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Part 2

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Meeting the Crue....

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 When we were a few minutes away from the stadium Carly said "Bryan said he'd meet us inside,so no worries about that." I really didn't understand Carly's comment but I was too excited to care. After 30 minutes we were inside the stadium and in 15 minutes we were  with Bryan and ready to rock. The show was fantastic. Me & Carly sung along with every song and swung our heads back & forth throughout the whole show. When it was time to go backstage I could barely contain myself. Bryan had to take off after the show so there'd be no snarky comments from him. After they showed the guards their passes they went in. The room smelled like alcohol & cigarettes and the band were all sitting on a couch. Nikki was the first to jump up & greet us "Hey baby girl,I'm Nikki" he said when he got to me "Yeah, I know" I dreamily replied "Of course you do," Nikki laughed as he playfully grabbed my butt. Mick pulled me into his lap and gave me a wet kiss on the lips while Vince got Carly to sit on his knee & Tommy was flirting with Lindsey. "You're cute," Mick said as he fiddled with my hair & jewelry "You are too." I sheepishly replied. Soon Mick announced he had to leave, so he shook my hand and pulled me in so he could lick my face and then left. Nikki scooted over towards me and said "Lets get outta here." and pulled me up. We left & went to his hotel room, which wasn't the prettiest sight. Syringes littered the floor and cigarette butts were all over the bed. Various bottles of beer & Jack Daniels were on the coffee table. "Oh shit, I forgot to take the don't disturb sign off the damn door, frickin' maids won't clean." he turned to me & offered me a half drunk bottle of jd I refused and said "I don't drink." he shrugged and polished it off himself. We sat down on the couch and watched tv for about 5 minutes before Nikki turned it off and started kissing my neck and face. We both kissed and Nikki picked me up, carried me to the bedroom and threw me onto the bed. He closed the door and took of his shirt."you have so many tats" I said gazing at his bare chest "Mmm I do." he climbed on the bed and we kissed and slowly took each others clothes off. I fiddled with his tight leather pants until I got them off. He took off my underwear and I took off his. He began kissing my neck then my chest,and then when he got down there he stuck his rough tongue in "Ohhh Nikki! Nikki nikki!" I shouted, Nikki touched my body while going at it,and I couldn't take it anymore, I rolled him over and began kissing him,his chest,tracing his tattoos with my finger. When I reached his cock it was stone hard, I sucked, licked, and kissed it. "Aaaahhh!" he yelled as he pushed it more down into my mouth. He came in my mouth,I swallowed and then he said "You horny bitch,let me get in you." he flipped me over, got on top of me,and then went in. He went deeper & deeper, I screamed "NIKKI!!" that continued for an hour until we collapsed in each others arms and fell asleep.....   
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