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Pt. 11

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*GASPS* all throughout this chapter!

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Vince,Tommy,Mick,and Nikki all let out a few weird anguished sounds and mumbled stuff, Axl and Slash looked confused “Who’d you think was the father?" Axl asked. Dumb blondes. “I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE DAMN FATHER!" Tommy screeched “Whoa,man,did I miss something!?" said a new voice from behind us,it was Duff. “No man,you’re just in time for the show! Act 1: Betrayal!" Tommy said sarcastically as he stomped off. Duff, seemingly undisturbed by this,threw a box of chocolates and a ‘O’ shaped thing in wrapping paper at me “So when’s the wedding?" Duff asked sarcastically,we all glared at him and he threw his hands up in mock surrender “Don’t gang up on me dudes! Bring out the baby and the boobs!" he said as he giggled. As if on cue, Julienne started crying, for some reason I made no move to get her, nor did anyone else. After a minute Tommy came in rocking her in his arms, “Seriously,even her DAD wouldn’t get her?!" he said,glaring at Nikki. “Ooh ooh,is it feeding time?" Vince piped up “Shut up Vincent," I said as I stood up and took her from Tommy’s arms. I got her a bottle and sat down in between Axl and Vince,since Tommy had taken my seat. After at least 5 minutes of VERY awkward silence, Axl coughed and said “Erm,do you like my red hair?" we all looked at him and replied ‘yes’. More silence. Julienne cried,I burped her and attempted to calm her,but she kept crying, “Gimmie that thing," Duff said getting up and taking the baby from me,he held her close and after a minute she was completely quite. “That’s amazin’," Vince commented. After another minute,Vince and Axl went to do something in the kitchen,Mick went to the bathroom,Slash decided to watch TV,Duff wandered off with the baby,Nikki actually began dozing off,and Tommy decided to go home. I was alone sitting on the couch. I went into the kitchen where I found Vince, braiding Axl’s hair. Vince was clearly high,Axl was either gay or drunk. Or both. “Hey Rach,come here,Vince has beautiful hands…" Axl said dreamily “No thanks…" I replied uneasily, they were starting to creep me out. I got a water from the fridge,and when I turned around I jumped in shock. Axl and Vince were kissing each other on the lips “Ew,break it up!" I said,as I swatted at them with my water bottle, “Oohh preeety ladyyy!! Commezzz hereeezz!" Axl said as he grabbed my head and planted a wet kiss on my lips. “Ew!" I said as I wiped my lips off,really,I didn’t think it was that bad,but still, ew. After a while everyone filed out,including Tommy (even though it was his house) and Nikki. It wasn’t until everyone left that I remembered the baby- the baby! The last time I saw her, Duff was wandering off with her - Duff! I hadn’t seen him either! I went to the nursery - no one, Tommy’s bedroom - no one, I checked everywhere with no success. I started panicking, I finally decided to go into my room to call the guys,and there I found Duff - and Julienne - laying on the bed. Duff was curled up,and Julienne was nestled up next to him. I smiled. And without thinking,I curled up with Duff,my arms around his chest….
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