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Pt. 18

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Okay, we’re really close to the end of the series now. I can confirm there is a sequel to this story that I have written, but it certainly takes a different direction so I'm not sure if i'll post...

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-FF 2 Months-
Juli had her 1st b-day a month ago,it was an extravagant bash,all put together by none other than Tommy. There were so many unnecessary things and people there,I had a feeling it was more like what Tommy wanted than what she wanted. But she was just a little kid. It all went nicely. I finally made it out to visit my parents in Milwaukee,I took Juli with me. My parents absolutely adored her,and even my biological dad managed to be sober to meet her. Things were going great,Vince was still with MacKenzie,Mick found an equally shy and quiet girl,Tommy was just his regular different girl every night,and Nikki and me’s relationship was stronger than ever. One night I was sleeping in Nikki’s bed (I moved in with him) and Nikki hadn’t came home yet. I was awakened by noises from outside,it sounded like someone was ‘doing it’ right outside our house,I looked out the window,and almost had a heart attack. It was Nikki and that same green/blonde haired girl….and they WERE ‘doing it’ right outside our house,in a mustang,where everyone could see. I started bawling my eyes out,how could Nikki do this to me? We have a baby! We’ve been together for over a year! I was so angry,I felt my face burn,I was so angry,before I knew what I was doing I stomped out to the car and screeched “FRANK FERRANNA!!!" loud enough that the whole neighbor hood could hear “WHAT THE HELL?!" Nikki said jumping up,he hated to be called by his actual name,then he noticed me “Oh god babe I’m so-," he began to plead “No it’s too late,after everything we’ve been through,all the good and bad times,everything,you go back to this slut you used to call your girlfriend! And guess what?! I know about all the other women,the groupies,everything,I thought you’d stop after a while,but no you kept going. I can’t forgive you….I’m sorry…it’s over," and with that I turned and walked back to the house,Nikki’s face was filled with sadness,but I didn’t look back. I ran to our room,grabbed a suitcase and began packing what I could find. While I was going through my clothes in the closet,I knocked one of Nikki’s jackets off the hanger,as I picked it up something fell out,I picked up a small box and opened it. Inside was a beautiful ring. I gasped and picked it up,it was engraved “Rachael" on the inside,I started softly crying. I couldn’t be with a cheater…or should I? We have a baby,what if she doesn’t remember him,she’s so young. Maybe if we got married he’d stop. I heard yelling outside,I went to the window,Nikki was yelling at Jamie about how she always ‘fucks his life up’ and she was yelling at him how I was a ‘gold digger’. Nikki slapped Jaime across the face a couple times,then I saw him head back to the house. “Rachael? Please babe,are you still here?" I took a deep breath,put the ring back in his pocket,then replied “Yes…I’m still here!"…….
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