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17- Party On

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Taylor/Mikey. Frank/Gerard. Things are heating up.

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-So hold my hand, I’ll walk with you my dear.-


Frank kept stealing glances at Gerard. The car was way too silent, without either of them talking, /laughing/, or even reaching for the radio. They were both just still as statutes, and just as silent. The only movements Frank made were the ones required of him while driving.

“I don’t-” Frank started to say something, but was cut off and then distracted by Gerard.

“I didn’t-” Gerard stopped immediately, a light blush coloring his pale cheeks. “I didn’t mean to cut you off. What were you going to say?”

Frank sighed heavily, thinking over his choice of words. In the end he couldn’t think of a better way to put it and just blurted out how he felt. “I don’t want to lose you as a friend. I really don’t. You’re my best friend Gerard. I couldn’t stand losing that.”

Gerard said nothing.

Frank took a deep breath. It didn’t calm him. All of his nerves were on fire, and had been since the second Gerard ‘called off’ their friendship. They hadn’t said much since then, and any words exchanged had been forced.

“I didn’t mean what I said, not to you and not to Taylor. I get that I haven’t been fair and I’ll apologize to her the first chance I get… and, and I didn’t mean to try to hit her. It was stupid. I deserved to get my ass handed to me by her, as humiliating as it was.”

Gerard chuckled, unable to stop himself.

Frank blushed, though found himself slightly pleased that he got a reaction from Gerard- even if Gerard was laughing at him. “Find that funny, did you?”

“Of course I did.” Gerard replied, with a warm smile in his words. “She’s a tiny thing, and she totally bested you physically.”

“I’m a tiny thing.” Frank pouted, finding it hard to keep his eyes on the road.

“Should we compare measurements?” Gerard teased.

“Depends.” Frank replied. “’Cause breasts alone have me beat.”

Gerard chuckled again. “I already miss you.”

“I’ve been here the whole time, and always will be.” Frank answered. “You can’t get rid of me. I’ll always be your friend, even when you’re stupid and won’t be mine.”

Gerard couldn’t help the smile that formed upon his face. “I could never stop being your friend. That’s kind of a big part of friendship, I’m pretty sure.”

“The inability to get rid of people?” Frank giggled. “Doesn’t that make most people in this world our friends? Cause there are a ton of people we’ve tried escaping.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” Gerard teased. “Mikey and you just won’t go away.”

Frank felt better.

Gerard was nervous.

Tonight was the night for him to finally make a move on Frank, and see just how Frank responded. He sure hoped that Taylor was right.

Otherwise, he’d never make it through the night.


(Mikey’s POV)

“You look beautiful tonight Taylor.” I commented, glancing across the table at Taylor. She was playing with her mashed potatoes but not really eating them. She hadn’t really eaten anything actually. Something was obviously on her mind.

Taylor glanced up, batting her eyelashes playfully. I willingly fell in to the trap. “Thank you.” She frowned for a split second, before giving me an award winning smile. “You know, Gerard didn’t say anything like that when he saw me.”

“Did he say anything at all?” That was surprising. Gerard was usually smarter than that when it came to compliments. I’d heard him belt out the best of them when I was younger. He was different with Taylor though. I could tell, but I couldn’t really place my finger on the actual issue.

“He said the outfit looked slutty.” Taylor answered, gazing at me through her thick eyelashes. The look she gave me nearly killed my self control. I just wanted to put my hands all fucking over her.

Then I realized what she’d said, and how I was thinking towards her. It wasn’t right. She didn’t deserve that. “He actually said that?” I was appalled.

Taylor nodded. “What do you think?” She sucked her lower lip in to her mouth and waited.

I shifted, quite uncomfortable- with more than just the seating. She made me ache in ways I’d never before ached. “I think-” I wanted to tell her that what she was wearing was totally respectable but it kind of wasn’t. “It’s kind of… I want to fuck you.” I spit the words out.

Taylor giggled. “And I dressed like this for you.”

Whoa, what?

She was most definitely going to be the reason I went straight to hell.


Gerard was nervously biting at his lip as he waited for his food to arrive. Frank was now just openly staring. Gerard didn’t seem to notice.

Tonight felt different, for the both of them.

Gerard knew why but Frank didn’t.

To Frank this was just another torturous day that he was stuck beside a man that he could never have. It was just another day of being inches away from someone he could never touch the way he wanted to.

It was his own personal hell.


(Taylor’s POV)

I kept toying with Mikey, and he kept biting at my bait. It was almost too easy to betray him, and play with him.

Tonight my heart just wasn’t in it though.

Something felt different about tonight, and I was sure that Mikey felt it too.

I just didn’t know what was so different.

All I knew was… I’d never really felt like this before, and it was so very confusing, and so different, and so… /wrong/.

This was just a job, but it was getting under my skin because Mikey got under my skin.

It wasn’t how things were supposed to go.

I’d let my guard fall down much too quickly, all too easily.

There could be no good ending to this story.


(Hi all! This chapter was kind of wrapping up things to the next point, where things get tricky. I’ve never really written Frerard before but I’ve tried. In this I’m actually going to have to post my attempt though, so please go easy on me? It’s hard for some reason, to write M/M. I’ll give it a go though! Thanks! Oh, and P.S. Merry Christmas everyone! Any exciting holiday plans?)
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