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Part 21

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Sad stuff going down.

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-Tommy's POV-
"She died in my fucking arms Nikki! Everything isn't gonna be okay! She's gone!" I sob/screamed to Nikki, who was telling me it was gonna be okay. It wasn't! Frankie was dead. Her eyes closed in my arms, her heart stopped beating in my arms, she bled out in my arms, she took her last breath in my arms and there was NOTHING I could've done about it. The ambulance came a few minutes after I couldn't feel a pulse, her blood was still on my hands, arms, and clothes. Me, Vince, Nikki, Mick, Doc McGhee, the guys from Bon Jovi, Vince's wife Beth, Elaine, Nikki's girl Lita, Mick's girl Linda, a girl named Tatiana, and Doug Thaler were all in the waiting room of the hospital, there wasn't a dry eye in the room. We were waiting for the final news that she was legally dead. Vince had collapsed to the floor in a crying fit and Beth was trying to calm him. Then a doctor came out "Oh god man, tell me she isn't gone! I can't live without her!" I said as I jumped up and ran to him, even though there was no way that was possible. "She isn't gone," the doctor said "What?!" everyone said at the same time "No, she isn't gone...yet. She's still in the ICU, and there's a slim chance of her making it. Her family might want to say goodbye now before it's too late," the doctor said. I frowned "Um, only family?" the doctor nodded "Yes,". I took a deep breath "Um, I'm her husband, that's her ex-husband..." I said and I pointed to Nikki who looked up, shocked, but nodded. Elaine looked a little taken aback, but smiled at me like she was okay. "Um, that's her father," I said and pointed to Mick, "Her 4 sisters," I said as I pointed to Elaine, Beth, Linda and Lita "Her brothers," I said as I pointed to Vince and the blond singer for that Bon Jovi band "And her cousins," I said as I pointed to the other members of that band and Tatiana. The doctor nodded "You may go in one at a time, would you like to go in first sir?" I nodded and followed the doctor back. When I saw her I was horrified, she looked really bad "She's unresponsive, but she can hear you," the doctor said. He turned and left, so it was just me and her. I sat down next to her bed "Hey babe," I said quietly "It's me Tommy. The...the doctor says you don't have much time left...and that makes me really sad," I continued, choking up. "Babe, I forgive you for sleeping with Vince. I forgive you for leaving. It wasn't you, it was me, I cheated on you and that made you leave. But I wanna say I did care about you, and I still do. We had the most amazing months together, and when you came back into my life just these past few days, I wasn't sure what to do, but then I decided that I still loved you and I wanted you back. But...I'm a little too late aren't I? I don't know what made you do what you did...but I sure as hell hope it wasn't me,". I was holding her hand and slightly crying, I kissed her hand, then leaned in and kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, then I kissed her on the lips. I kinda thought maybe it'd be like one of those sappy movies where the chick's true love kisses her and she wakes up. It wasn't. I stood up and looked down at her "Goodbye Frankie, I'll never forget you. No matter what the fuck happens," I said, then I turned and left, not looking back. "I'll go next," Mick said "Since i'm her FATHER," he said as he looked at me. The doctor took him back and I sat down next to Nikki "How'd she look?" he asked "Like hell, it was horrible," I replied as I sighed and slunk back in my chair and twiddled my thumbs.
-Mick's POV-
Oh man, Frankie ain't looking too good. I sat down in the chair next to the bed and looked at her for a little while. The doctor said she could hear me, so I decided to talk. "Hey Frankie, it's Mick," I started, "Um, I'm really gonna miss you, and I wish I'd gotten to know you a little better back in '81, maybe then I'd know why you tried to fucking kill yourself. I'm surprised that you'd do that, now that you're on your you regret it?". Obviously she didn't answer, but I just had to say that to her. I stood up slowly and looked at her "I guess this is goodbye. Goodbye Frankie," I said, then I turned around and left. 
-Nikki's POV-
"I'll go next," I said as I stood up "Come on back," the doctor said, I followed him into the room where she was and I was really surprised at how...bad she looked. Why the fuck she try to kill herself? "She's unresponsive, but she can hear you," the doctor said "Ah," I replied while nodding. The doctor left me with her and I sat in the chair next to her bed "Heyy Frankie, it's Nikki Sixx!" I said, feeling silly a few seconds later for loudly announcing my entire name, I probably coulda just said Nikki or something like that. I wonder why I do that? Hmmm. I looked at Frankie and then blurted out "I love you Frankie,". She didn't respond, as I expected she wouldn't. "Yeah, I do sorta...I mean, when I first saw you I was like 'Damn she's sexy!'. Then you started dating Tommy and I was so sexually frustrated every time I saw you because I just wanted to rip your clothes off and fuck you on the spot...but Tommy is my friend, so I didn't. I'm sorry for being mean, but y'know...I just was, but I guess right now, this is goodbye. But before you're gone I'm gonna do something I've wanted to do since day one," I leaned in and kissed her on the lips and then pulled back. "Bye Frankie," I said, then left, looking back one last time.
-Vince's POV-
SHE CANNOT DIE! "Hey, what're the chances of her making it? Like, not dying?" I asked the doctor as we were walking to where she was "One in a million, literally, no one has come back from a state like this. She's lost too much blood and she has some head trauma, we think she fell in the shower, since it fits in with finding her in the shower," the doctor said. I nodded sadly "Okay...can she hear me?" I asked, the doctor nodded "But she's unresponsive,". I sniffled and sat down in the chair next to her bed "Hey Frankie, it's me Vince...Vincent as you liked to say. I don't have much to say except that the months back in '81 that you spent with us were the best times. You're a really great person, but I don't know where you went wrong with trying to kill yourself. So...goodbye Frankie, I hope you're happy now," then I stood up. I was angry, she was so selfish, causing everyone pain. What's her problem?! I left her room, slamming the door on the way out.
-Jon's POV-
I was sitting next to my makeup artist and wardrobe coordinator and she was dying. I stroked her hair "Hi, it's Jon Bon Jovi...Mr. Bon Jovi. And I'm so sorry that you had to die like this...but it was your choice. A very confusing choice to me, but yours nevertheless. I just wanna say you were the most dedicated wardrobe and makeup person I've ever worked with, you dealt with my shit for a while now, dressing me and applying and taking off my makeup and running errands and being so loyal. I'm gonna miss ya Frankie...goodbye," I said. I stood up, then leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. I sighed and walked out, I can't believe she's gonna be gone.
-Richie's POV-
"Hey Scar," I said as I sat in the chair next to her bed. "I know I'm not as close with you as those other guys are, but I did really love working with you and you were really great at what you did. I'm surprised you...killed yourself, I never saw that in you, but hey, people surprise ya right? Oh man, I'm sorry you have to leave us, you don't deserve to go...but I suppose God decided it was your time. Goodbye...Frankie Smith,". I stood up and gave her hand one last squeeze then turned and walked out.
-Dave's POV-
The doctors said we had to start going in together because her vitals were getting weaker by the second, so me, Alec, and Tico went in together "Well I didn't know you that well, but you were the damn best makeup and wardrobe...person or something out there. I know Jon took a favoring to you, and I'm really sad you have to goodbye," I said, I patted her shoulder then moved over so Alec could say bye "Well I reallllly didn't know you, but I'm gonna miss you...bye,". Then Tico said bye...literally that was all he said. We all went out of the room and sat back in our seats.
-Tommy's POV-
Elaine, Beth, and Lita weren't gonna say goodbye because they didn't know her, and Linda and Tatiana said they couldn't bear to see her in the state she was in. We were all sitting in the waiting room in silence...I suppose just waiting for the doctor to come tell us she was totally dead. After about 15 minutes, the doctor came out, looking sad. I stood up "Did it happen?" I asked, voice cracking "Yes, she's gone,". I sighed deeply and looked up, holding back tears, I looked around "Okay...okay. Okay," I said, whispering at the end, then I walked quickly out of the waiting room, tears pouring out of my eyes.
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