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Pt. 12

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Well we see Rach’s family come in2 the picture!

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When I woke up in the morning,Duff was gone,so was the baby. Again I started to panic,I hadn’t heard Julienne cry for milk the whole night. I went to check her nursery,she wasn’t there. So I went to the kitchen,where I found Duff sitting on the countertop feeding Julienne from a bottle “Duff! I was worried last night where the baby was! Stop running off with her!" Duff smiled at me “Hon,I was just around the house,and obviously you like me,because when I woke up,who was straddling me from behind? You." I blushed and walked over to him “I’d like you as a babysitter," I smirkily said “The baby sitter whose also your lover? Classic." I rolled my eyes,then there was a knock on the door,I went to answer it,and Slash was there “Hey, Rach, Duff never made it home…" I looked over at Duff “He’s here,over there," I said as I pointed to him. Slash walked in and laughed “What the heck? Are you the babysitter?" Duff glared “You know how much I like kids," I tapped Slash on the shoulder he turned around “Yeah?" “Have you seen Tommy or Nikki?" Slash shrugged “No, not since yesterday," I sighed and went to Duff and demanded he give me the baby “Whatever!" he said as he handed me Julienne,who was fast asleep,I put her in her basinet,web I came back upstairs, Duff and Slash had left,I made myself a light breakfast,then sat down in front of the TV. I flipped through the channels and found MTV where a Motley Crue video was playing. I smiled and sat back to watch. Suddenly a wave of sadness came over me as I watched Tommy preform his wild drum solo,he had been so excited to be a dad,he went through so much over 9 months just to prep for the baby. But then I break his heart. But then again… The two of us were cheating on Nikki,and it was just a one time thing. We barely knew each other. I started softly crying. After a few minutes,I got up and decided to call my stepdad,he wnice understanding,understanding He always had something good to say,and he was just an all around good person. Unlike my biological dad who,was ‘cool’ in terms, meaning I could do what ever and get away with it. But he cared for no one but himself,he had a serious drinking problem,and brought home a different girl every night. He was more friend than dad. I dialed my stepdad’s phone number and waited for someone to pick up, “Hi?" I heard a child’s voice over the phone,which I immediately recognized as my 6 yr old half-brother’s “Hey! Jaques! It’s me,Rachael!" I said enthusiastically,even though he seriously disliked me and had dubbed me ‘Not one one of them’ because his dad wasn’t my dad. “Rachael? I’m getting MY Mommy!" he said as if she wasn’t my mom too. “Hello?" I heard my mom, Denise’s, voice over the phone “Hey mom it’s me Rachael!" I said happily “Oh Rachael! How are you! I’m so glad you called,it’s been a while!" “I’m good…um,ah, could I talk to daddy?" “Sure honey! David?! Rach is on the phone! She wants to talk to you!" a second later I heard his energetic voice through the phone “Rachael?! It’s been so long! How are you? What have you been doing,you need to visit us here in Wisconsin!" “I know,I don’t get out there enough,but I have some stuff I really need to tell you.." when I said that his voice sounded worried “Oh,what is it? Tell me," I took a deep breath,then spilled it all out “Daddy,I went to a Motley Crue concert and met the guys,then I ran off to New York with Nikki Sixx, I moved out of Carly and Lindsey’s place,then I went into a coma for a few months because of all my problems and someone tried to rob me,and they hit me,then I found out I was pregnant when I woke up,I though it was Tommy Lee’s baby, but it turned out to be Nikki Sixx’s,and now Tommy is crushed,and and…I don’t know what to do!" There was a long silence on his end,finally he replied “So I’m a step-grandfather?" I sighed “Yes. But I’d like her to to call you just her grandfather." he chuckled, “So it’s a girl?" “Yes her name is Julienne Rasileigh Six…Sixx,"……
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