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Pt. 10

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Sorry it’s SO short! Happy times…but 4 how long? I brought some GNR guys in!

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( 1 Week Later)
Me & Tommy walked into Tommy’s house at 8:30am holding Julienne Six Rashieligh Lee-Britin. “Oh man,she’s so beautiful," Tommy said sounding so fatherly and sentimental. We admired her for over an hour, her little toes and fingers, her little body (well,she was still big for a baby,but compared to us,little),and her head of hair. There was a knock at the door “I’ll get it," I said as I jumped up before Tommy could protest,I opened the door and Nikki and the rest of the guys were there holding flowers,balloons,and chocolates, “Congrats!" Vince said as he shoved a rectangle box wrapped in pink paper in my hands “Whats this?" I asked “Oh a present,we all got you something," Vince said as I let them inside. “Oh,we invited Axl Rose and Slash over,hope you don’t mind," Nikki said quickly as if he was trying to sneak it past me, “Whatever," I replied as Tommy came out and greeted the guys then picked up the box Vince had given me “What’s this?" he asked “Oh, just a childcare video,I thought maybe you two could use it, no offense." Vince said beaming proudly “None taken." I chuckled. Another knock on the door,this time Tommy ran to get it,on the other side was Axl Rose and Slash “Axl! Slash! What are you guys doing here?" Tommy asked as he let them inside “Nikki invited us, congratulations on the baby," Slash replied, “Oh okay,thanks," Tommy said as he went to sit on the couch where everyone else was sitting. Axl dumped a huge stuffed pink bear on my lap “This is for you,or Tommy,or the baby," he replied smugly “Thanks Ax," I said “Ohh we invited Duff too..that okay?" Slash asked “I guess…me,Tommy,the guys,the baby,and 3 guys I don’t know,perfect," Axl and Vince snickered.Nikki walked over “Hey,thanks for naming the baby Six, and here’s your mail," he said smiling “Okay,Nikki ‘Six’ is the middle name and there’s only one ‘X’," I said as I took the mail from him and rooted through it,there was a couple bills,a playboy magazine,and something with my name on it. I didn’t know what it was until I opened it. I had forgotten about it, I was gaping at it’s contents while everyone was staring at me, “What’s up?" Nikki asked me finally. “Nikki,the baby…is yours."……
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