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Pt. 13

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Stuff happens…things are revealed…people are questioning themselves…whatevs. (omfg I wrote that summary a while ago I don't say 'whatevs' anymore don't worry)

Category: Motley Crue - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Published: 2013-07-17 - 530 words

I talked with my stepdad for a few more minutes,and when I hung up,I was a bit more happy than before. Julienne started to cry again,so I went to get her,while I was feeding her I looked into her bright green eyes,why hadn’t I noticed how much she resembled Nikki? I sighed. Finally Julienne fell back asleep,so I put her in jeer basinet,when I came back upstairs,I heard voices,I went into the living room and Axl Rose was sitting on the couch with Tommy. There was silence. Finally Tommy jumped up, “Look,I’m sorry,I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions with the baby and stuff,so I have no reason to be mad. I hope you and Nikki have fun raising her. She’s really great and beautiful." I smiled “I know Tommy,Im glad there’s no bad blood between us" with that I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Axl started getting all weird and jittery though, and started freaking out about something going on in his life. He smashed a lamp and before we knew it,me, Tommy,a recently appeared Nikki and Slash had all jumped on his back and were trying to restrain him. When we calmed him down,he started crying and he ran out saying “I’m so sorry…". “What’s wrong with him?" I asked Slash wiggled nervously “Um…well you see…he’s kind of schizophrenic …and he has these horrible mood swings. He’s dangerously violent to others and himself…but don’t tell him I told you…" I suddenly got scared of Axl,I’d seen him flip out without warning just now…so who knows what type of damage he could do. “Don’t worry babe,I’m here," Slash said reassuringly,as if he read my thoughts “Ah,me to!" Nikki chimed in,as if he felt threatened by Slash. “Hey Rachael,can we talk?" asked Nikki “Sure,what about?" I asked as he pulled me down onto the couch where he was sitting “About the baby,I’ve been thinking,you see,me and the guys…we have to go on tour…and I don’t know if you’ll go for this…I…we all….want you and the baby to come on the tour with us…" I didn’t know what to say. Did I really want my baby…my baby girl,to spend the first year or more on the road,with a bunch of guys. Did I want her exposed to all the sex,drugs,and wild that is Motley Crue? It was also dangerous,what if something happens? And the groupies….would they be jealous of me and try to hurt me or the baby? These thoughts ran through my head. Then I thought about all the good things. She’d be surrounded by people who love her,she’d be with her dad,with all the traveling she’d be exposed to different things,which was always good. On a whim I looked Nikki straight into his beautifully dazzling green eyes and said “Yes,"……
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