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Bad Dreams

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Just a Poem,talking about the main charcter (me) having a bad dream.. includes MCR

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Bad Dreams:By MCR-99
Running fast,heart racing,breath heavy.
Through the moonlit desert,Draculoids on my tail.
My mask slipping,gun in hand,sweating in the heat.
I hear tyres screech,and run faster.
I hear the gunshots in my head,the same ones that killed my family.
The car catches up...

I try to run faster,away from my chasers.
I trip and fall,my predators come.
I turn around and see..

A red haired man,looking concerned
name I do not know.

A short man in a scary mask
I've seen him in the diner.

A guy with blond hair
name Kobra Kid,I remember him

Finally,a guy with an astronaut helmet,
I do not know his name.

Who are you,says red head
Sadie,is my reply
A killjoy,asks scary mask
for three days,i say

at the diner,all is silent
until a radio booms
look alive sunshine,a voice booms
who's that,i ask
Dr.Death,replys Party Poison
I hear gunshots,not in my head though
I grab my gun,ready for a battle

At BL/ind,gunshots fire around,
The killjoys turn up,prepared for a fight
One shot,two shots down goes Party Poison
three shots four shots Kobra Kid dies
five,six,seven Jet stars down
Fun Ghouls down in ten

I scream and shoot in any direction
Hoping to kill a drac
I hear his voice,the leader
The one i must kill

but my battle is over within three shots
I collapse bleeding,ozzing red liquid
A gun is put to my head,it feels like death
The trigger is pulled
I die..

my eyes jolt open,striking tears
I look around,I smile
I'm home...
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