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Part 4

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Risktaker Rachael! So quick 2 make decisions! What's gonna happen?!

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I agreed to go with Nikki. I didn't have any clothes except for the ones from the previous night, when I told this to Nikki he muttered something, pulled me into his room,and said "Find some of my clothes to wear," and the stomped out & slammed the door behind him. I rooted through Nikki's clothes before finding one of his tank tops,a pair of leather pants,a belt,and a pair of his heeled boots. The pants and the boots were too big but I managed to keep the pants up with a belt and just had to bear it with the boots. I looked in the mirror and saw I was a mess "Nikki?! Do you have a comb or brush!?"  Nikki shouted angrily "Do I LOOK like I have one?!" I settled for using some of his hairspray to give me his big hair look. I put some of his makeup on and went to join them. "What took so long?" Vince complained "I'm sure you take longer than me." I replied. Tommy ushered us out the door where we went to the lobby and to the waiting limo. Tommy & Vince left, as they had other things to do,and me and Nikki were on our way to LAX. After we got our tickets and got through airport security we boarded the crowded jet "Ah hell, people will be busting my chops the whole time,look at this huge ass plain!" I took Nikki's hand and led him to our seats. I put the carry-ons in an overhead compartment then sat down next to Nikki who was fumbling with his seatbelt,he was obviously high, so I buckled it for him. The ride went smoothly, Nikki fell asleep after the plan took off, so I didn't have to worry about him causing trouble. When the plane landed I shook Nikki awake "Huh?.." he said confused and a little lost for words "Where are we? Racheal?" I figured Nikki had been too high to even remember where we were or what we were doing, which even I didn't know. "We're at an airport in London," I said "Ohhh,right,okay now I remember." he said while standing up. When we got our bags from baggage claim I asked Nikki "Where exactly are we going?" a look of darkness went over Nikki's face, he sighed "To" he said a bit uneasily "Okay..." I said,now I was getting uneasy. We got a cab that took us to the lower, more gritty, part of London. We pulled up to a apartment, as I got out Nikki payed the driver and gave a mammoth tip. Nikki buzzed a room "Yeahhhh?" a man drunkenly slurred "Um, Bobby, it's me Nikki, and my....girlfriend, Rachael." even though Nikki hesitated to say 'girlfriend' I was still happy (and a little embarrassed) he did. "Oh yeah right Ikkin! Come uppp..." Nikki turned to me "He has dyslexia..." We climbed 2 flights of stairs and went to apartment 158 where the door was already open, a man stepped out "Nikki! Nam! Long time no ees!" Nikki engulfed him in a hug then introduced me to him "Rach,this is Bobby,he's...a friend." I didn't have time to question Nikki's hesitance to say 'friend' because Bobby shook my hand "Nikki's got a new girl!" he looked me up and down "Last time you were still with...oh man whoever." Bobby invited us inside to his surprisingly nice and tidy inside. It had white and blue rugs, a leather couch, a big tv, a nice kitchen,3 bedrooms, a big bathroom,and a huge liquor cabinet. Bobby wasn't too hard on the eyes either. He had straight neck length brown hair,blue eyes,he was about 5'8,and was wearing a white suit with a black tie. "Surprised this apartment is nice?" Bobby asked me "Yeah, it doesn't seem like it belongs in this...hellhole." Bobby laughed "In my profession I can afford to do this to the place." I had to ask "What's your profession?" Bobby turned with a quizzical expression "Ohhh Nikki, youse needs to llet her!" I looked a Nikki who had a solemn face on "Tell me what?" I asked.....  
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