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Part 18

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It's 2 years later and Frankie is working for another famed glam band...who just so happen to have ties with the Crue.

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"Oooh she's a little runaway, daddy's girl learned fast all the things she couldn't say..." Jon Bon Jovi's voice screeched, the huge crowd went wild, people cheering and jumping, women taking their tops off. I chuckled as I watched them from backstage, going crazy over Jon and the guys. They weren't a bad band actually...Bon Jovi that is, I was their makeup artist and in charge of wardrobe...well I didn't pick the guys outfits, I just made sure they were all perfect and that the guys had an unlimited supply of hairspray. I did help coordinate the outfits for the backup singers. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around, a roadie was there, the new, British, and super nervous roadie. "Um, Miss Smith, may I ask you something?" he said shakily. "Yeah, yeah, shoot," I said as I rolled my eyes, he looked at me, confused, "Uh, ask the question," I said as I waved my hand "Ah, oh, yes, um...well...I forgot now, but when I remember...I'll...I'll come back," he said nervously before walking away swiftly. I took out my compact mirror from my pocket and checked my makeup, everything looked fine, I just needed a little more lipgloss, I took it out of my pocket and applied it. I put the mirror and the lipgloss back in my pocket and went to watch the rest of the show, which was near the end. " give love a bad name..." was what I heard before Jon was saying goodnight to the sea of screaming, crying girls and the occasional guy. The guys all bowed and waved before coming backstage, "Heyy," Jon said as he pointed to me while walking past me, "Mr. Bon Jovi," I said as I nodded to acknowledge him "Hey Scar!" the guitarist, whose name slips my mind, said as he hugged me tightly "Yeah, yeah, hope you had a good time," I said simply. I couldn't stand the nickname he gave me on the first day we met, i'm not sure he even knows my real name. The other guys greeted me with a nod or a wave but not much else. I walked over to them and started quickly helping them out of their jackets, jewelry, scarves, and makeup. I threw a pile of jackets at one of the assistants and started taking off their makeup, I started rubbing Jon's face down and he laughed and grabbed my hand "Geez you really go at it! What's the rush?" he asked, half laughing "Well...I have to take the makeup off of 4 other guys and then the backup dancers, then I have multiple other things to excuse me if I'm in a hurry," I replied matter-of-a-factly. Jon laughed and waved his hand "I'll take it off myself, that's okay," and he left towards his dressing room. I sighed and went at the other guys and backup singers and dancers. When I was finally done removing makeup and clothes from backup singers and hanging clothes up, I was exhausted and nearly everyone in the band had left. Jon was still there though, talking to two guys with their backs to me. I wasn't eavesdropping, but I couldn't help trying to listen in "...Motley Crüe..." I heard one guy say, I spit out the water I was drinking...did he just say 'Motley Crüe'?! I thought this over in my mind for a second before realizing I needed to clean up the water spill, and fast. I ran and got some napkins and started wiping it up quickly, then I felt like I was being watched. I looked slightly up and I could see someone's feet. I stood up quickly and straightened myself out, I realized the person, one of the same guys Jon had been talking to, was Doc McGhee. "Oh, hello Mr.McGhee! How are you? Nice to see you again!" I exclaimed as I put my hand out for a shake, he shook my hand "Yes,it's nice to see you again Miss...?" "Smith," "Yeah, Miss Smith, the uhh, makeup artist right?" I nodded "Yes, makeup and wardrobe,". Doc nodded "Well okay, nice to see you again, have a good night," I smiled "Yeah you too Mr.McGhee,". He was starting to walk away when I waved my hand "Hey! Mr.McGhee?!" I called, he turned to me "Yes?" I gulped "Um, did, I hear you mention a band called Motley Crüe?". Doc raised an eyebrow "Well...yes, they're my other band that I manage, why?" I shrugged "No, reason, I just used to know the guys in that band,". Doc walked back over to me "Oh really? When?" he asked "Um, in 1981, me and the drummer dated and I lived in the apartment that they all shared...except for Mick...Mars," I explained. Doc smiled "Oh, well would you like me to set up a meeting? Give you their latest record? I bet they'd be thrilled to see you again,". I couldn't really tell if he was being sarcastic or not so I just chuckled nervously "Oh,um, no thanks, it was nice seeing you Doc, bye!" I said as I ran away. I left the building, ran to the parking lot where all the trailers were, and went into the trailer I shared with the hairstylists, the assistants, and usually the backup singers or dancers. As I sat down on the floor, I tried to process what had just happened: Doc was managing the band I was working for...but he was also managing the very band that I had avoided at every turn: Motley Crüe. I didn't listen to their albums, I turned their songs off if they came on the radio, I even went as far as closing my eyes if they were in a magazine. I sighed, if they ever come back into my life I'll kill myself on the spot.
-FF 3 nights-
Another show was over, more clothes, jewelry, and makeup was taken off. More of the usual. I yawned sleepily "Hey Sasha? I'm going to the trailer early okay? My work is done," I called to the hair stylist, she nodded and gave me a thumbs up. On my way to the trailer I ran into Jon, who was shirtless, so for a second I thought he was bigfoot. "Heyy! Frankie the makeup chick!" he said as he put his hands on my arms and examined me "Yeah, yeah, that's me. Nice to see ya Mr.Bon Jovi," I said sleepily "Oh call me Jon," he said, I nodded "Yeah, well Jon, I was just on my way to my trailer cause I'm really tired, so...". Jon chuckled " you wanna come back to my trailer?" he asked, sounding seductive, but in a ridiculously horribly pulled off way "No, I'm not into dudes who have such massive amounts of chest hair they probably don't need a blanket at night," I replied as I poked his chest. He looked a little taken aback, I giggled and walked away. When I got to the trailer I crawled into one of the little beds and laid there. I was just falling asleep when there was a ridiculously loud knock at the door "Ugh!!" I said out loud angrily. I stomped to the door and whipped it open, Doc McGhee was standing there, and next to him, a guy was standing there, he had huge ridiculously hairsprayed up hair, he was wearing a whole bunch of makeup, and he had giant, over the knee heeled boots on. And he seemed super familiar "Um...can I help you??" I asked uneasily. Doc started to say something but the guy cut him off  "You know who I am,". THAT. VOICE. I gasped as my brain placed his voice, borderline annoying and kind of girlish. "Nikki Sixx?". "Bingo," my eyes widened "Nikki...why...what're you doing here?" I asked nervously "Doc here told us he was managing a band called Bon Jovi and that someone I knew worked for them, so....I'm not sure who you are...Doc do I really know this chick?" Nikki said, turning to Doc at the end. "Yeah, she said she knew you and the guys," Doc replied while looking at me questioningly "Yeah...I do,'s me...Frankie, Frankie Smith? From 1981," I replied, head down. I heard Nikki make a sound of disbelief, I looked up and he looked shocked, mouth hanging open "Oh...oh man, Frankie, I haven't seen you in like what a year or so?" he said, I shook my head "Um, 2 years and a month to be exact,". Nikki nodded his head ", well do you wanna, uh, see the other guys, I mean they're here...". I debated it for a while...Nikki didn't recognize me, so maybe the others wouldn't and I could get out of there without any drama. "Okay, sure," I said quietly. Nikki held his hand out, as if he wanted me to take it, I hesitantly took it and he led me out of the bus. "Okay, you two can go, I'll be back," Doc said, I started panicking, it was just me and Nikki now, I literally just wanted to call Doc to come back. I wondered if it was too late to just run away. I also started freaking out about my appearance, I probably looked like a wreck. "So, you still getting by with the fake license and banging your boss?" Nikki asked, I sighed "No...I didn't bang my boss for this job, and I'm 17, so that's almost an adult and my birthday is in a few months,,". Nikki started talking again "That's good, Motley Crüe is doing great, we have an album out and we're on tour, so we're living it up,". "That's nice," I said, I noticed Nikki hadn't let go of my hand the entire time, and we had been walking really slow. When we finally got to the Motley trailer, Nikki still didn't let go "Um, Nikki..." I said as I attempted to pry my hand out of his, but he kept a tight grip as he opened the door and climbed onto the bus. "Hey, guys! Look who I found!" he shouted, and we turned the small corner and I immediately saw Vince attempting to kick a groupie out, he looked really glammed up, then I saw Tommy, sitting on the couch with some girl, and then I saw Mick, with Linda. Wow, they were still together. Everyone looked up, Nikki raised his hand, which made me raise mine too and he pointed to me "Who knows who this is?". I felt like running out, no matter if I had to break Nikki's hand "Frankie?" Vince chirped "Oh my god! Frankie!" Mick exclaimed "Oh wow!" Linda said next. Tommy was just looking at me with a shocked expression "Frankie?!". I nodded "Yeah, it's me,", Nikki laughed "Surprising right? It's been so long!". Tommy stood up and walked over to me and looked me up and down "Hey Frankie! How you been?" he asked, happily, as he hugged me. "Please tell me that's someone's sister," the woman Tommy had been sitting with said, Tommy turned around and pulled her up, he wrapped his hands around her waist "Oh, Frankie, this is my girlfriend Elaine...well, my fiancé that is," he explained. I was kind of shocked that Tommy was engaged to be married, and for some reason I was kind of sad, even though I was way over Tommy. "Oh wow, that's great Tommy! I'm so happy for you! And nice to meet you Elaine!" I said as cheerily as possible "Yeah, nice to meet you too, and how do you know the guys?" she asked "Oh, I used to live with them back in 1981, when they were just starting out," I said, leaving out the fact I used to date Tommy. Elaine nodded her head "Okay, nice to meet you, hey Tommy, I'm going to bed, goodnight," Tommy nodded and kissed her affectionately, then she left to the back of the bus. Mick and Linda had came over to me by now and were asking me how I was doing "I'm good, I'm good, how are you two doing?" I asked, Linda cuddled up to Mick "We're doing great!", Mick nodded in agreement. Vince and the groupie were still arguing "I told you, my fucking wife is gonna be here, so you have to go!", I was surprised again "Vince is married?" I asked Nikki "Yeah, he got married a couple months after you left, a girl named Beth, they have a kid too,". "Wow," I said, so much had happened since I left. "So, what about you Nikki? Any wife or kids? Girlfriend?" I asked him "No,no, no wife or kids, I'm dating a girl named Lita though," he replied "Oh," I said. The groupie pushed past us angrily, storming out. Vince came over to where we were "Frankie!" he exclaimed and he hugged me tightly "Nice to see ya again," he said. "You too Vince," I said as I hugged him back "Wow Vince, I didn't know you were married, congratulations!" I said when we broke apart "Yeah, yeah, she's a...she's a real nice girl," he said as he scratched his head "And you have a baby? You're a dad! Congratulations again!" Vince laughed "Yeah...yeah, it's not my first child, but yeah,". I frowned "Ookaaay..." I said, things were starting to get awkward, and everything was silent. Then there was a soft knock on the door "Who is it?!!!" yelled Tommy loudly "Uh, erm, uh, I'm Jon Bon Jovi? Can I come in?" I heard Jon call back nervously "Who?" Tommy whispered. I waved my hand in dismissal "I work for him, he's the singer in Bon Jovi," Tommy nodded "Come in dude!" he called, Jon opened the door and peeked in, then came in. "Um, hey," he said, everyone was looking at him "What's up bro?" Tommy said "Uh, I, um just came to check on...Frankie..." Jon said as he motioned toward me, I frowned slightly "Mr. Bon Jovi, is there something you need?" I asked ", I just wanted to make sure you're okay," Jon said, sweating furiously by now "Why wouldn't she be safe?" Nikki said as he wrapped his arm around me "Yeah? Why?" Tommy said as he moved closer to me. "I didn't say 'safe'...I said 'okay' and she's totally fine, so I'll just be going," Jon said, then he ran out. "Pffft, scaredy cat! And you work for that guy?" Nikki said when he was gone "Yeah, I mean, I'm the wardrobe and makeup person, but yeah I work for him," I answered "Hmm, do you think his voice is good Frankie?" Vince asked "Um, yeah, he's a really great singer actually, the songs are a little corny but his voice is great," I answered, thinking of Jon's voice. Vince nodded, and once again it was dead silence, after 3 minutes it was unbearable, I was just about to open my mouth to say something when the door burst open "VINCE!!" I heard a woman shriek, Vince looked past me "BETH!" he yelled equally as loud, he ran over and embraced her, "Oh I missed you so much!" Beth said "Aw yeah baby I missed you too!" Vince said as he started to kiss her, and the next thing we knew they were sucking each others faces off "Oh well! Vince are you gonna introduce me to your wife?" I asked while nudging them both. Beth broke away "Oh, who are you? One of the guys girlfriends?" she asked me. I shook my head "Um, no, well I used to date Tommy, but not anymore," Beth nodded her head "Ah, so what're you doing here?" "Oh I work for the band Bon Jovi and their manager also manages Motley Crue, so we just ran into each other," "Oh that's nice, nice to meet you," I nodded "Nice to meet you too Beth...sorry I can't stay longer, but I really need my sleep," I announced. "Okay, well, it was nice seeing you again Frankie...." Tommy said quickly "Nice seeing you too Tommy," I said as I reached out to hug him, he hugged me tightly and cuddled his face into my neck "Mmm, bye," he said, still with his face in my neck. "Yep...bye," I said as we broke apart, I then hugged Mick, Vince, Beth, Linda, Elaine who had emerged again, and finally Nikki "Bye...whore," Nikki chuckled "Bye...bitch,". I smiled and let go of him, then waved and left the bus. I walked to my bus and climbed on "Oh good you're back! It's time to pull out," the driver said. "Oh, I'm sorry if I held you up, I was just visiting some old friends," I said apologetically "No worries," he said. I sleepily walked back to the bunks and climbed back in my bunk, I thought about what had just happened for a few minutes, then I drifted off to sleep.
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