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Part 9

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What's gonna happen in this chapter? Maybe I hope you guys don't think I sped this up too much.

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(5 Months later)
 On April 3rd 1988 I was aimlessly wandering around looking for something to do. The doctor said my due date was a few weeks away,so I was making final preparations. Tommy and the guys were out recording an album or something. I was cleaning the kitchen counter off (which I'd cleaned over 5 times that day) when my water broke. I panicked and started to get a pen to write a note to Tommy saying I had to go to the hospital since I didn't know the studios phone number when Tommy walked in "Tommy my water broke!" I said, Tommy dropped his bottle of Jeagermeister and ran to me "Okay okay, we need to get you to the hospital," Tommy said sounding a little panicky and nervous on the way out we bumped into Nikki and Vince "Watch it man, Rach's water broke!" Tommy said brushing past Vince "Oh man, I'll get the camera!" Vince said, I looked at him and he smirked then ran inside. We got back into the limo they'd just came out of and waited a few minutes for Nikki and Vince,who were armed with a camera and a videorecorder. Vince snapped a picture of me as he got in and Nikki was video recording Tommy freaking out and starting to hyperventilate. When we reached the hospital we pushed our way out of the car "Ah ah,someone get her a wheelchair or or something,ah ah, pregnant lady!" Tommy was saying while on the verge of hysterics "Dude calm down," Vince said on the verge of laughter. Finally after a laughing fit,a particularly snobby careless receptionist,and a few tears (from Tommy) we made it to the delivery room...all 4 of us. "You guys can't stay in here..." Tommy said "Why not? I wanna film my godchild coming out!" Vince said with a chuckle "No,you're just gonna be the weird friend who calls himself the uncle of the child,even though he's not. Nikki's gonna be the godfather," I said just to mess with him "They call me the godfadda," Nikki said in a corny Italian accent. After over 2 hours of waiting the nurse came in and said it was time to go into labor, as they wheeled me down the hall Nikki was videotaping it, Vince was snapping pictures,and Tommy was.....freaking out. He was crying and starting to pass I was about to give birth to what the doctors called an 'abnormally large' baby (more proof it's Tommy's) and I hadn't shed a tear. We finally agreed to let Vince and Nikki to come in and film it (even though I'd never ever watch it). Finally it was time "Push! Push!" the doctor yelled. I had to hold the hands of both Tommy and Nikki, leaving Vince to film the miracle. "One last push!! A big one!!" the doctor said, and I pushed so hard with all my might, it was the hardest I'd ever worked for something (trust me, it was work) "Aaaaahhh!!!!" me,Nikki,Vince,and Tommy all screamed at the same time. Vince passed out after seeing what he'd just seen,Nikki had fallen to the floor in pain because of how hard I squeezed his hand,and Tommy passed out because of nerves,excitement,pain,and of course seeing me push a giant baby out. "It's a girl!" the doctors announced. After they wrapped her up they gave her to me "Oh hello baby girl,I'm your mama," I said starting to cry, Nikki got up and hunched over me "Aw, she's her daddy," he joked I laughed and smiled down at the little bundle of joy..... 
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