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Pt. 14

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WHOMP! Julienne is close with Tommy…very. Rach gets ticked off…by whom though?

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-2 Months Later-
It was finally time to go on tour. Julienne was doing great,she was lively and active,Nikki spent plenty of time with her,and carried her around wherever he went. “Yo Rach! Better get a move on your packing,we gotta leave at 12:00! It’s 11:30!" Tommy said waltzing into my room holding Julienne with one hand,a bottle of Jeigermeister in the other,and a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. I glared at Tommy “Seriously,I told you not to smoke around her!" Tommy rolled his eyes “It was just once,don’t overreact!" he said as he exited the room,still holding Julienne,I imagined that if she could talk,she’d be begging to stay with me. I finished packing and then drug my bags out to the front door. Everyone else had already put theirs out. I walked into the kitchen,where Nikki was eating a huge sandwich “Hey Rach! You excited?!" he exclaimed with his mouth full “Yeah,but I’m still a bit on the edge," Nikki swallowed and took a sip of his beer “Why?" “Because,I don’t know if the best place for her is around a bunch of wild guys and crazy girls." Nikki sighed “Everything is gonna be all right baby,nothings gonna happen," and with that he left. I went to find Tommy,just to make sure he hadn’t decided to leave Julienne in some random place. I found him in his room,sitting cross legged on the bed,Julienne in between his legs,watching tv “Hey Rach,bus here yet?" he said turning to face me “I don’t thi-" “Rach?! T-Bone?! The bus is here! Get your lazy asses moving!" I heard Vince yell from the bottom of the stairs “No cussing around the baby!!!" I screamed back. Tommy handed Julienne to me and went downstairs,I followed,and soon we all had gotten on the bus. And that was the start of what I was sure would be a wild ride…..
-FF 4 Months-
We’d all been on the road for 4 months. Things were actually better than I expected. The groupies (well most of them) were very accepting about the baby. The all wanted to hold her,and even take pictures with her,and the boys all tried to contain their wild behavior and save it for the stage. Julienne was sitting straight up by herself now. After the show,some groupies and fans came backstage,they talked to the guys while me and Julienne stayed outside. Then Nikki came out, “They know the baby is back here, they all wanna see her," he said I laughed and said “You guys have some major competition…in an 8 month old girl!" Nikki fake frowned “Don’t rub it in!" I chuckled and walked into where everyone was ‘Ooh’s filled the room and everyone started commenting at how cute she was. I let a girl named MacKenzie hold her while I went to get a disposable camera. I was stopped by a bratty looking chick with blonde and green hair. “Can I help you?" I asked “Yeah! You can tell me why you’re a slut!" she yelled “What?!?!" I exclaimed “Yeah,you’re just a goldigging bitch! You figure you can get pregnant with Nikki’s baby and then you’ll own him,because he’s your babys daddy,well I’m not gonna let that happen! I’m gonna be there for him! I’m gonna love him!" I was shocked “And just who the hell ARE you?!" I shot back at her, “I’m his ex-girlfriend! But soon i’ll be his girlfriend again!" I was fuming “The hell you won’t!" I screamed and punched her square in the face,she fell backwards “OOOH YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!!!!" she screeched as she jumped up. The whole room went silent,all eyes were fixed on us “Jaime?! What the hell are you doing here?!" Nikki shouted from across the room,his voice filled with rage,"Im coming to get you back from this gold digging slut!" that did it,I punched her in the face again,she fell backwards like before,but this time I jumped on her and repeatedly punched her. Unlucky for her,I took boxing classes as a kid. Everyone surrounded us,some of the guys were egging us on,but Nikki and most of the groupies wanted us to stop. Finally, Nikki,3 security guards,and 2 girls managed to pull us off each other. Jaimie had the most damage done,blood dripped from her nose,mouth,and forehead. When security shooed her out and to the hospital,everything had died down. The groupies had left,except for MacKenzie,who Vince had decided should ‘stay for a while’. We were all sitting on the bus,when it happened…the moment everyone had been waiting for…Julienne said her first word. Tommy was holding Julienne and she was playing with his hair and giggling when all of a sudden,we heard “Tommy!" loud and clear,everyone went silent and looked at her she giggled “She loves me!" Tommy exclaimed cuddling her and babbling baby talk to her. Suddenly we all burst into laughter “I can’t believe it…she favors Tommy over ME!" Nikki laughed,mock crying “Well she still needs to say daddy…so whatever…" Tommy said laughing. A few minutes later we all were tired (or in Vince’s case,passed out). So we all went back to the bunks,I put Julienne in her small crib that was nestled in a corner,then crawled into bed. Nikki came in shortly after,he took off his jacket and shirt and crawled into bed next to me “So the other bunks just weren’t as comfortable as this one?" I joked “No,the other ones didn’t have a pretty chick on them," he replied smugly as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me onto him,I turned over so I was looking at his face,I looked into his green eyes,that seemed to shine even in the dark “Me like this position," Nikki said seductively “Remember what happened last time?" I said motioning toward Julienne “You don’t like her?" Nikki said frowning “Of course! She’s the best thing that happened to me!" I said reassuringly “Good," Nikki said as he closed his eyes “Night Rach," he said “Night Nikki," I said……
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