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Chapter 3

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I think I might melt......

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Chapter 3:
Zendaya's P.O.V.

No one was safe when I had a plan brewing.

"Hello? Hello?, Miss Muir are you still there?" came the boice through the telephone that was still in my hand. "Yes, this is her. Um.., could you send up some dinner?" I said I was still looking at Rose. It was amazing that she appeared when she did. Luck must be on my side at the moment.
I hung up the phone. And walk over to the couch I was sitting at. "So..." I say. I know it was a good idea, I'm just not sure if she would go along with it. "So..." she repeated. "Your american right?" I asked her. Rather making small talk than actually come out and say it. You understand right? Good.
"Actually I was born here, but moved to America with my mother long before I could remember." Rose says. I guess the memories were blurry by the way she spoke of the theme.
"Where did you get that necklace?" I ask her, I was just that curious and U really did want to know. She looks down at the necklace holding it in her fist. "I really don't remember. Maybe since birth?" Rose says shrugging. I was about to tell her about mine, when the someone knocked on the door. "Room Service!" came from the other side. "Come in!" I yell back. "Sorry it took so long your highness" He said. "It's not a problem. You may leave." and with that he closes the door behind him. I turn to look back at Rose, she had a very confused look on her face. "Your highness?" she asks. Bow I know why she was confused. I sigh, might as well tell her now. "Well it is what you would call a princess in her presence." I smile. Her as got wide. And I think she got the message. "Look Rose I know we hardly know each other but.... Okay subtle is now being thrown out the window!" I say as I walk towards her, sitting down beside her. "How would you like to be a princess for a day?" I say smiling hoping she would accept my offer.
"What?" Was her response. Why can't everything go my way?. I asked to no one in particular.
"Oh come on it could be a lot of fun for you!" I say. I was not giving this up. I needed my freedom and she was my way out. I mean think about it. If they already have a princess in the castle, why would they keep looking. Of course I would have to assume her life and that would mean until I turn 18 years of age. Which is just three weeks away from here.
"Plus it is just for one day!" I continue." Starting tonight". I watch as she stood up and started pacing around the room. "Zendaya, it is not that simple. I mean what if we get caught?" she said looking at me again. By the words she just saud I know that she was at least considering the idea.
That was at least something right?
"We won't. And it is just a day. Tomorrow at this same time. It being 9:32, we'll change right back. In thus very location." I say standing up as well, walking over to where the food was. I lifted its lid up letting the smell of food go around the room. "This can all be yours!" I say to Rose. She started to look at all the food that had been set out with a hungry look in her eyes.
I was actually winning.


Rose's P.O.V.

Okay so this was crazy juat thinking about it. But who cares I really wanted that food. I sigh, I may regret this in the future but we live in the present, to the heck with common sense. It was only for one day what could possibly go working. That's right keep telling yourself that maybe someday you will believe it. "Okay, fine. I'll do it." I say, making a smile appear on Zendaya's face.
"Great!" she said jumping up and down, while clapping her hands together. "Okay, first thing we need to do is find out about each other." she had walked to the couch, so I sat down next to her. "You should know my full name. Zendaya Kathy Muir, but my best friend Mia Cassem likes to call me Zay. We will have to switch phones a lot of people like to call me throughout the day." Zendaya says while handing me her galaxy phone. It wasn't even out yet!. The password is 'Misfits' try and remember that. Everything about my life is on this phone. I'm 17 my birthday is on Christmas. I have no brothers or sisters. Don't talk to anybody unless it is necessary." she took the phone from my hand, entering the password she went to the photo gallery.
Showing me a family picture. "This is my fqmily. That's me, my dad and my step-mother. Now she is a real stick in the mud. She is really controlative but you will hardly see her, she is in charge of most things."

She had handed the phone back to me. "Okay things you should know about me. Uh.. My name is Rose. I'm 17 and my birthday is also on Christmas. And I really don't have that much to say. I mostly spend my time either reading or just drawing a bit. And one more thing is that I've been a strict vegetariqn for over nine years. And that is pretty much everything." I say shrugging. Am I really that boring? I wonder if Zendaya thinks the same.

"Okay get up" Zendaya says while she walks towards the bedroom. "Where are ypu going?" I ask." Honey, I can't exactly go with these clothes out there?"
A few minutes later she came back out with the clothes I would normally wear. "Nice shirt" I say as she threw her pijamas at me. You can change in there.

I went into the room and to say say it wasn't a mess would be lying. There were clothing everywhere and the jewelry was allover the place. Sighing I change into the gown then putting the robe around me. Walking outside I see Zendaya getting ready to leave. She was putting on her shoes at the moment.
"Reamember we meet back here at 9:30 pm tomorrow." I say as she nods and heads for the door. I follow after her handing her my room key and my phone.
This was probably the most exciting thing I have ever done.


I close the door behind me, leaning bqck against it. I was taking in everything about the room. 'Why would she want to switch? This girl has everything.' I push does thoughts aside as the smell of food began to envelope me. It looked like herbed spaghetti squash, only a little more fancier than how mom serves it.

After that big dinner, I had crashed on the bed. I was absolutetly wiped and instantly sleep came over me.

Of course, that was before I was rudely awaken by someone's phone going off. I slowly openned my eyes to see the cfancy clock on thr marble dresser. I then came to realize that it could be Zendaya calling so I hurridly step out of bed, before grabbing the phone. "Hello?" I say without looking at the caller ID. "Zay, where the heck are you?!, everyone is going crazy over you!" says the person on the other side. "Uh, who is this?" I say in my best british accent. You have to admit it was pretty cool talking like this again. "What do you mean by 'who'? Oh sweetie are you hangover today?" she says. I pull the phone back looking at the caller ID. Mia. Shit. "Oh Mia, always the funny one now are we?" I say, I may look calm and sound calming but on the inside I was ready to explode. I was never going to pull this off. "Okay Zay, why don't you tell me where you are so I can come pick you up" She says. I think this was something that has happened before. "I'm staying at the Crown Spa Hotel" I say. "Great I know where that place is, I will see you in 10 minutes. Get dress and meet me out front" she says before she hugs up. I put the phone down looking around the room. I saw a bag and walked towards it. Picking ut uo and setting it on the dresses. I look inside to see clothing. And judging by the price tag still hanging on it. She hasn't worn it yet. I also found some underwear. God know I need my own and they looked cleaned enough, new even. I decided on a shower maybe because, I was in a plane for more than 5 hours and I was stinking up the place. Thhe bathroom look like you could fit another whole bed in there. I am telling you it was huge. I took the shower. Walked to the bedroom and picking up the underwear I put it on. Looking back at the bag on the dresser, I pull out a black mini skirt that reached me mid-thigh. A white long-sleeved shirt, tucking it in the skirt, pulling a back vest over it. I found the straighteners so I could straighten my green hair. Once that was done I put on some eye liner and a bit of cover-up. I couldn't seem to find any shoes that would be comfortable, so I picked a pair of high heel boots, taking Zendaya's phone and putting it in the pocket on my vest.
I walk out of the room and into the hall. Since I feel like I will fall down the stairs with these boots. I decided to take the elevator. Yeah, that should be safer.


A car pulls up to the entrance. I don't know why I say car, when I actually meant limo. A super hyper steps out, she was wearing a summer dress and a couple of ballet flats. She came up to me and had enveloped me in a tight hug. "Oh My Fritters! Everyone has been looking for you everywhere come on!" she says, the girls I pressume is Mia, before pulling me into the car with her. Something tells me this is going to be an exciting day.

I really didn't pay that much attention to what Mia was saying, I was just lost in thought. That is when I came to look out the window. There was this huge castle. I knew they were still under ruling of the queen but what I didn't know was that they still lived in a castle. This must be a dream.
"It's good to be home! Right, Zay?" Mia says from beside me. "Yeah it's good to be home" my response was a little less enthusiastic. I mean I had to act like a complete stranger to these people and I was just plain nervous. I think I might've started to sweat when we arrived at the main doors and man were they huge!.
A man, assuming it was the butler, opened my car door. "Good to have you back Miss Muir" he says as he bows down. I continue to look at the palace. "Come on, the Family Way has already arrived." Mia says as she links her arm with mine and leads me up the steps and into the gigantic castle.

We came across some woman, which by the picture I saw earlier, she was my step-mother. "Where have you been?" she screeched at me. And I mean like literally screeched at me; like a bird you might say. And her appearances was supporting my my bird-related theory. "Never mind, we will talk about your punishment later, now act polite." just as she finished that sentence a young couple walked downthe main stairs behind them was a young boy, maybe 15 or 16 years of age, he had glasses that hung on his nose proudly and he was wearing a prince attire. Behind him came another man, he looked slightly older. Like 17 or 18 maybe. He had disheveld black haur. Like it hasn't touch a brush in weeks, he was also wearing a prince attire. What I really liked about him were his eyes they were almost captivating. Once they were all standing in front of us. Hazel-eyes standing in front of me. "Zendaya Muir meet Gerard Way, Mikey Way and the king and queen of Italy, Donna and Donald Way". Zendaya's or now my step-mother introduced each of them.
"Nice to meet you your highness" Gerard said as he took my hand in his and gave ut a kiss.
I think I might melt.
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