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La Tortura

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Out of boredom, Carmen goes out to pick up her wedding dress.

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La Tortura:

That's it; I can't sit around and do nothing! I'm going to pick up my dress today! I went out to the garage and I climbed into my corvette. I had the plan ready in my head. I'm going to surprise Adam with the dress this evening. Give him a little something to smile about because of work. Yeah, he's really going to like that.

First, I went by Starbucks to get some liquid courage. Pumpkin spice coffee sounds good about now. I made my order and drank up on the way to the dress shop. I passed some guys flirting with me on the street. I winked at them when I pulled to a stop at the red light.

"Hey mommy!" they yelled out to me. I gave them a little smile. They will never have me. I'm already getting married. Funny thing, really. Those guys want a woman now that she's getting married. I can't understand it myself. I can understand the desirability to a married person because they are taken already. But still, what's the point? It's just going to be annoying for everyone involved. Too bad that Sakura-bitch doesn't understand that. She clearly loves my man and just doesn't want to admit it! I keep telling Adam to cut his ties with her, but he won't do it.

"She's my friend," he says. That's part of the problem. They could end up falling in love and Sakura's already on her way there. I have to crush that in the bud before it begins to take root. I will do it with this wedding! Right now, I need my dress!

I drove all the way to the dress shop. A calm sense of pride came over me. Three weeks ago, I ordered my dress from this very store. It's not expensive, but they make replicas of the designer dresses that you want. Since Adam won't let me go all out for this wedding, I decided to go for an imitation for $200. He can't complain there, can he? I think not!

The nice smell of burning cinnamon filled my nose when I walked through the glass doors. The girly pop music filled the air. Not really my taste, to be frank. I'm more into the dance scene, but a dear friend of mine owns this store, so...

"Hello!" I called out. A woman with curly red hair looked up at me from the counter. She gave me one of her biggest grins ever.

"Carmen!" she cheered. "You're back!" I held my arms out to her. We both hugged over the counter. I let go of her with a smile on my face.

"How have you been, Annie?" I asked. She gave me a nod.

"Good," she said. "And you?" I only nodded at her.

"Have you got my dress in yet?" I asked.

"Yes I do!" she said. "Hang on." Then, she disappeared to the back storage room. I tried to peek over on my tip-toes. My mind counted down to squealing to excitement. Annie returned with the dress in black plastic.

"Here you go," she said.

"Oooo!" I cleared. "Let me see! Let me see!" She unzipped it and showed me the white, frilly lace. My eyes lit up as did my best to hold back a squeal.

"Would you like to try it on?" Annie asked.

"Yes, please!" I said. In a few moments, I stood in the mirror dressed in a copy of Eva Longeria's wedding dress. I couldn't help but to smirk at myself as I feasted my eyes on the final product. All I need now was the final accessories and I would look like one hell of a model bride. That Sakura-panda-bitch won't know what hit her when Adam and I say "I do." I noticed Annie looking on at me in the mirror.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked. I just couldn't help, but to smile at that point.

"Perfect!" I said. "I'll take it today!"

This Could be Heaven Right Here On Earth
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