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Rose storms into Beach Radio Magazine while she is still not well in the head. Note: this is her chapter, but it's mostly on the outside due to what state she is currently in.

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All eyes fell on her. Hot mess didn't even begin to describe her. She didn't really take time to comb her hair at all. A comb didn't look like it stood a chance to combat the tangles locked within it. Her suit didn't even look ironed right. Some could've sworn they saw a stain on the blouse. Her shoes didn't match and her pantyhose had a run in them from the right knee down. The glassy look in her eyes had everyone staring at her on edge. Only Duncan took a step forward.

"Rosie?" he asked. "Is that you? Why are you here?" The words didn't seem to reach her distorted brain. Maybe because she was just panting so hard. Her hands trembled. Her best friend slowly walked towards her.

"Rosie," he said. "You shouldn't be here. Just go home and do your evaluation when you feel better." His hand reached out to touch her shoulder.

"Duncan, don't!" Nessa whispered. Too late. His fingertips touched her right shoulder. Rose let out a yelp as she flinched away. She trembled as she clenched her teeth.

"Stop!" she cried. "Stop! Stop! Stop!" Duncan drew back quickly.

"Rosie," he said softly. "Do you know where you are?" Rose didn't answer him. She tried to keep walking through. The men were quick to grab hold over her and pull her away. The woman struggled to break free of their grasp.

"Let me through!" she screamed. "I have to go!"

"No!" Greg shouted. "You shouldn't be here!"

"But I have to be!" Rose screamed. "I really have to!"

"You're in no condition to be here!" Tommy yelled. "Go home!"

"No!" she screamed. "No, no, no, no!" Her struggling only grew worse from there. The men found it hard to keep restraining her.

"Rose, stop!" Duncan yelled. "You're scratching my arm!" Her nails dug in deeper as she tried to push him off.

"Let go!" she screamed. "Let go! Let go! Let go! Let go!" The men turned to the women for help.

"Do something!" Garth yelled. "She's clearly going mental!"

"Should we call the ambulance?" Noriko asked.

"No!" Rose screamed.

"Yes!" the men yelled. The women drew out their phones.

"What's going here?" they heard someone ask. Everyone looked up to see Ms. Bude and Katherine running into the office. Madison put her hands on her hips as she looked around.

"What is all of this?" she asked. "This is an office building, not a playground!" Rose's eyes darted straight to the woman.

It all broke from there.

"You!" Rose screamed. "You made me, all of us, like this!" The others, except for Robyn, all looked really worried by this point. Ms. Bude raised an eyebrow at her.

"Oh?" she asked. "And why do you say that?"

"You can't do this to us!!!" Rose cried. "We aren't here for you to make nervous and worry about us losing our jobs just for the heck of it! We are people who are just working to pay the bills and we all love this company! So, please don't take it from us..." Rose's body sank into unconsciousness right there in Duncan and Adam's arms.

"Rosie?" Duncan asked. His hands accidentally touched her forehead. His eyes widened in shock.

"Holy crap!" he yelled. "Call 911! She's burning up!"


From there, I ended up in a battle to get myself back to normal again.

The Taste of Life
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