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Part 3

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The next morning! Hmmm!

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The next morning! Hmmm!
The next morning when I woke up Nikki was gone so I slipped on a random shirt that was on the floor & went to find him "Nikki?" I called "In here babe." I heard him call from somewhere in the 'living room' or at least where the sofa & the tv was. I found Nikki injecting heroin into his arm while drinking a bottle of Jack. I sighed "I don't know about you,but I'd quit that crap while I'm alive." I said as I began cleaning the coffee table off "Number one I don't take orders from people who's names I don't even know and number two why the hell are you cleaning, that's what the maid does." I scowled "Im sorry I just have an impulse to clean dirty things when I see them. And my name is Rachael" Nikki cocked his head and threw his lighted cigarette at me "Clean that up, whore." he said as he got up and walked into the bedroom. I picked up the cigarette and put it in my mouth, I wasn't a smoker,but every now and then I'd take one for the team. I coughed as the smoke filled my mouth, I exhaled and hacked some more. Then there was a knock at the door and a man was shouting "What the hell Nikki? Answer the door!?" I shouted "Nikki someone's at the door!!" I didn't get a response. I went to the door & looked out the peephole. It was Vince Neil. I opened it up and Vince pushed me out of the way and screamed "NIKKI!!!" he turned to me and said "Rach where the hell is Nikki?" I was surprised he remembered my name but I managed to say "He was in his bedroom..." Vince stomped to the bedroom door and flung it open "What the hell man?" I heard Nikki screech, Vince slammed the door and I heard muffled fighting and shouting. After a few minutes I started cleaning. Picking up the cigarette butts,recycling the bottles,throwing the syringes away,and taking a soapy rag to any washable surface. At some point Tommy Lee walked in the open door without my knowing and succeed in scaring me to near death by saying "Jesus woman, do you ever stop?" I screamed and jumped."Tommy? How long have you been watching me?!" he shrugged "I came with Vince. I came in when he did. You didn't see me?" I shook my head and went back to scrubbing "What's up with Sixx & Neil?" I asked Tommy who had sat down behind me on the couch. "No idea, I just came with because Neil wanted me to, and trust me, you don't wanna be in a fight with a fucked up Neil." I said "Oh," and went to rinse out the rag. When I came back Tommy had taken his leather jacket off and was laying on the couch. "Somethin tells me Nikki got some last night?" he quipped "Us both." I smirked "Come lay on me," he suddenly said, in slight shock I said "Why?" he undid his belt buckle and said "Because my thing is the size of a cobra and we both know you want it." I thought about it for a second. I always liked Tommy,Neil & sixx showed no signs of coming out anytime soon,the situation was perfect, and I already was underwear-less. I smiled and climbed on top of him he grabbed my hips and squeezed them, I could feel his thing through his thin leather pants. He took his pants off and said "No time for arousal so I'm just going in." He was right, his thing was so big it was hard to believe. There was no arousal needed. Feeling him in me was so good it was hard to stifle my screams because we didn't want Nikki to know. We finished just before Nikki stormed out with Vince following "Rachael pack your bags,we're goin' to London!" Nikki yelled. I stammered, he didn't really expect me to go with him did he? I couldn't just leave LA. I ran to Vince "What's up?" I asked "Nikki is going to London and apparently you're going with."......  
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