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Pt. 15

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Ok there’s only gonna be 4-5 more chapters after this,cuz I don’t want it 2 get boring! But there MAY be a prequel…in this chapter old friends are reunited. But someone else comes in…

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-FF to end of Tour-
Well it was finally the end of the tour. Honestly, everyone had a major strain on them,and we all kind of grew away from each other,even though we saw each other pretty much everyday. Julienne was 11 months old and walking,her 1st birthday was a month and a half away. The bus dropped us off one by one,Vince first,then Mick,then Tommy,and finally Nikki “I’ll se you later…" he sighed,giving me a quick kiss and hug “Bye Julienne," he said “Bye Dada!" Julienne squealed,and with that he got off the bus. Finally the driver dropped me off,I thanked him and got off. I stood on the curb,and watched the bus drive off,honestly I was sad but relieved the tour was over. I had the bus drop me off at Carly & Lindsey’s place,I hadn’t been in touch with them since I moved out,but still,they were my best friends since like kindergarden. I buzzed their room “Hello?" a guys voice said,which I recognized as Bryan’s “Bryan? It’s me,Rachael!" I exclaimed “Oh my goodness! Come up Rach!" he said all excited,I walked in, got into an elevator and pressed the 2nd floor button. When we got there,I went to their door and knocked, it flung open “Rach!" yelled Bryan hugging me and nearly knocking me to the floor. He let go of me and then looked at Julienne clinging onto my leg “Oh my gosh! Is this your baby?" he said staring at her “Well she’s not much of baby anymore,but yes,this is Julienne," I replied “Aw," was all he said as he let me in “Um,Carly & Lindsey aren’t here,they’re still working," he said “Oh! Carly works now?! Is Lin still still at the same place?" I asked “No,Lindsey works at Whiskey A Go Go now and Carly just has some job sellin’ tickets at the movie theater,her parents thought she needed to work for once in her life!" he laughed. I laughed along as I picked shy Julienne up and held her,she buried her face in my shoulder. “I see you and Carly are still together," I commented “Yeah…actually we’re married now…" his voice trailed off “Omigosh! Reaalllyy?!" I squealed happily “Yeah,sorry we didn’t invite you,but it was real small,just Carly’s parents and my dad,Lin wasn’t even there,so there weren’t any bridesmaids or anything like that,so don’t feel left out," he said I smiled “I don’t…" I replied “Damn she looks like Nikki!" Bryan said as he played with her shoulder length jet black/brownish hair. I smiled and looked at her cute green eyes. Suddenly the door burst open and Carly came in “Bryan I cannot stand that frickin’ job! People complain to me about high ticket prices all th-" she stopped in mid sentence when she saw me “Rachael?!?!?!" she shrieked in disbelief,making all 3 of us jump “Jeezus lady,don’t scare the kid!" Bryan said as he pointed at Julienne “Oh god! It’s been so long!" she said wrapping me in her arms,she stood back “Geesh,no one woulda guessed you ever had a baby!" she said admiring me. I had to be honest,the fat did melt off me quickly,and I always had a slender figure,I suppose I looked good,I was wearing a peach colored scoop neck shirt with ruffled scoop neck,skinny blue jeans,and some black heeled boots. I looked at Carly,she for one,had changed,her naturally blonde hair was now dyed light brown and she was wearing glasses. Nevertheless she was still very pretty. “Is this Julienne?" she asked,kneeling down to her “Yep," I said. “Hi,I’m Carly!" she said sweetly to her “Hi!" Julienne surprisingly replied back and before I knew it Julienne was taking an extreme interest in Carly and playing with her with the dolls she had. “Shes always so good with kids," Bryan said beaming widely, Bryan had changed too,he didn’t sport as big a head of hair as before,but it was chin length and sorta spiky, and he was dressed real laid back and relaxed,before he dressed like a madman. “When does Lindsey get off work?" I asked “Oh,sadly not until 12am.." Carly sighed “We could go to her…" Bryan quipped “No! I’m not taking her to that wild house!" I protested “So spending the first year of her life with 4 rude,drunk,druggy,and obscene guys hasn’t prepared her for that?" Bryan commented “They’re my friends,not to mention one is the baby’s dad,if I took her to this place it’d be a bunch of drunk strangers." I said matter of a factly. “I don’t care,I’m not waiting 7 hours to see the look on Lin’s face! We’re going NOW! Get the baby Carly!" Bryan said,and before I knew it Bryan had flung me over his shoulder and Carly had picked Juli up and waltzed out with her. I didn’t protest,the look on Lindsey’s face would be priceless when she saw me. After driving for a while we made it there. I’d been there a couple times,but never stayed for long. We all got out of the car,I put Juli’s baseball cap on her head and silently prayed for the best. We walked in and managed to somehow not have Juli noticed by the security people. The smell of cigarettes and beer was thick in the air. We waded through the crowd,all of us holding Juli close. “God,you can’t see anything in here!" Bryan sighed. We walked back to the bar and waited for someone to come over “So what’ll it be?" the bartender asked as he walked over to us. “Um,yeah,I was just wondering,my friend,Lindsey,works here…do you know exactly where she is?" I asked “Oh Lindsey! She’s our best girl! I just sent her to get some orders,so she’s probably gonna be back here soon,now you sure you don’t want nothin’?" he replied “No thanks,but thanks for telling us about Lin!" I replied “Yep," he said as he went to another costumer. After 2 minutes Carly suddenly yelled “Lindsey!" while waving her arms. I saw her look our way then make her way over “Carly?! Rachael?!" she said shocked,and Bryan was right,the look on her face was priceless “Yep it’s me,and look who we snuck in just to meet ya!" I said as I picked Juli up “Omigosh! Is that you and Nikki’s baby?!" she exclaimed “Yep!" I said proudly “Aww she’s so cute!" she exclaimed. I looked at Lindsey, she looked different,she had naturally red hair, but she now had dyed it jet black and had a auburn streak in it,she wore a lot more makeup,and she even talked a little differently. Honestly,it kinda creeped me out to see her so different,she was like a whole new person. Suddenly there was a commotion and what sounded like a couple excited shrieks and screams. Everyone turned to see who it was,standing in the doorway was an average sized guy,he was wearing tight patterned pants,a jean jacket,a white shirt,and he had numerous scarves tied around his neck. He had a boyish grin and long huge dirty blonde hair. I took one glance at him and knew exactly who it was…..
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