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Pt. 17

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What happened? Why did Rach pass out? Who was the familiar yet unplaceable voice? Is Juli okay? Find out!!

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-Next Morning-
(still Rach’s POV)

I woke up in a hotel bed. I looked around,I wasn’t sure where I was. I was laying on my side. I remembered blacking out and someone asking me if I was ok or something. I raised my head up,Julienne was nowhere in sight,suddenly I felt like I wasn’t alone,I turned over and stifled a scream,Ritchie was sprawled out next to me,looking dead and pale. He was alive because I saw his stomach moving up and down. I crawled out of bed,thankfully still wearing all my clothes,and tiptoed out of his room. I really need to stop doing this,waking up in hotel rooms with rockstars. I peeked into all the guys rooms to see if Julienne was there,she wasn’t,nor were any of the guys. I tiptoed into the ‘kitchen’,but I was looking the other way,so I ran into somebody, “You? You have GOT to stop running into me,Im startin’ to think you purposely run into me," I heard the person say,he turned around and faced me and I saw he was in fact David Brian “Were you the one I ran into last night? What happened? Where’s my kid?" I asked “Yes,I was the one you ran into and that’s your kid? I suspected that,what is it Ritchie’s lovechild? I wouldn’t be surprised…" David replied as he picked up a carton of OJ and drank it straight from the bottle “Want some?" he asked holding the bottle out,I eyed it evilly “Nooo,what I want is to know where my child is!" I snapped “Uggghhh….honestly I don’t know….the guys took her somewhere….I stayed behind so when Ritchie wakes I can hold his hair while he vomits his insides up…unless you wanna?" I was shocked,why did he let them take my kid out somewhere? Why didn’t he ask them where? “David! Why didn’t you wake me up? And WHAT happened last night?!" David cocked his head at me “We all took turns doing your cold unconscious body,then we put all your clothes back on and laid you next to Ritchie just because," I looked at David,I could tell he was joking because of the smile on his face,he suddenly burst out laughing and laughing and laughing. Five minutes later I got him off the floor and onto the couch where I demanded he tell me what happened last night “Well Ritchie wandered off,so I went to find him,I heard shouting,so I went in the direction of it,when I turned the corner you hit me,I asked if you were okay but you blacked out,I saw you had a kid so I took you back to my hotel room,Jon was there and he said he knew you,so he took the kid to his room,and I put you on my bed,so that’s that," he explained “Well thanks…but why was Ritchie with me?" David chuckled “Like I said,that was just for fun,he came back all drunk so I plopped him next to you,I thought if he woke up first he’d think he got some," I laughed along with David,a few seconds later Jon,Tico,and Alec burst through the door,followed by a guy with long straight dirty blonde hair who I didn’t recognize “Hey David! Guess who I found?!" Jon announced happily,completely ignoring me “Sebastain! Sebastain Bach! Remember he’s my friends friend?!" Jon proudly announced while violently shaking Sebastain around “Hey…guys," he said,sounding tired and drained. I shifted my attention to Jon “Where’s Juli?" I asked " Who’s Juli?" everyone questioned “MY BABY!" I screeched “Oohhh the kid,yeah,we took her out to breakfast,but when we got back Nikki was in the lobby,he was mad as hell when he saw me with her,I don’t know what his problem is," Jon said. I breathed a sigh of relief, Juli was safe with her daddy. “I gotta go,but thanks for bringing me here and stuff," I said. I hugged them each and left…..
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