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Part 5

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Somethinnnn' happennnns! Lol

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Nikki refused to tell me what we were doing in London, who Bobby was, or what his 'profession' was. He avoided me all day by giving me a wad of cash and telling me to "Buy some damn clothes woman." I didn't like the tone in Nikki's voice, but I went anyway. I went to the shopping center and bought a couple outfits,then went back to Bobby's apartment. When I was just about to ring the buzzer a guy came up behind me "GIVE ME YOUR PURSE!" he yelled, I screamed and tried to explain I didn't have a purse or any cash, but he went over to me and started to pat me down, he pulled out a 100 dollar bill from my back pocket (which I didn't know was there since they were Nikki's pants) "You lied! You got a big ass 100 bucks right here! What else you got?!" the guy screeched. I tried to explain they were my boyfriends pants,but he wouldn't listen,so he slapped me across the face so hard I fell over "GET THE FUCK OFF MY GIRLFRIEND ASSHOLE!" I suddenly heard Nikki shout, before I knew it Nikki had smashed a wine bottle over the guy's head and proceeded to beat him into unconsciousness. Bobby helped me up "Are you okay?" he asked, I wasn't. I was crying and when the guy slapped me it was so hard it made my nose bleed. I was dizzy and tired. Suddenly everything started spinning and blackness caved in on me. That's all I remember. 
-Nikki's POV-
I had sent Rachael out to buy herself some clothes or something because she was starting to get suspicious about why we were here and about Bobby. I couldn't tell her. She would never forgive me if I told her what we were actually doing here. I like her. More than just a sex object. Even though I only knew her for a day,she was so cool and nice and not like all the other chicks. While I was sitting on the edge of our bed,getting ready to shoot myself up I heard a guy screaming from outside and what sounded like a woman pleading with him "Racheal!" I thought, I ran out of the bedroom, screamed for Bobby,and then ran downstairs, I ran as faster than I ever did down the 2 flights of stairs. When I got out the door, I saw the guy hit Rachael and she fell over, I was so mad and fuming "GET THE FUCK OFF MY GIRLFRIEND ASSHOLE!" I yelled, I took the wine bottle Bobby had been drinking from and hit him over the head with it, then I beat his sorry ass blue. When I stopped, I rolled the guy into the gutter and turned around. Bobby was holding Rachael in his arms with his head pressed to her chest "Man, she's unconscious. But she's still alive." Bobby informed me. I rushed to her side, picked her up and instructed Bobby to call 9-1-1. As Bobby called on the payphone and described the situation I tired to shake her awake. She didn't even budge. In a couple minutes the paramedics came and carted her,and the robber, away. I insisted on riding with her while Bobby stayed at his apartment. When we got there the doctors took her in and finally after what seemed like ages they came out and explained what happened. "The slap had to do with it, as it was so hard it drew blood. But the other reason she passed out is she seems to be fatigued,depressed,and in lack of food. We found her medical history and saw that she has a serious case of depression and she's taking medication for it. There's also a possibility she's anorexic." I was shocked, I suppose I shouldn't have been because we only knew each other for a day, there wasn't enough time to explain all that,but I was still shocked. "When's she going to wake up?" the doctors exchanged looks "She's in a coma,we think maybe in a few months she'll wake up. But for now,there's nothing we can do.".......    
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