anyone to know what?” Penina asked, suddenly distracted from moaning about Frank.

“It’s none of anyone’s business!” Sam cried, running upstairs and into the tiny room that she shared with Mia. She leaped onto the bed and started crying because she was so confused about how she felt.

Gerard walked off the bus and started making his way over to Sam’s bus but then stopped. He wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to see her or not. He didn’t even know what to say to her…

His thoughts were interrupted by a young girl with straight red hair up to her shoulders “Hi, I hate to bother you,” She said quietly “But my names Annabella even though everyone calls me Anna. I was wondering if I could have your autograph?” She held out the lyric book for their latest album ‘Danger Days’.

Gerard looked at the girl for a long moment and remembered how he’d re-acted to that other fan yesterday. He smiled at her “Of course I can. Do you have a pen?”

“Oh yeah, I should, in my bag…” Anna started rootling around in her bag and even though she took a long time, Gerard didn’t mind.

“So you’re coming to the show tonight, right?” He asked, trying to make conversation as she looked for a pen.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for anything!” Anna giggled.

“Aww. Is this your first show?”

“Yeah, everyone says you’re really awesome. I’m looking forward to it. Oh, here’s my pen…” Anna pulled it out of her bag and handed the pen and the lyric book to Gerard.

‘To Anna,’ He wrote ‘Keep running! Love Gee xoxo.’ He handed it back to her “I hope you enjoy the show.” He said with a small smile.

Anna took one step back then opened her mouth as if to ask him something, blushed and thought better of it. Gerard laughed “Do you want a hug?” Anna smiled and nodded shyly. Gerard held out his arms and Anna hugged him.

‘Why was I so mean to the fans?’ Gerard thought to himself ‘They’re so sweet!’

[A/N] – More of a filler chapter :)
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