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Part 19

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Frankie tells Richie of her backstory.

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-The Next Morning-
"Scar? Scaaaar? Scar? Ohh Scaaarrr?" I heard a singsongy voice say, I sleepily opened my eyes and they were met with a pair of dark brown eyes, those of the guitarist for Bon Jovi. "Hey...Mr..." I said, his name still slipping my mind "Call me Richie, just Richie," he said in his deep voice that had a New Jersey/Italian accent to it. "Ah, yeah, okay, is there something you need? Can I help you?" I asked...hey, even if I was half sleep and I probably looked like a train wreck, I still had to be the doting makeup artist and wardrobe person...and assistant. Richie nodded "We need hairspray. We're gonna stop in a few more miles 'cause that's where there's a, we need you to get, like, 5 or 6 bottles,". I nodded back "Okay...but where are we now? How did you get on this bus?" I asked "Um, I think we're at a truck stop or something.." Richie replied. "Okay, thanks for telling me, I'll be ready," I said as I climbed out of the bed "Well, don't you look lovely this morning Scar," Richie said as he looked down on me, literally. "Okay, my name isn't Scar, I mean, do you even know my real name?" I asked him "Yeah," Richie said, waving his hand "Of course totally, I totally remember your name!" he said again, "So what is it?" "What's what?" "My name..." "Frankie Smith," I was kind of surprised he actually knew my name, because he sure didn't act like he did "So you do...but why do you call me Scar?" I asked "Babe, if you haven't noticed this scar going from here, and these scars here...and here, I don't know what to say," Richie said as he traced the scars on my face and hand. The damn thing wouldn't go away and there was no use covering it up, you could still see it. "Yeah, but Richie, you don't know how I got the scar, I mean what if I got it some really horrible way and every time you mention it, you're reminding me of something sad, crazy, or horrifying?". Richie looked shocked "What..well...who...what, is that...did something bad happen to you?". I sighed deeply "No, no, I got a piece of glass stuck in my face 2 years ago when someone threw a rock through the window of my car while I was cheating on my boyfriend with his best friend! I had to drive myself to the hospital, bloody and passing out! Then the next day, I decide to run away because I've caused my boyfriend too much pain! But then my stitches are still in! And I didn't have enough common sense to remember my car keys so I punch the window to my car in, hence the hand scars! And then I go back into the hospital, and my boyfriend's best friend visits me! I'm heartbroken, so when my stitches are removed I move away from the Sunset Strip and I never see my boyfriend again! Until last night! Oh, and to top it off, I'm 17 right now! So two years ago..I was 15! 15! So no Richie, there is defiantly no tragic backstory behind these damn scars! Happy?!". Richie looked shocked and confused "Oh my god, I'm so sorry...I...I need to go," he said, then he rushed out. I sighed and crawled back into the bed. 'Did I really just let my entire sob story out to the guy I couldn't even remember what his last name was?' I thought. 
-FF 20 Minutes-
I was getting dressed in my usual ensemble: black tank top, black leggings, and towering black Laboutin heels. Everyone criticized me for only wearing that, but it was my favorite, and most professional looking outfit....even if Richie said that he'd like me to be a little more 'laid back'. Richie. Richie...the guy I work for, who I poured my heart and soul out to. Man I'm fired after that freakout. "We're coming to a stop!" the driver called, everyone on the bus shouted something and went on with fixing themselves up. I pulled my hair back in a ponytail, i'd stopped dyeing it at the moment, so it was my natural jet black. I put on some makeup quickly and my favorite bracelet just before the bus stopped "Okay Frankie! Be quick! The other buses aren't stopping here," the driver said. I nodded and jumped out quickly, walking as fast as I could in the heels. I went into the salon and looked for the hairspray. I found it and grabbed 6 bottles, I turned around and ran into someone, dropping nearly all of the bottles "Ugh! Oh I'm sorry! Are you-" I started, but then I looked up and saw that it was none other than...Nikki Sixx. "Oh. Hi Nikki," I said awkwardly "Hey Frankie, what're you doing here?" Nikki asked casually "Um,well, as you can see, I was getting hairspray," I said as I leaned over to pick up the bottles "For who?" Nikki asked, making no move to help me "For Richie and Jon and the other guys in Bon Jovi, the people I work for!" I whined. "Yeah okay, I was just getting hairspray too," Nikki said as he picked up a bottle, opened it right there, and sprayed it on. "Don't you need to pay for it?" I asked "Eh, I will," Nikki said carelessly as he sprayed more on. I sighed and went to the counter "Oh wow! Stocking up on hairspray huh?" the girl at the counter said "Haha, no,I actually work for a," I explained, the girl nodded "Cool, what band do you work for?" she asked as she rang up the hairspray "Uh, Bon Jovi, I take care of wardrobe and makeup, and I'm also an assistant,". The girl looked up "Oh wow! You work for Bon Jovi?! I love them! Do you actually get to see them?" she asked excitedly "Um, yeah, yeah, I'm always backstage, ready to apply and take off makeup, fetch stuff, and take off their clothes," I said. The girl looked sort of confused "Their clothes?" I laughed "Well, like their jackets and scarves and all the extra stuff like that..." I explained. The girl nodded "Cool. That'll be $20," I nodded then remembered something: I didn't have any money. "Oh shoot! I don't have any money!" I said aloud as I checked my pockets viciously "Ehhh, that'll be on me," I looked up and saw Nikki standing next to me, holding a wad of money. "Oh okay, well both of you have a nice day!" the girl at the counter said as we walked out "You too! I called back. "Saved your ass," Nikki said while we were walking back, I rolled my eyes "Yeah, thanks Nikki, I'll pay you back," Nikki chuckled "Yeah, whatever. So does your girly boyfriend know how old you are??" I was confused "Im not dating anyone," Nikki laughed "Really? That Bon Jovi guy said you were his girlfriend!" I frowned "Well I'm not, and he suspects I'm 18 or older," Nikki laughed again "Oh man, that's crazy, I wish I could see what happens next, but me and the guys have to leave today," "'re leaving?" "Yeah man, 
in a little bit, you wanna swing by and say goodbye?" "Uh, maybe, but I need to give these to the guys first," Nikki nodded and squeezed my shoulder "Later," I nodded back and went back to the bus. I got back on and ran back to my bunk "Ugh!" I said aloud. "What's wrong?" one of the other assistants asked me, I looked up and saw that she was laying on the bunk across from me "Ugh, I just ran into some people from the past of them is my ex boyfriend's just really complicated and weird and nerve-racking! And today they're leaving and I may never see any of them again,". The assistant laughed "Uhm...what are they, like a band or something??" I nodded "Motley Crüe, my ex-boyfriend is the drummer, but I was really close to all of them,". The assistant nodded "Oh, I've never heard of them, but it sounds tough, having them just come back into your life," I sighed "Yeah...but now they're leaving, and it's really weird, but I kinda want them to my life. Even though I'm totally over Tommy...I'm not totally over the friendship we had, or the friendship I had with the other guys,". The assistant nodded "Yeah, I went through a tough breakup about 7 years ago, and 3 years after we broke up, he showed back up in my life, I didn't know what to do. Eventually I decided to get back together with him..." I sniffled "What happened?", the assistant held her hand up and pointed to a ring on her ring finger "We got hitched, been married for 3 years and we have 2 kids,". I smiled "Oh that's so nice, you must miss your husband and kids?" the assistant smiled weakly "Yeah it's hard, but this is the best career choice I've made in a while," I nodded "Yeah, yeah, this is a really great job. I, uh, used to work at the Whiskey A Go Go on the Sunset Strip before I broke up with Tommy," "Tommy's the drummer?" "Yeah," "What happened?" "I..I cheated with the lead singer of the band, who was also his best friend, but he cheated first, with my former friend and worst enemy" "Are they still friends? The singer guy and Tommy?" "Yeah,yeah, the guy, Vince, he's still the singer in the band," "Well at least you didn't destroy a friendship," I shook my head "Yeah, yeah. I...I just don't know what to do now though! Tommy is engaged to be married and Vince is already married with a baby! I don't wanna be the home wrecker,". The assistant lady thought for a moment "Well do you still have feelings for either of them? Or anyone in the band?" I thought too for a while "I don't think I have any feelings for Vince, but...I still feel something for Tommy...I'm not sure if I wanna be just friends or do I want to be his girlfriend. I don't have feelings for anyone else in the band...I don't think....well...." the assistant raised an eyebrow "What do you mean by 'I don't think' and 'well'?" I sighed "There's this other guy, the bassist, Nikki Sixx, he hated me when I was with Tommy, but it also seemed like he...loved me, and wanted me to be safe and happy. But I hate him too, he's an annoying, insulting little bitch,". The assistant looked at me questioningly "What?" I asked "If you feel like you have feelings for him, you should spend more time around him to see what happens, if there's really an attraction. Talk to him, see what he likes and see if you have anything in common. Try to be friends, and if you're lucky, maybe there'll be feelings between both of you and you can have a stable relationship,". I thought about all this for a while "You're right. But being with him means...leaving work for Bon Jovi behind...and I'm not ready for that," I said finally "Well, maybe when this tour ends, maybe you can track them down and try to start things over," the assistant said. "Wow, you've been really helpful and patient," I told her as I got out of the bed and went over to her, arms outstretched "Aw, okay," the assistant said as she climbed out of her bunk. We both hugged tightly "Mmm, what's your name?" I asked when I let go "Oh I'm Tatiana," I nodded "That's a really cool name, I'm Frankie," Tatiana nodded "Yeah, you're famous with the other assistants and roadies,". I giggled "Um, why?" Tatiana laughed too "I don't know, you seem to be the one all the Bon Jovi guys like the most, they seem to pay a lot of attention to you. That and you look like a million bucks all the time, some of us are jealous!". I blushed "Oh well, I don't see anyone differently, everyone's equal to me, no one's prettier or uglier than someone else to me, just so you know,". Tatiana giggled "Me too, I didn't say it was me, I said some of the people I worked with,". I nodded and smiled "Thank you so much for all the help, and listening, I mean you were so patient, and you've given me a lot to think about," Tatiana smiled "Your welcome, glad I could help!" I smiled back. Just then the bus stopped "Okay, we're here at the hotel! Frankie, Mr. Sambora specifically requested you to help them get settled," the driver called. I shouted 'Okay!' and then turned to Tatiana "Which one is Mr. Sambora?" I whispered "Richie Sambora," Tatiana whispered back. I nodded, that's what Richie's last name was! "Thanks! See ya!" I said to Tatiana as I grabbed the bag of hairspray and put on my huge sunglasses. She waved as I jumped off the bus. I went to find the guys's bus, when I found it they were getting off "Mr. Bon Jovi!" I said, he waved and smiled "Hairspray there?" he asked while pointing to the bag "Yeah, you wanna take the bag?" I asked "Sure,I'll get that," he said as he took it "Thanks. Um, could you bring me and the guys's suitcases to our rooms? Cause that'd be great," Jon said. I nodded, Jon smiled and walked towards the entrance. I went onto the bus and got their 5 suitcases, then walked in with David Bryan "Hey, Frankie, how you doin'?" he asked while we walked into the hotel "I'm good Mr. Bryan, and you?" I said, he laughed "You're so formal, you can really just call me David!" I smiled "Um, sure, David," he winked "That's more like it,". We got onto the elevator and went to the 83rd floor "Here,I'll take my suitcase now. Our rooms are all right next to each other by the way, so mine is 112, so Jon's is 110, Richie is 111, Tico is 113, and Alec's is 114," David said when we reached his door "Oh thanks David, I'll see you later tonight unless you need anything else?" I said/asked. David shook his head "No. I'll see ya at the concert,". I nodded and went ahead with giving the guys their luggage, Richie wasn't yet in his room, so I waited for him to come. When he arrived he was eating a huge burger and holding a giant soda "Oh! Hey Scar! Want some?" he asked, mouth full, holding the burger out to me. Damn it. He called me Scar...but I was a sucker for burgers,they're my favorite food. "Uh sure," I said, he held the burger out farther, I held it in place with my right hand, and I had my left hand on Richie's wrist, I bit into it and it tasted really good "Oh man, where'd you get that from?" I asked as I chewed it "Um, there's a place across the street, I forgot what it's called but all they have are burgers, fries, and soft drinks," Richie answered as he bit it. I noticed we were still in the same position, Richie still holding the burger out, and I was still holding the side of the burger and Richie's wrist. I let go quickly "Oh,um, well thanks for the bite, um, here's your luggage," I said nervously. Richie laughed "Yeah, thanks Scar, but um, could you get the key card from my pocket?" I shifted uncomfortably but put my hand in his pocket "Other pocket..." he said, I pulled my hand out and put my hand in the right pocket "Back pocket..." he said. I sighed and he turned around, I saw the outline of it and I took it out, opened the door, and put his suitcase in his room "Thanks...Frankie," he said. I was surprised he called me my real name "Thank you..Richie," I said as I left. I smiled and walked to the elevator, when I got to the lobby I decided to go to that place Richie was talking about, I had time. When I got across the super busy street I walked in to the only burger place there, I got in line, which was about 3 people long. When the customers that were in front of us got their order, they walked past me and I was shocked. "Tommy? Nikki?" they turned around "Frankie?" Tommy said, shocked. 'Oh man' I thought to myself..... 
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