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16- Not What It Seems

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Gerard and Taylor fight to make up.

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-We’ll say it was love.-


“Where the hell have you been?” Gerard sounded aggravated. I didn’t quite expect that. It was probably because his parents were around. It kind of rose suspicion when the bride to be didn’t tell her fiancé where she would be overnight.

“The highway became a no passing zone. The motel rooms were booked because of it.” I kept my voice calm but Gerard’s fingers were kind of digging in to my wrist as he kept a tight grip. His parents smiled lovingly in my direction and I smiled back, trying to make everything appear just peachy.

“Gerard, let go.” I hissed, adding quietly. “Or I will lay you on the ground right now, in front of your whole fucking family.” Gerard instantly dropped my wrist.

Mikey was staring at me.

I smiled.

He didn’t.

Gerard leaned down, breathing upon my ear. I trembled from the temperature change, not because it was romantic and yet Mikey’s eyebrows still raised questioningly and I realized… I felt like I was cheating on him! The feelings were complicated.

“Where were you?” Gerard whispered.

I turned away from Mikey, unable to stand the feelings of guilt that he created when I looked at him. “I told you, we couldn’t pass on the highway and so we were stuck in town.”

Gerard stared in to my eyes, “Did you guys have sex?”

“You said you didn’t care.”

“You’re not being discreet.”

“How am I not being discreet?”

Gerard sighed heavily and brushed stray strands of hair behind my ear. I heard his mother giggle like a school girl, and loudly begin talking about wedding plans. “Frank is getting suspicious.”

“Frank wants to be suspicious because Frank likes you, and therefore feels threatened by me.”

Gerard’s eyes widened and he started shaking his head but I cut him off with a rough kiss. “Stop being an idiot.” I hissed as I pulled away. “I can help you.”

“You can?”

I could.


Once I stepped out of the shower I immediately started trembling. “It’s cold in here!” I complained.

“The shower was just overly hot.” Gerard shot back. “You need to learn to shower at a regular temperature. I think you burned some of my skin off.”

“Stop being a baby.” I rolled my eyes as I continued drying off. “So, we are going to a party tonight?”

“Yeah.” Gerard nodded. “It’s at a friends house. It’ll be our first outing as a couple.”

“Fun.” I sighed. “First tip- casually brush against him.” I brushed against Gerard to demonstrate. He was about to say something but stopped as I brushed my fingers against his bulge. I gave it a sweet squeeze and smiled, winking at him.

“That’s casual?” He finally choked out.

“At a party? Yes. There will be alcohol. It’ll be a good way to see for yourself just how he feels. See how he reacts to you.”

“What if he just reacts because he’s drunk?”

“Drunken mistakes are sober… desires? Yeah, I’m not entirely sure how that one goes but if he doesn’t want it he won’t do it. If he’s drunk then he’ll have his defenses down and do what he wants, you know?”

“Is this how you’re going to get in to my brother’s pants tonight?” Gerard’s eyebrows rose.

“That’s none of your business.” I sighed heavily. “But I don’t think so. I can’t keep doing- I just can’t. I can’t string him along. It’s not fair. He’s not a toy.” I gazed down for a few minutes, and jumped in surprise when Gerard placed his hand on my shoulder.

“I didn’t mean what I said. I was just frustrated, you know? People get frustrated. They say things they don’t mean. I don’t think of you as a whore. You’re actually a really, really good friend to do this for me. I mean- I know it’s not what we worked out at first but so far you’ve had my back, and that is more than business… which is how I know that Mikey means more than business. Maybe I could help you with him?”

“W-what?” I was completely caught off guard.

“I could help things with my brother work out for you. Tonight for instance. We will stage a huge screaming match right before we leave. That way Frank and I can leave separately from you and Mikey. Follow me so far?” I was surprised by his change of heart but I nodded.

“Good, and then from there…”

And so there we stood in our bedroom- trading tips on how to get in to other people’s pants, while wearing our engagement rings.

‘Cause that’s totally normal.

For us.


(Mikey’s POV)

Frank and I were standing outside waiting for Taylor and Gerard. They both took forever. I wasn’t ready to talk to Frank since I was still pretty pissed at him. He had no right to treat Taylor the way he did, or talk about her the way that he did.

Though I really had no right to be fucking her either.

We were all kind of going to hell, but different hells.

Taylor stepped out first. My jaw dropped open.

She looked so fucking innocent.

And my pants tightened.

She was wearing a light loose, yet short dress. It fell to her knees. Along with it was a headband that held her hair back, but the kicker? I could see her nipples. She wasn’t wearing a fucking bra.

I wanted to fuck her right there, in front of Frank and Gerard.

For a split second I didn’t care.

Then her hand flew up and she rolled her eyes.

In confusion I almost thought she could read my mind but then I heard Gerard, and he sounded angry…

Uh oh.

“Just don’t Gerard!” Taylor spit out through clenched teeth.

“Stop for a damn second and talk to me!” Gerard screamed, grabbing her wrist.

He yanked Taylor backwards and she fell in to his chest. I advanced forward but Frank grabbed on to me, shaking his head but saying nothing.

“Fuck you!” Taylor hissed, shoving against Gerard’s chest. He stumbled back. She stepped forward and pushed him again.

She was pretty feisty.

I already knew that.

Gerard seemed kind of surprised, and so did Frank.

“You know what Gerard?” Taylor was inches from his face, and I was almost kind of afraid that she would kick his ass.

“What?” Gerard snapped.

“This is fucking exhausting! I’m tired of your shit. Just fucking… I’m not going! I’m staying here.” Taylor crossed her arms over her chest, which just pushed up her lovely assets.

Gerard sighed loudly, “You have to come. This is our first official time out as a couple!”

“I’m not a fucking trophy.” Taylor snapped. “I’m not marrying you just so that you can show me off.”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “What’s the point if I can’t show you off?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you could just like be with me, to I don’t know… be with me?” She mirrored him by rolling her eyes.

“You have to go.” Gerard crossed his arms over his chest as well. “I… er- I command you to. You’re supposed to obey me.”

Taylor slapped the back of his head. “I’m sorry. I didn’t quite hear that grunt.” She spit out.

Gerard rolled his eyes yet again. “Just… just fucking have Frank take you. Mikey can drive me.”

“I object!” Frank called out.

Taylor threw something at Frank and it hit him squarely in the face. I had to turn away from him to hide my growing smile, and it took a lot of self restraint not to laugh out loud.

“Mikey?” Gerard sighed loudly.

“Taylor, why don’t you just come with me?” I was more than happy to oblige.

“I won’t know anyone at the party.” Taylor frowned. “I don’t want to go and watch Gerard party.”

“I’ll be there the whole time. We can party together.” I offered.

Taylor smiled widely.

Little did I know… she wasn’t quite as helpless as she seemed.


“So, you okay?” Taylor hadn’t said much since we’d left the house.

Frank and Gerard weren’t in sight. They’d probably stopped to eat first- and to bitch. Frank was Gerard’s bitch-fest buddy. They bitched about everything together. It drove the rest of us crazy while touring. They were like middle school girls when they got together.

“I’m just a little upset.” Taylor murmured softly.

“Are you hungry? We could stop, delay the party… I know you don’t want to party. We actually don’t have to party at all. We could show up, make an appearance, and leave.” I suggested.

“Or you could show me a good time.” Taylor suggested softly. “I wouldn’t mind partying with you. I just- I get so sick of fighting with Gerard. It’s all we do now.”

“I’ll make you forget all about him tonight.” I promised, hoping I could back my words up. I had to. It was a promise. I didn’t want to break my promises to Taylor. Promises were all I really had for her. It was all that really set me apart from my brother. I could make her smile, while he made her cry.

“I knew I could count on you to fix tonight.” Taylor smiled in my direction. “But yeah, food first. I’m hungry, and I get pretty bitchy when I’m hungry. The fight probably shouldn’t have been as bad as it was.”

I chuckled, “But you’re cute when you’re angry.”

Taylor laughed, and I gazed over just in time to see her breasts bounce slightly from the movement of the car. I had to force myself to look away, either that or we would’ve died- cause I was a car crash away from death.
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