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Part 20

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The sad end of 17 years.

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"Hey, Nikki, hey Tommy," I said awkwardly "Hey Frankie, what're you doing here?" Tommy said, sounding nervous, but retaining his composure. "Um, I came to grab something to eat, someone told me this was a good place," I answered "Oh. Who?" Nikki asked "Um, Richie Sambora," "Who?" Tommy asked as he cocked his head "Uh, the guitarist for Bon Jovi, the band I work for," I said Tommy nodded "Oh yeah. But I meant what're you doing HERE...Nikki said you were going somewhere else," Nikki shifted uncomfortably, I looked at him questioningly "Well Nikki told ME that you guys were going somewhere else," I said, confused. "Well we're playing a concert at some place in New York tonight..." Tommy said "Really? Cause Bon Jovi is playing Madison Square garden tonight!" I replied. "What? Bon Jovi gets to play Madison Square garden? We don't? I mean, I bet we've been around longer them..." Nikki commented, sounding pestered a bit. "Yeah...but they have just a liiitle more success than you..." I said "What?! So we're not good enough for you?! We are successful! We just released a brand new album! We're touring! We may not be as widely known as 'Bon Joni' -" I cut Nikki's angry rant off "Bon Jovi," I said. Nikki groaned angrily in frustration "Whatever! But we have a wide fan base and our music kicks ass," he said, then he turned and walked to a table that was by the window. Tommy looked over at him and then back at me "Frankiiieee!" he squealed and stepped the extra foot in towards me and hugged me tightly and rocking back and forth. "Tommy...Tommy...what's up? You're engaged!" I said uncomfortably as I resisted the hug and tried to pull him off "So what? That means I can't hug a chick?" Tommy said as he let go of me "Well no, I mean, yeah, well, no, but I mean what if she gets jealous or angry if she saw us hugging?" I responded "Pfft, we're not even engaged! It's no biggie," Tommy said casually "What? You're not engaged? You introduced her as your fiancé!" I said, shocked. "Well, I'm eventually gonna propose, she wants to get married, but I don't have the time to go and get a ring and shit like that," Tommy said, sounding slightly annoyed. I couldn't tell if he was annoyed at me or at Elaine, I decided to leave Tommy with his emotions and order my food. "Yeah, I'll just have a number one," I told the guy at the counter "Okay, and you want a drink or desert with that?" the guy asked "Uh, yeah, a Dr.Pepper. No desert,". The guy nodded "Okay, yeah, we'll call your number when it's ready,". I nodded and went to sit down, I was just about to sit down faaaar away from Tommy and Nikki when Tommy waved his arm wildly and mouthed 'C'mere!'. I sighed and walked over there, "Sit here," Tommy said as he patted the space next to him "Uh, okay," I said as I slid in next to him. "Mmm, this reminds me of the days at the Whiskey, you and me just sitting here and the guys over there," Tommy said as he put an arm around my shoulder and motioned around the table. "Yeah. Painful memories for me," I said, Tommy frowned "Ehh Why? Is it because we broke up?? I mean, that's all my fault, not yours..." I sighed "You never found out did you?" Tommy rested his elbows on the table and looked at me "I found out, but I deserved it," I looked at Tommy confused "I deserved to get cut up by shards of glass and lose the people I loved most?" Tommy frowned "What, dude, no! What do you mean? What about shards of glass? I was just saying that you deserved to...y' what you, um, did with Vince. Because I was fucking your ex-best friend and your worst enemy,". I sighed "Thanks for understanding," Tommy nodded and looked out the window for a bit. A few minutes went by of us just making small talk, then I got really uncomfortable. During those few minutes, without me noticing, Tommy had put his hand on my leg and was now slowly rubbing it up and down. I shifted a little bit but it seemed like Tommy tightened his grip on my leg. He was acting as if this wasn't even happening, talking and joking around with Nikki, while I was trying to remove his hand without Nikki knowing. "Orders 36 and 37 up!" the guy at the register shouted, I looked at my number and jumped up quickly "Oh that's me!" I exclaimed as I ran over quickly, I was taking my order when Tommy came up next to me "Yeah, these are mine," he said as he took the other two plates. I stopped him before he could walk "Tommy what the fuck were you doing back there?" I asked quietly but angrily "What?" he asked innocently "Rubbing my leg like that? Tommy, c'mon, we're broken up and you have a girlfriend! Nothing is gonna happen with us!" I said "That's what they all say," Tommy replied as he walked toward the table. I sighed in frustration and followed him, I was forced to sit next to Tommy again because Nikki was sprawled across the entire other side of the booth. "Mmmffff, aw, yeah, damn this is good!" Tommy said, mouth full "Yeah it is," I agreed "Mmmhmm," Nikki said while nodding. When we were done I went back to the hotel room that Jon insisted I stay in (the other roadies, assistants, and stylists had to stay on the buses unless they were really favored. Me and Jon's hairstylist were the 2 favored people in this case). We still had a few hours until we had to be at the stadium, so I turned the tv on and decided to see what was on. After a while there was a knock, I sighed and went to see who it was, I looked through the peephole and saw Jon standing there, I opened the door and smiled "Mr. Bon Jovi!" I said "Please, please call me Jon and drop the whole nice act too," he said. I stopped smiling "Fine. What Jon?" then he surprised me, he grabbed my head and pressed his lips unto mine "Please, I love you, I want you, just this one time?" he said when he broke away. I sputtered, confused and I looked around, anywhere but at Jon. "Please," Jon breathed softly as he pulled me closer to him, I noticed he smelled like alcohol, so he was probably tipsy. But I sighed, after what had happened today with Tommy, I decided I needed to block that out and show him that we were broken up...even if he never knew that me and Jon did it. I pressed my lips to Jon's and he smiled "Yeah," and we started making out. He was a passionate, intense kisser and I was starting to get nervous about this whole thing. He slammed the door, not breaking away for a second, we were leaning against the wall and kissing when Jon finally came up for air. "Mmm, yeah," he said as he lustfully looked at me and licked his lips. I regretted this and was about to say 'no' and push him off of me when he switched our places, now he was leaning against the wall and I was standing in front of him. He groped my boobs and then took my top off, I shuddered a bit as he ran his hands up and down me. Then he put his hands on the top of my head and pushed down, I assumed he wanted me to get down lower, so I did, eventually I was on my knees and looking up at him. Then I realized why I was there: he wanted a blow job. I was so stupid! I can't go now! I never should've kissed him back. He unzipped his jeans and took his dick out, I sighed and leaned in and started going at it. "Ohhhh yeah, yeah, yeahhhh!" Jon moaned/screamed as he held unto my head while I was blowing him, it was hard with Jon forcing my head into his crotch, but he seemed to be enjoying it. When he finished accidentally cumming all over me, we were done. "I'm really, really sorry about spraying you in the face," he said. I winced as I felt it running down my face and dripping off of me. "That's okay...i'll see you at the concert," I said as I ushered him out the door. He left and I ran to the shower, I tore my remaining clothes off and jumped in as fast as possible. I viciously scrubbed at myself and then started crying. The whole thing felt forced...and that brought back horrible memories. They slowly started coming back, memories of Trent...cumming on me and making me lick it off of him. I collapsed in the shower and didn't move.
-45 minutes later-
I was still in the shower, sitting there with my knees folded up to me, cold water pouring over me. I was holding a razor blade in my hand, i'd been cutting at my wrists. I didn't care if I died in the process, I kind of wanted that. There was vicious pounding at the hotel room door, from what I could tell, Jon, Richie, David, Alec, Tommy, Nikki, and the building manager were all there and attempting me to get out. They'd been there for 25 minutes, but I wasn't gonna move. "Miss, if you don't come out now, we're coming in! I have the key right here!" I heard the building manager say. "Frankie come on! You're scaring me!" I heard Tommy say worriedly. Then I heard the door open and footsteps, then Tommy burst through the bathroom door. "Frankie! Baby!" Tommy shrieked in horror when he saw me, bloody and crying. He ran to the tub and ripped the razor out of my hand "What the fuck? Have you lost your fucking mind?!" he yelled, still with a hint of worry in his voice. Nikki and Richie ran in "Holy shit!" Nikki yelled. Richie looked stunned and shocked. "Nikki, pick her up outta there, she needs to go to the hospital!" Tommy instructed Nikki. He reached in and started to pick me up "No, no, no!" I screamed in protest, Tommy shushed me as Nikki handed me to him, Richie threw a towel over me as Tommy ran out of the bathroom with me. "You! Call 911!" he said as he looked at Jon, Jon looked horrified but he picked up the phone an quickly dialed 911 "Yeah, yeah, we need and ambulance quick! There's a girl and she's bleeding a lot, I think they're self inflicted cuts," Jon said when they picked up. "Um, I don't know, Frankie! How old are you?!" Jon said, I didn't answer, Jon asked again but I refused to answer "She's 17!" Tommy yelled. Jon's face went pale for a second as he looked at me, then he told the operator my age. Everything hurt so bad, I closed my eyes, maybe that'd stop the pain ", not close your eyes! Stay with me! Stay with us baby!" I heard Tommy shout, his voice slowly fading away.
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