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Part 8

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Rach is up! Stuff goes DOWN in this chapter!!

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I finally got Tommy,Vince,and Mick to let me be discharged even though Tommy was persistent I needed rest. When we made it out Vince's limo was already waiting, we jumped in, I told the guy to take us to LAX. It was the next day when we arrived,plus It was a bit until we reached there but when we did I was the first one to scramble out of the car.I rapidly pressed the buzzer for Bobby's apartment "Hello?..." I heard him say sleepily, I glanced at my watch and saw it was only 8:30am "Where the hell is Nikki?!" Mick screeched "Come up..." Bobby said suddenly awake. We walked up the 2 flights of stairs "Damn this building! No stairs?" Vince complained "Shut up," I said, when we got to Bobby's apartment we all pounded on the door until Bobby opened it "Jesus people..." Tommy rushed in "Where the hell is Nikki?!?" he said as he grabbed Bobby by the shirt collar and shook him. Bobby looked at Tommy,then Vince,then Mick, then at me "You're with child," Bobby said "How do you know?" Bobby looked at me "You have the pregnant woman glow..." Tommy got fed up and slapped Bobby "Where IS he?!" Bobby sighed, "Nikki's dead. I dumped him in the garbage behind here." Tommy slowly let go of Bobby, I broke down crying,Mick and Vince tried to comfort me and hug me,but that wouldn't do "You just left him to die? Why didn't you call 9-1-1??" I sobbed "I tried to save him, I beat him with a bat to get him to wake up." Tommy pushed Bobby to the floor,came over to me and the guys and said "We need to see if Nikki's still alive." we ran down all the stairs,outside then round to the back,when the garbage can came into view,I ran toward it, the guys heels kept them from running as fast, so I was there first,I looked in and there was Nikki, cold and lifeless with a couple rats on him. "Oh god, Nikki," I cried as the guys came up next to me. We all stood in silence for 2 minutes before I noticed Nikki's stomach moving slowly "HE'S ALIVE!" I yelled breaking the silence, making everyone jump "What?!" Mick said "He's alive, I can see his stomach moving." Tommy and Vince jumped in,picked Nikki up,and gave him to me and Mick. Then they climbed out, we had to actually drag Nikki back to the limo because he was kinda heavy and filthy. When we got in, we kept Nikki on the floor because it was a bigger space than one of the seats. We looked at him, he had dried blood on him,and a lot of bruising. "Bastard tried to beat him back to life." Tommy commented. Then I saw him twitch,we all leaned in close,he started to move and grumble,then he opened his eyes "AHH!" he screamed jumping up and hitting his head on all our foreheads by accident. "Nikki thank god you're alive!" I said crying, this time they were happy tears. Nikki looked confused "Rachael? Tommy?" he said looking around he examined the bruises and blood on him "Oh god...what happened?" he said as his voice quivered. We explained what happened and he broke down. When we got him home, cleaned, and fed, him and Tommy started reconciling,but they each went to different rehab centers in an attempt to get clean. Nikki started writing some new material for another album. I had recontacted Carly and Lindsey and told them about the coma,Nikki,and finally how I was pregnant. I told them I'd be moving in with Tommy and the guys. The next 4 months me and Tommy went shopping for baby stuff and looked through baby name books,Nikki was kind of distant from me,and they all spent a lot of time writing songs and doing things like that. Things were going fine for me.
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