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Sixx 4 Six

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A young cruehead has an encounter with Nikki Sixx in the late 80s and gets more than she bargained for. Note: This was the first fanfic I ever wrote at all, so please note some of the facts are not...

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My alarm blared at 7am in the morning "Uggghhh" I groaned as I lazily got out of bed. I glanced over at my mirror and saw I was a disaster. I had partied well into the morning for the past few weekends so I woke up every morning looking like a tornado hit me. I went to take a shower and found my roommate Lindsey,passed out on the floor. I  violently shook her and after a few minutes she woke up and snapped "It's too damn early! I told you let me be." I told her I couldn't just leave her on the floor because I had the maid coming at 8am. I jumped in the shower for a few quick minutes then got out and went to work on my hair, makeup,and clothes. My long, wet black hair clung to me as I wrapped a crisp white towel around me and blew my hair dry. I put on a pair of really ripped up black jeans,a black leather corset top, a shredded jean jacket, and some wedges. I put on a fresh layer of mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick, then put my hair up in a ponytail with a silver clasp. When I was done, I went to the kitchen where my other roommate Carly was already awake and sitting on the countertop wearing only a tank & a pair of boyshorts. "Hey Carly" I said as I reached in the fridge for the milk, when I turned around Carly was standing behind me "Are you exited for the Motley Crue concert tonight? I even got a limo to pick us up!" I dropped the milk, I TOTALLY forgot that we were going to the Motley Crue concert that night. Me,Carly,and Lindsey were huge Crue fans & had been waiting for this day for months. "Crap! I forgot! Lindsey!" I yelled, Lindsey groggily came in and asked "What?" "Do you remember we're goin' to the Crue concert tonight?" I asked "Hell yes I remembered, I paid for those expensive ass VIP backstage tix." clearly Lindsey was not as big a fan as me & Carly. After breakfast me & Lindsey went to work (I work at a sandwich shop & Lindsey as an assistant for a lawyer). Carly didn't work because she pretty much lived off her wealthy parents money, so we left her to let the maid in. When we got off work (both at the same time) we had 4 hours before the concert, it took about 1 hour to get to the stadium,an average of 45 minutes to get in and find our seats, so that left us a few hours to get ready. When we got home, Carly and her boyfriend Bryan were sitting on the couch cutting out felt letters & making posters, "What is this? 5th grade? I mean really, felt lettering?" Bryan chuckled and said "Who cares what you think,Miss I-Kiss-myNikkiSixxpostergoodnight&goodmorningeveryday." I glared at Carly "You told?" Carly smirked and replied "Hey it's not my fault we share a room." I groaned and went off to fix myself up. I took a shower then went to my room to find an outfit. I was throwing stuff out of the drawers while attempting to find something good to wear. Finally I settled on a black leather mini-mini skirt,a half Motley crüe shirt,fishnets,& some black heeled boots. I put on a deep red shade of lipstick,then some lipgloss over it,I put a forest green eyeliner and eyeshadow on. When I came out Carly was ready and wearing a  black snakeskin jumpsuit,combat boots,and black lipstick. Lindsey emerged wearing what I'm pretty sure was Bryan's dress shirt and a pair of black sandals. She only had a bit of makeup on and had drawn on a mole. "No way will Mick ever notice you if you're looking like that." Lindsey rolled her eyes and Carly studied her outfit "Is that Bryan's shirt?" she asked "Yeah he left it a few weeks ago, so I took it." Carly muttered something and then checked her watch and said "The limo should be her in 2, so youse got everything?" I picked up the tickets off the counter and put them in my pocket and replied "Yep."......
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