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The Waiting Time Could be so More Cleaner

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Clean version of the last chapter, and lots more.

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Frank's P.O.V

When we got back, Emily just told the little ones off a little bit, and said that we should know better than to run off like that. She then sent them to our room. Our punishment was a little bit more severe, and we still don’t know what it is.

‘I have had enough of you guys. You can’t teach these kids that it’s okay. Danny and I will discuss a suitable punishment for you, but until then, I want you each in your own rooms. We’ll call you back down in an hour.’ Emily told us. We were all a little scared to be honest. We don’t want to leave this place because of all the people we’ve met and connections we’ve made, but we didn’t want to make her anymore angry. Besides, Danny shot us an apologetic look, and it seemed as if he was going to sort things out for us. I cuddled Penina on my bed.

‘I’m sorry I got you guys in trouble.’ She said. I hugged her even tighter.

‘Sweetie, it wasn’t your fault. Besides, it’s the most fun any of us has ever had. We all love you for that.’ He said kissing my cheek. She smiled at me excitedly.

‘How much time do we have until we have to go down?’ She asked.

‘I don’t know. About 55 minutes?’ I said.

‘Perfect.’ She told me. She began kissing me, and I knew exactly what she wanted, and I was more than willing to give it to her. 30 minutes later, we did the dirty deed, and we were now lying in bed.

‘I never want to leave you.’ She said resting her head on my chest.

‘Sweetie, I won’t. Not now, not ever. We’re perfect for each other and I love you so much. Besides, I can’t just leave after that. A+.’ I said. She giggled. I loved feeling her breath on my skin. It feels so precious and special. She’s even smaller than me, and that makes me feel protective of her. Like I said. I won’t ever leave her. She’s my girl. No one else’s. I am so glad we found each other.

‘We should probably get dressed right? I mean, we’re going to get called down soon.’ She said.

‘Yeah, but let’s just stay here for 5 more minutes.’ I told her. She smiled and kissed my cheek.

‘Frank, do you want kids someday? I mean, what if we become as bad as our own parents?’ She asked.

‘We won’t. I love you way more than I thought I could love anything. I love Mia, and I love her in a completely different way, but after we were sent here, I thought she was the only girl I could ever care about. It was my mum who abandoned us, so I didn’t particularly like women at that time. I would just focus on my guitar and I was doing push-ups to pass the time over here. Then you came along, and I swear I had never been more scared in my life. First of all, you could’ve beaten me to a bloody pulp, but as soon as I saw you I got this whole other feeling that I never felt before. It was so weird, and I thought maybe I was ill, but I didn’t feel ill. I felt like I was about to run up every single mountain and start jumping. Then we kissed and I realised what it was. It was love. That was the single scariest, but best moment in my life. If we do ever end up having kids, I’d be the happiest guy alive. I love Mia and I want a little girls just like her, and I want you to be the mother.’ I said. I then giggled quietly. ‘I guess that speech took 5 minutes.’ I joked.

‘Those were the sweetest 5 minutes of my life.’ She said before kissing my lips again. I smiled into the kiss and cupped her cheek before we pulled away and got dressed. We still had a few minutes to spare.

‘What about you?’ I asked. She looked confused.

‘What about me?’ She asked. I smiled.

‘Would you let me be the father of your children someday?’ I asked her. She smiled and nodded her head.

‘No one else could possibly take that place. You’ve just stole my heart Frank, and yet there’s still loads more hearts in me that our kids will steal too.’ She said. I smiled and kissed her forehead as she hugged me. There was a knock at the door so we pulled apart quickly.

‘Yeah?’ I asked. Danny came in.

‘We’ve decided to speak to each of you in your own rooms.’ He said. He looked kind of uncomfortable. Like he was about to tell us something we’re not going to want to know.

‘What is it?’ Penina asked sounding scared.

‘I don’t know how to put this really. First of all, Addie’s getting adopted, so I thought I’d tell you guys that first to lighten your spirits.’ He answered. ‘We think some of you are getting too comfortable here, and basically seeing this place as a home. We’re going to split everyone up and put them in different homes. Some of you will be getting new foster parents, some of you will be going to different care homes for 16-18 year olds. But the biggest change is that you won’t be with your siblings.’ He said. I started crying.

‘No. You can’t take Mia away from me. I need her. I love her. She’s my sister, and Penina’s basically like Mia’s sister now. Don’t you dare do this.’ I screamed.

‘If I had it my way none of you would be leaving. It’s only Jen that’s staying here.’ He said.

‘You can’t split us up.’ Penina said. ‘You can’t do this. We just needed some freedom and now we’re all going to other places.’ She said sobbing.

‘Look, you can all keep in touch. I know it’s not the same, but you can. You guys can even visit each other sometimes. Especially you and Mia.’ He said.

‘No. I am not leaving her. I don’t care what you say!’ I shouted. I tried to escape my room but Danny wouldn’t let me. He blocked me. ‘Mia!’ I screamed to her room. She ran to the door and saw me crying.

‘Frank?’ She asked.

‘Mia. Listen, it’s going to be okay. I don’t care what they say. We’re not leaving each other.’ I told her. She barged into my room crawling underneath Danny and we hugged each other.

‘I don’t want to leave you.’ She said crying.

‘We won’t leave each other okay? I promise you.' I said. Danny picked Mia up and took her to her own room. Frank and I hugged in pain and we just cried on each other’s shoulders. None of us are leaving one another. We have to make sure of that. None of us will be apart. Penina and I are going to have kids someday, and Mia will be an aunt. Mia already thinks Penina is perfect for me, so that means it’s even more important I end up with her. I’m not going to rest until we get what we want. We are not getting split up, and that’s final.

Hey guys! Long time no chapter! I hope you liked it!!! Also, Mia, you think Frank and I are perfect for each other. More perfect for each other than you and Frank together will ever be. SHALOM!!! Haha. Seriously though, things might be better in time. We'll have to wait and see. I must get rates and reviews. I MUST! Haha. So, yeah. I hope you liked it and weren't emotionally scarred by it. :D xx

Another A/N: I just noticed that someone rated the first, and possibly a few other chapters down. I don't know why they did, and it's so fucking annoying. If you don't like the story fucking tell me why you don't you little shit!!! Anyway... I'm in pain all over, and I'm going to write another chapter to AHCOBSM right now. So, yeah... FUCK YOU DICKHEAD!!! Xx
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