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Part Sixx

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Nikki is suffering :-( so is Tommy...but why? Sorry if it's short.

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-Nikki's POV-
The next 2 months were horrible. I had Rachael taken back to the states,so now she was in LA.Rachael still hadn't woken up and I was getting high everyday and waking up in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. The doctors said there was a possibility it would be a year before she woke up. I was so crushed. Tommy, Mick,and Vince came to see her and me regularly,bringing us both flowers and balloons. The more days that passed without her waking up, I was getting higher and higher and drunker and drunker. One day when I visited the hospital I noticed the red decorations all around. I looked at the calendar, Valentines day was only 3 days away. I would've enjoyed sharing it with Rachael, but she showed no signs of waking up anytime soon. Everything was so bad. And to top it off Tommy, my best friend was constantly avoiding me over the last to weeks and making lame excuses to leave when I would enter the room. I was so fucked up. I went back to hotel room and shot myself up.
-Tommy's POV-
I was knee deep in crap. I had something I was keeping from Nikki,something I was sure would crush him. It happened 2 weeks ago when I went to see Rach,the usual receptionist wasn't there and I suppose she assumed I was her boyfriend or husband or something and congratulated me. "On what?" I asked puzzled "Oh,Rachael's pregnant with a baby!" the nurse said excitedly. I got dizzy. I went to see Rachael, sleeping so silently and peacefully, not knowing what was going on. I had the feeling in my gut that it wasn't Nikki's, I just felt it wasn't. I sat next to her and put my hand on her stomach,thinking of the little life that was growing inside of her. My little life. Our little life. Then Nikki walked in. I snapped my hand off her stomach before he could see "What's up man?" he said "Nothin' I gotta go, later." I said getting up and running to the door. Now it was 2 weeks later and I still hadn't told Nikki,and apparently the doctors hadn't either. What was I gonna do?......
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