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Part 7

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This 1s long! Vince has a POV in this chapter! I'd like some reviews or a rating on this story or something if you're reading this, I guess Motley fic isn't as popular as other categories but still.

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-Vince's POV-
Nikki was all fucked up about Rachael. I understood he was hurting,but obsessing over it wasn't gonna help. We were going to write a new album and we needed Nikki. Besides,he only new this chick for like what? A day? 2 days? As I was sitting in my hotel room I shared with Tommy thinking and writing some new material, Tommy walked in "Hey man, I was writing this good song,and I was thinking maybe we could give you this bitchin' drum solo! Whadda ya think?" I said as I waved a piece of paper in Tommy's face. For once he didn't jump in and start giving ideas for what he could do with his kit. He looked....sad. I decided to ask "What's got you in a funk?" Tommy looked at me and for the first time I noticed he looked a little off, not drug off,off off, his eyes were bloodshot, he didn't have his eyeliner on,he looked wiry and thin even for him,and he was unresponsive. Finally Tommy said "Man I have a huge secret, I need to tell you, but you gotta promise not to tell Nikki anything." I scoffed "I never tell him anything anyways."  Tommy looked me into the eyes and said "I'm gonna be a father." I laughed "Yeah right,but considering it's you it's actually a possibility anywhere from 10-15 groupies or strippers could have your baby." then I realized Tommy was dead serious. "What?! Well who the hell is the mom?!" I said jumping to my feet "Rachael!" Tommy shot back "That's impossible,you two were only together for like, 15 minutes!" "Well, that's all we needed," "How do you know?!" "I just do!" "You fucked up Nikki's girl?! You two are best friends! What's Nikki gonna think when the baby comes out and it looks nothing like him! What's Nikki gonna think when it comes out 3 feet tall and anorexic! What's Nikki gonna think when it grows up and only wants to play drums. WHAT THE HELL IS NIKKI GONNA THINK WHEN YOU HIS BEST FRIEND TELL HIM YOU ARE THE FATHER AFTER HE RAISES IT FOR FIFTEEN YEARS OR SOME SHIT LIKE THAT?!?!?!??!?!" Tommy looked at me with a depressed and anguished face "Nikki doesn't know  Rachael's pregnant does he?" I said quietly "No,and you can't tell him. He's in enough pain all read..." Tommy's voice trailed off as he looked beyond me, I turned around to see Nikki standing behind us about 20 feet away. "Rachael is pregnant? Tommy? Vince? Tommy?" Nikki's voice broke as he questioningly said our names. We both stood there like idiots. Not knowing what to do next....
-Nikki's POV-
When I left the hospital I decided to go see Vince, I needed to talk to someone even if sometimes I couldn't stand him. When I got there, the door was open and I heard Tommy and Vince talking, I walked in and they didn't notice me, I was about to walk over when I heard the most surprising words come out of Tommy's mouth (and as surprising as Tommy was,this was the most surprising) "I'm gonna be a father." he said. I decided to lay low. When I heard him say it was Rachael that was the mother, I nearly fell backward. Tommy was my best friend. We we re always there for each other and we started Motley Crue together,and now I found out he did my girl and she was pregnant WITH HIS CHILD. I was surprised to hear Vince standing up for me, scince we weren't really close. Tommy finally noticed me, I stepped out, I was lost for words "Rachael is pregnant? Tommy? Vince? Tommy?" I was shocked, sad,angry, and confused. I turned silently and walked out, slamming the door behind me, I heard Vince yelling "Nikki! Come back!" but I couldn't stand to see Tommy's face,not after what he'd done. I decided to go back to Bobby's. Back to London. I was so mad. I didn't even want to be in the states. When I got there I told Bobby to give me all the herion he had, I shoved my wallet in his hands "Take what it costs." I went to the guest room where I was staying and melted down as much as possible at a time. I took off my leather jacket, found a vein and stuck it in. I felt no regets. I just  felt amazing. I kept going and going and going. The last thing I remember was injecting myself with another shot. 
-Bobby's POV-
While I was a bit concerned about Nikki, I couldn't pass up that big a sale. He handed me his wallet and told me to take what I needed. He had just enough. After a while when Nikki didn't come out and I didn't hear him I decided to check it out. When I walked in he was laying on the floor out cold. His pulse was weak, I decided to attempt to hit him back to life, so I took a bat off the wall I had hanging and hit him hard with it. After many hits, Nikki was bruised and bleeding. I decided I could do nothing for him,he already had his heart broken because his girlfriend was in a coma,so he probably didn't want to live. I picked his body up,went downstairs, then went to the back of the apartment building,and threw him into a garbage bucket, the big green ones. Just like a piece of trash I left him....
-Tommy's POV-
On a whim I decided to go see Rachael. It was about 9:30pm so I decided it'd be okay. When I got to her room, I nearly fainted. Rach was awake and crying. "Rach?! Oh my god!" I said running to her, she looked up "Oh god Tommy! What happened where am I?? I feel weird. My stomach feels weird. Where's Nikki?!" I decided to tell her everything right there. I took her hand, "Rachael, you've been in a coma for about 2 months and a week or something..." she began crying even more "Oh what are my friends gonna think? They probably think I'm hurt..." I stopped her "There's something you need to know. A month after you were in the coma, the doctors found you were pregnant." Rach looked bewildered "For how long?" she asked still shocked. I put my hand on her stomach "Well it just happened so,when they saw,about a week..." Rach looked down at my hand on her stomach "Tommy...where's Nikki?," I turned my head away, then look back at her she was now gripping my hand tightly "Rach, I think it's my baby." She was at a loss for words. She started to cry even harder. I hugged her and both fell asleep in each others arms.
(We now return to Rachael narrating)
When I woke up I was surprised to see Tommy sleeping next to me,holding me,and expression-less Vince & Mick sitting by my bedside. "Vinny? Mick?" I said questioningly "Hey honey,um we can't find Nikki,so...if you know anywhere he may be that would be great." Mick said. I sighed "I'm pregnant," "I know." Vince said and Mick nodded approval. On the topic of Nikki,I was worried, when I gave them the address and the name of where we'd been staying before Vince and Mick sighed "Babe,that's his dealer." Mick replied. I started to worry even more "I need to get out of here."...         
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