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Deleted Funeral Chapter

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I didn't put a funeral in before, but I decided that it'd be good to put it in now.

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-Tommy's POV-
I was all dressed in black, like everyone else at Frankie's funeral. The pastor dude was about to say stuff about Frankie, god, this is the saddest fucking day of my life. The pastor started with the service "We are here today to remember a young woman whose life was taken from us much too soon. She was born Fran Percival Smith, but known as Frankie among friends, employers, and close family. She was only 17 years old, but the people who knew her said she always had nothing but good intentions, but was sometimes, quote 'a tease' and 'a difficult person'," I snickered, one of the guys must've added that. The pastor continued on again "She was always helpful and striving to be her best and was friends with many people. She is survived by her mother, and her close friend, Tommy Lee,". I smiled to myself as the pastor continued with a prayer or something. It was an open casket, so we could put flowers in, I put a huge bouquet of black roses in there, they were her favorite. "I'm gonna miss you Frankie," I said as I walked away slowly.
-FF 2 hours-
I was standing at Frankie's headstone, reading what it said, apparently Frankie had written a suicide note and it had what she wanted on her tombstone written on it. It said: 'Here lies Frankie. December 11th 1966- November 21st 1983. "I wish Tommy Lee and Motley Crüe all the happiness in the world, something I never had."'. A single tear went down my cheek, I couldn't believe that even when she was gonna kill herself...she thought of me, she thought of Motley, and all she wanted was for me and them to be happy. I heard footsteps behind me and I turned around, when I looked I saw a lady I hadn't seen before "Hey dude, who're you?" I asked, she looked up at me "Oh, I'm, I'm, Frankie's mom," she said nervously. I raised my eyebrows, then frowned "The sick fuck who 'raised' her? The one who abused her?" I said angrily "I...I..I'm really sorry for that, and I regret it so much, and now she's gone and...and I can't say how sorry I am," her mom said, crying. I shoved her and she stumbled backwards "Maybe your abuse drove her to be like she was, and maybe if she wasn't like she was...SHE WOULDN'T BE DEAD!! That was my girlfriend! I loved her! And I hope when you die, you rot in hell so she can laugh her ass off in heaven...watching. You. BURN." I yelled as I pointed my finger at her "And she doesn't love you, she loves ME! And the only people who loved her! My band mates!" I yelled as I pointed to her headstone, then I stomped away angrily, not wanting to be around the bitch who caused my girl so much fucking pain.
-Nikki's POV-
I can't believe she's gone. Her headstone was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen though, she obviously loved Tommy and Motley Crüe...but I don't get why she wasn't happy. She seemed like she was...but I guess people aren't always what they seem. "Excuse me sir, is your name Nikki?" a voice said, a man walked up next to me "Uh, yeah, why?" I asked, kinda out of it. "You're mentioned in Frankie's suicide note, and we're gathering all the people that were mentioned, just in case they wanna read it," the guy said. I thought for a second then turned back to the guy "Yeah, sure, I'll read it,". 
-Vince's POV-
They were gathering everyone who was mentioned in the suicide note Frankie wrote so we could read it. It was a long ass note, written over two pieces of paper that looked like they'd gotten wet and bloodstained. Everyone was huddled around some random guy who was gonna read it. He started reading, "Alright, it says: I'm sorry, but I feel worthless, damaged, and broken. No one truly loves me. I feared that I would kill myself one day, I was afraid of suicide, but now I'm not. I don't care. I'm nothing. My dear, sweet Tommy, I loved you so much and I cared about you so much, but you broke my heart. When you came back it broke my heart to see you with Elaine, but I didn't wanna be a home wrecker. You have NOTHING to do with me doing what I'm about to do, so don't beat yourself up over that. I love you, and I always will. Nikki, I know you have feelings for me, and I've started to have feelings for you. I'm sorry we'll never be a couple though. I love you too. Vince, you're one of the sweetest people I know, even though you don't show it often, but you have a big heart. Don't ever change. I love you. And, finally, Mick, you are the most inspirational person I know and you really helped me out a lot back in '81. I'm sorry I have to leave. I love you. And all of you in Motley Crue, I hope you make millions of dollars and have everything you ever wanted and live the best, most blessed life you can possibly have. And I wish you all the happiness in the world and that you're forever happy. And to my mom, I hope you live a horrible life, cause I'll never forgive you for what I was put through by your psycho boyfriend, Trent. Or the physical abuse you put on me. Or the feeling or worthlessness that enveloped me everyday of my young life. To the guys of Bon Jovi, I hope you have a lucrative career and all your dreams come true and you're forever happy. And finally, this is what I want on my tombstone: ''Here lies Frankie. December 11th 1966- November 21st 1983. "I wish Tommy Lee and Motley Crüe all the happiness in the world, something I never had.'"
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