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“I’m gonna do it today.” Frank announced to Raven, Ray, Jennifer and Mikey.

They blinked at him for a moment for a long moment, waiting for him to tell them what he was going to do. He didn’t say anything until Raven cried “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to ask Penina on a second date and then I’m going to kiss her.” Frank took a deep breath and smiled “I’m fully prepared for this.”

“What, have you been practicing on the back of your hand or something?” Mikey asked, raising his eye-brows.

Frank went bright red “No, of course not.” Then he went off to go and ask Penina on another date.

Gerard climbed back onto the bus. He was in a really good mood after meeting that fan outside “Hey guys.” He smiled.

“Oh Gerard, I needed to tell you something.” Jennifer said, standing up and looking down at her clipboard “Umm yeah it’s just that this place has a curfew so you’re gonna have to cut two songs from your set list…”

Jennifer prepared for him to yell at her but Gerard just smiled and said “Sure, if you give me a copy of the set list then me and the guys can pick two songs to get rid of.”

“Oh uhh okay.” Jennifer handed him a copy of the set list.

“I’ll give this back to you at our sound check, okay?”

“Uhh yeah sure…” Jennifer said, in a bit of a daze as she stepped off the bus. Had Gerard just been nice to her? Really?

“You’re in a really good mood.” Ray said to him and then returned to kissing Raven.

“We kind of need to work on the set list…” Gerard sighed. Ray ignored him so Gerard sat down next to Mikey “So yeah, let’s cut two of the songs.”

“I’m not complaining or anything but Ray’s right you’re in a really good mood.” Mikey said, his eyes wide “Has something happened?”

“Yes.” Gerard thought about it and then said “Someone helped me realise that I was acting like a dick and I felt really bad about it so I’ve decided to change.”

“Oh well that’s good.” Mikey beamed at him and they looked through the set list together, trying to find two songs to cut.

Meanwhile, Frank tapped on the door to Waiting For Tomorrow’s bus and waited for a response. Mia opened it “Oh hey Frank.” She smiled “Here to see Penina?”

Frank nodded and Mia moved out of the way to let him in “Hey Penina.” Frank smiled.

Penina sat up and quickly fixed her hair before smiling back at him “Hey Frank.”

“I was wondering if I could talk to you outside or something?”

Penina nodded and they both got off the bus “So umm yeah…” Frank was really nervous but trying not to show it. He wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans and said “I was wondering if you’d like to go on a second date with me.”

There was silence for a moment before Penina muttered “I don’t know.”

“You… You don’t know?” Frank repeated, his eyes instantly filling with tears at the thought of Penina not liking him.

“Well are these dates going anywhere?” Penina asked “We barely talk. Look at Raven and Ray. They talk all the time.”

“I wanna be like that with you.” Frank said “But I’m really shy and nervous around you. I’m not normally like that with anybody. You don’t understand. I really like you.”

“Well I really like you too. I just want to know that these dates are leading to something more.”

Frank nodded and then knew what he had to do. He took Penina’s hands, making her look up at him. He leaned forward and kissed her.
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