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Wrong time, Right Place

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The two boys sat curled up in Frank's bed watching netflix.

"NO NOT THE KITTY ANYTHING BUT THE KITTY!" Frank screamed as the gory movie showed a poor pet cat being tortured in a house filled with various fatal, pain enducing traps.

"GERARD STOP THE MOVIE!" Frank cried out, not able to take all the death he was facing.

"Frankie it's okay! The cat didn't really die. It's all fake." Gerard cooed, holding his boyfriend's face, which was turning red as he spoke.

"It's not that." Frank whispered, tears falling from his pained eyes, dripping off his red cheeks.

Without giving it a second thought, Gerard smashed his mouth against Frank's.
The salty tears fell, causing the kiss to feel different for both; it felt like they would no longer have the privilege of feeling the other's warm mouth.

Noticing this feeling, Gerard smiled against his boyfriends mouth, pressing him into the small bed, playing with the hem of his t-shirt.

Running his tounge against his boyfriend's mouth, Frank deepened the kiss, fingers twisting into medium length dark hair he became so used to.

Moaning, Gerard slid his hands under Frank's shirt. Caressing his stomach and chest before sliding it off, tossing it clear across the room.

Frank grinned, flipping the two over, straddling Gerard's lap, pushing up his shirt, while placing feather light kisses at the newly revealed skin.

"A bit excited now are we?" Frank whispered lustfully into the taller boy's ear, placing kisses down his neck, referring to the sudden tightness Gerard felt in his jeans.

"Kind of hard not to." The taller moaned, tugging at the smaller's belt buckle.

"Stop fucking each other an- WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE KITTY?!" Bob yelled, walking in the room followed by Jennifer; his girlfriend of 2 years, Ray, Mikey, Ana and Shayla.

This sudden outburst causing the two, half naked, aroused boy's to jump, sliding away from each other and crossing their legs in attempt's to hide the evidence from their earlier activities.

"Bob calm down, the cat is gone." Jennifer hugged the boy, who was looking at the screen with a devastated stare.

"But the kitty." Bob whispered, his love for cats showing through.

"Ew GUYS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WATCHING?!" Shayla yelled, looking at the screen.

"The Collector, and damn is it fucked up." Gerard explained, pulling Frank as close as he could.

"That is traumatizing." Mikey whispered, referring to what the group had just walked in on.

"Well sorry, I was trying to cheer him up!" Gerard defended "Plus it's not our fault non of you knocked."

"Well fuck! It is disgusting, and not something we want to know. God damn guys, we support you guys being gay and all but seriously, WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU FUCK!" Ana snapped, crossing her arms angrily.

"Dammit, what does he want?!" Jennifer growled, looking down at her phone.

"What?!" She snapped at the caller. "Why the hell wou- okay fine!" The girl rolled her eyes, putting the phone on speaker.

"ABSTINENCE ABSTINENCE ABSTINENCE!" A familair pushy virgin screamed, as he began to start his speech Jennifer hung up, shoving her phone into her pocket.

"He is never going to get a girlfriend." Bob mumbled, wrapping an arm around his girlfriend.

"He has one though, and she's a less pushy virgin, but still supports abstienence." Jennifer explained, nodding, zoned out.

"So, how is everyone today?" Ray asked, causing everyone to remember he had been standing there.

"Pretty good except an old bat told me I sinned too much and I was going to die." Gerard laughed, showing no sign of fear at this prediction.

"Who?!" Ana snapped, she cared deeply for Frank, hell the two were like brother-sister.
The red haired girl knew if something were to happen to Gerard, Frank would be devastated.

"The lady who owns the doll shop." Elli walked up, clutching her new toy against her chest.

"Dude! She's creepy." Shayla added, knowing who they were talking about.

"Yeah, maybe it's just her version of a 'joke'." Ray offered, sighing.

"Hopefully." Gerard sighed, clicking back to the Netflix menu, causing the group to engage in a netflix marathon.

A/N so that was my wimpy attempt at slight smut...hope you guys like it so far; and more action will happen..I PROMISE! R&R
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