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Hawke Sisters

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The Hawke Sisters

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A/N: I do not own Gundam SEED or any factors of the franchise.

ZAFT training academy,
Pilot’s dorminitories

Lunamaria Hawk felt her sore body stir as she began waking up. Her eyes were still closed but she felt the sensation of someone sucking in the tiny flesh of her left nipple and let out a moan. Opening her eyes she watched as her little sister Meyrin had her hair draped on her chest as she kept sucking on her older sister’s breast.
“What, Meyrin, what are you doing?” she shuddered.
Meyrin stopped sucking, “What do you mean sis, we were doing this just last night.”
Lunamaria flashed back to the previous night. She had found her sister asking Commander Kira Yamato, pilot of the strike freedom, to teach her some pointers in increasing her technical skills, and Luna herself had approached him asking if he would give her some pointers on being a better MS pilot. The two girls had ended up inviting him back to their shared dorm room, and had a few drinks in the process. Before they knew it, they had ended up having a threesome in the process.
“Oh yeah, then the commander is who I should blame for my sore body,” complained Luna.
“Well you were complaining about it when it was happening soldier,” said a voice.
Luna turned to find Commander Yamato standing there next to her bed with his rock hard cock practically in front of her turned face.
“Co……commander?” said Luna as she watched Kira walk to the end of the bed and get on. Meyrin moved her lower body off of her sister’s, and allowed for the commander to get to work.
Luna watched as her superior officer entered her soaked cunt, which took her out of her daze. She moaned as Kira pushed into her. He filled her up so much; she forgot that was sore, she just wanted the man who had taken her virginity the last night to dominate her again.
“Oh commander, please fuck me, fuck me hard” the dark redhead moaned.
Kira obliged and began thrusting in and out of the young pilots pussy at a nice pace. He was pretty well experienced with knowing how to please a girl with all the practice he had gotten in his threesomes with Lacus and Flay. So he thrusted into her with such force she was begging him to fuck her even harder.
As Kira fucked Luna, Meyrin decided to get back onto her sister and attacked her chest. The little redhead licked, sucked, and bit at the pair of round blobs of flesh that her older sister had developed. Meyrin was always jealous that her sister had bigger jugs then she did, but she was getting back at her fully by now claiming them with her sucking on them.
Luna arched her back as the sensations coursing through her with her instructor plowing into her and her sister pleasuring her nipples.
Kira kept going to town on Luna but noticed Meyrin’s pussy as the younger redhead jingled her bum from side to side. Moving his right hand from holding Luna’s hips he stuck two fingers into the shorter sister, making her head shot up as she moaned.
“Oh commander” she moaned.
Both girls moaned as their superior officer was pleasuring them both..
Luna reached her limit and screamed as her juices flowed. She came all over Kira’s cock, but he hadn’t come inside of her. She was disappointed by she figured that he was saving himself to come in her sister.
Meyrin rolled of her sister and parted her legs showing off her now gushing cunt with a small shaved patch of red hair above it
“Commander, can you finally take my virginity now” she said in the most seductive tone, she had not had her chance before the last night because both Kira and her sister were out cold after they were done with each other.
Kira pulled out of Luna’s pussy as the redhead moaned and was disappointed from the contact. He lined up his rod with Meyrin’s pussy, and looked down at her.
“Are you ready, it’s going to hurt?” he asked her.
“Its ok, if my sister could do it, it should be no problem for me,” said Meyrin winking at him. It was no secret she was always competing with her sister.
Kira nodded and started pushing into her cunt, she moaned till he reached her barrier and then pushed into her with one thrust. She yelled out in pain, and had to wait a few minutes before she was ready to get back to normal sensation. Then she told Kira to go again.
“Oh Mr. Yamato, fuck me! Fuck my tight pussy! Come in me, please! I want your seed. Am I better than my sis, please tell me I am,” Meyrin shouted.
Luna was tired from her own invasion into her lower region, but she was still focused enough to hear her sister’s comments. Wanting to get back at her a bit, she rolled onto her side and began stroking her sister’s clit with her hand. This accomplished what she was hoping for and Meyrin was unable to take it.
“Agh sis, stop no, I’m coming!” she screamed.
Kira felt as the small redhead cunt squeezed around his cock like a warm glove as it got tighter. Meyrin may have wanted to be better than her sister, but in this department, she had less ability to last longer than her sister.
Kira couldn’t hold back any longer, and shot his seed into the small redhead’s waiting womb.
Both Kira and Meyrin were panting as they both came down from their high and breathe heavily.
“I got to admit, this is one training session I’ve never thought to have commander, I wouldn’t mind having another one,” said Luna.
“If you want more, you’re going to have to get me hard again” Kira said chuckling at her.
“Don’t worry commander, we’ll get right on it,” Luna said with a seductive wink.
Before asking how, Kira watched as Luna rolled over onto her younger sister and began attacking her sister’s youthful pussy. Meyrin began moaning. Meyrin was small, but she had a good amount of strength when she wanted to, and flipped her sister around and began attacking her sister’s pussy as well.
Kira really enjoyed this part of his military career as he was watching two of the bustiest girls he ever met eating each other out. Their soft white skin was glittering and dripping with sweat as their moans filled the room. The incestuous act between his two students was so hot he was able to stroke his cock back to full length in no time.
Luna observing him stopped eating her sister out and parted her legs.
“Commander, I believe now it’s my turn for some of that,” the older sister said.
Kira nodded and wasted no time as he plowed back into Luna. The Impulse’s pilot moaned as she was penetrated by her commander again. Kira kept thrusting into the girl as she begged for more.
Meyrin could only watch and play with herself as her older sister was being attended to, she was upset that she had to no one tending to her anymore, but knew that Luna was not going to rest till she got her commander seed inside her as well.
“Oh commander, fuck me, fuck me like the slut I am,” Luna moaned.
Kira grunted as Luna’s pussy began to get tighter and Luna soon came just as Kira released his seed right into her womb at the same time.
Meyrin who was playing with herself soon came as well just as her sister and commander did.
After some sleep and a shower, in which they did it again, the three left the girls room and headed out to the ship hanger where the Eternal was stationed.
“Well girls, I have to get back to running maintance on the Archangel,” he told the two, and waved them good bye.
The Hawke sisters saluted and watched him leave, after he was gone they both headed to miss Clyne’s quarters on the ship where they were suppose to report in.
They got to the door and looked both ways as they watched both ways to make sure no one was around, and then Luna used the card that Lacus had given them and opened the door. They sisters were greeted to the sight of Miss Lacus herself in the nude on her bed as she was engaged in certain “activities” with a redhead girl. Lacus stopped her activities with Flay as she noticed the two sisters having entered.
“Oh hello girls,” she said as she noted to Flay they had visitors. The two older girls stopped making out and turned to the sisters.
“Ma’am, we are here to give our mission report on the skills and abilities of Commander Yamato,” said Luna with a smirk.
Flay and Lacus giggled as she said that.
“We’ll miss Hawke, tell me the full details of your mission report,” said Lacus starting to slip out of her captain’s uniform.

A/N: read and review,
I’m glad that a couple of people have liked this series so far, and I’m going to give a bit more info about my future gundam seed/00 harem fic just so I’d like some feedback and suggestions from the readers before I make any further changes.
My future fic, which is a reboot of SEED will have an all female Celestial Being faction at Heliopolis also completing the construction of their own gundams when zaft attacks to try to take the EA’s G-weapons, and get caught in the process. Kira is going to be the main character, though he will not be piloting any of the GN drive gundams.
A technology grab will occur for possession of the GN gundam as well by both zaft and the EA, but the archangel will defect from the EA soon after Artimes.
There are changes to certain girls in the poll as follows:
Chall Acustica who will be the mother to Flay and Soma Peries, will be divorced at the start of the fic from her husband George Allster, and a member and pilot of Celestial Being
Seigel Clyne will still be chairman of the PLANTs at the beginning and Lacus’s adopted father instead of birth father. Her mother Marlene Vlady will be a pilot and member of Celestial Being at Heliopolis at the start of the fic as well.
Via Hibiki will have had her death faked and recruited by CB years ago thus explain her absence all this time
The three extended druggies will be replaced with female extendeds, consisting of Nena, Anew, and an OC
Some of you may ask why I am telling you this details, I do so because some have kept PMing me about them, and because I would like some of the readers to give their feedback and suggestions on these ideas, so that I know if I should still use them or alter them before I complete the first chapter of the fic before I start posting it. I’d like this to be a good fic, and all I am asking for is some reader input and suggestions.
Also since I know that some people do this, if anyone wants to write a lemon between Kira and any girl(s) that can occur at a certain point later on in the SEED/00 story, send me your details and I might add it in when I get to that point after writing a couple of chapter into said fic. I know that there are probably a few more experience lemon writers out there that like to put some aid into other’s fics when they have the opportunity.
Also letting those of you that have been patient that my Harry Potter as well as my Naruto stories are getting a reboot , and I hope to have them out soon within this month if time allows me. For the moment I am more focused on these two gundam stories, but I will get back to the other two.
Any thoughts or suggestions review or PM them to me.
Thanks, and until next time I hope you all keep enjoying this fic.
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