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Pt. Sixxteen

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Who was the hottie that walked in? Find out!

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Jon.Bon.Jovi. He had just walked in. Besides Motley Crue,Bon Jovi was my favorite band. I LOVED Jon the most,and there he was,with his perfect angelic smile and hot body. He walked over to the bar and sat close to us,he smiled and us and waved. “Well…I have to go serve him," Lindsey said dreamily,she walked over to him,since he was so close we could hear them talk “So what’ll you have?" Lindsey asked “Erm…I’ve never been here….ahh…a beer?" Jon asked, he was so cute when he was confused “Sure! I’ll be back in a sec," Lindsey happily replied,she flashed us a smile quickly as she walked past. Women were starting to surround Jon,Lindsey gave him his beer and he smiled. I watched Jon talk to the women and studied him closely. Juli started to tug on me and pout,but I was in a dreamland,I knew Jon was married (I hope that’s right,I’m pretty sure it is),but I loved him SO much,I was jealous of Dorthea “Lucky bitch…" I muttered “Hmm?" Bryan asked “Nothing!" I said. “I don’t think kids are allowed here," I heard a new voice comment, I turned to see Jon,sitting right next to me,holding Julienne in his arms “Oh,um well I…you see…my…" I stammered Jon chuckled and flashed that beautiful smile at me “I know,I’m so good looking you can’t even bear it…hey are you Nikki’s girl? Is this Julienne?" Jon said/questioned “Umm,er,yeah,but I don’t know if I’m with Nikki really…soo.." Jon laughed again “Yeah because when you have a baby that’s taking it slow!" Jon joked as he bounced Juli up and down,I couldn’t believe it,here was Jon Bon Jovi,sitting next to me,holding my baby,and talking to me. “Well…I gotta go…I’m not a regular regular here…heres your kid," Jon said as he got up and handed me Juli “Bye!" I said and to my surprise he leaned close to me and kissed me on my cheek “Bye…" he whispered in my ear,then he walked away,I turned just in time to see him smile at me as he walked out. “Well I think we should take Juli home now…" I said. Everyone agreed and pretty soon we had all piled into the car and were driving back. When we arrived at the apartment Bryan asked “So where are you staying?" " a hotel," I replied “Okay,are you sure you don’t wanna stay? We have an extra bed…" Carly commented “No,I told Nikki I’d be at the hotel if he needed me,so…." Lindsey smiled at me “Sure,". Juli had fallen asleep,we all hugged,and wished each other the best,then we left. When we got back to the hotel,I walked in the doors and to my surprise,none other than Ritchie Sambora was standing there. My experience would have been better with him probably would’ve been better if he wasn’t drunk,like he was seriously drunk,"Heeeyzz baby! Izzz thizzz your howz?!" he slurred grabbing my arm “No…this is a hotel…" I said uneasily,I had always been overly afraid of drunk people,I never knew what they would do. I tried to walk away,but he kept a tight grip on my arm, “Awwww that a cuteee kid! I waannt oneez oneez day…" he slurred happily (not sure if one can slur happily but whatever),"Thats nice," I replied,I got into the elevator,with Ritchie still in tow. I finally got to the 4th floor,where I ran away from Ritchie,who was starting to creep me out,all of a sudden I got dizzy,I tried to hold on to Juli but I couldn’t,everything felt like it was turning,I was still running,even though Ritchie had collapsed a little bit after I started running,I was confused,I suddenly ran into something - or someone,I heard a familiar but unplaceable voice ask me something,but I blacked out. And that’s all I remember….
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