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Chapter 11, this is me, wishing to be that friction

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Times, dates, and dresses. Oh MY!

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A short moment passed, I was beginning to dread the moment our lips would part. Would he be upset? I tried not to think about it and enjoyed the feel of his lips. I was about to pull away, thankful that he had not backed away from me, when I felt something wonderful. Patrick's hands came up and rested gently on my face. One hand fell away softly and landed on my hip, pulling me closer.

The kiss stayed light, just soft lips and small caresses of his hands. I pulled back just enough to end the kiss, I was starting to feel a little dizzy. His hands stayed where they were, and his eyes opened slowly to look into mine. The moment our eyes locked, we both blushed a deep scarlet and looked away from each other. Moving his other hand down to my hip, he brought me close to him for a hug.

"Should we make it a dinner instead of a lunch so we can both get some sleep?" His breath hit my ear and I closed my eyes, enjoying this moment.

"Um, sure. Sure, we can do that."

"Okay, I'll pick you up at 7?" I smiled and turned my head into neck, breathing him in.

"That sounds great." Patrick's hold tightened for a millisecond before he released me. I thought he would turn away and head down the hall at this point, but he stood his ground. Seemingly waiting for something. I gave him a curious glance.

"I'll see you at 7 then."

"Yes, 7." He smiled brightly and turned away. I watched him walk down the hall for a minute, thinking that if my sister wasn't sleeping in my bed right now, I might have asked him to come in. Shaking my head of all these thoughts, I unlocked my door, which was much easier this time around without that beautiful man standing next to me.

The apartment was beginning to grey with the first drops of dawn coming through the windows. I sighed against my door and proceeded to take my shoes off. I walked towards my bedroom, absentmindedly biting my lip, trying to remember the exact feel of his. A small laugh escaped my mouth as I shook my head and took off my dress. My sister was sleeping so sprawled out on my bed I had to roll her over on to her side just to have room for me to lay down. Thankfully, she's a very heavy sleeper, so all I had to do was crawl in next to her and fall asleep.


The second he got into the elevator he whipped out his phone and sent a text to Pete. He was quite proud of himself for keeping it together in front of Lucy, but now that he was away from her presence, he really needed to talk to someone. While waiting for Pete to hopefully text him back, Patrick did his own little happy dance.

The doors opened up, and Patrick took a breath and walked calmly to his car. A wide grin sat on his face the entire way. He sat in his car for a little bit, hoping Pete would get back to him, but when his phone refused to buzz at him he decided that Pete was still sleeping and he needed to find someone else to tell.

He thought for sometime before he came to the conclusion that no one will be awake at this time and started his car. Just then he had an idea. Twitter never sleeps! He pulled his phone back out of his pocket and signed into Twitter.

Can't wait until 7pm, such a long wait to see such a beautiful face.

He hit the tweet button and smiled again. Everything was going so great. It was kind of funny how things worked out though. The reason he had walked her to her door was because he had been thinking about kissing her since the lunch they had gone to the week prior. The elevator ride to her floor was terrifying, he knew it wasn't the right time and all he could do to show her his feelings was tell her he would always be her friend. He was happy he had said it, but at the same time he had wanted to face palm himself. What if she thought that that meant he only liked her as a friend?? While she was trying to unlock her door, he was trying to gather up his courage, even if it was just a kiss on the cheek, he needed to do something. Patrick saw her give up on her door. He was going to ask if she needed help when she turned to look at him.

He took in her eyes, and the blush making it's way into her cheeks. His heart jumped into his throat and suddenly he needed to swallow and he couldn't. She was leaning forward, her hands placed themselves on his chest and her lips came into contact with his.

Once again she beat him to it, just like how she had beat him to asking about lunch. He sighed happily and leaned his head back against his seat. His phone buzzed in his pocket, but he was to far into his memories to notice. After another minute he lifted his head up and put the car in drive.


"Hey, Lucy! Helllo!! Wake up, you're late!!" My eyes open to find my sister yelling in my face. I don't know what she's yelling about but I'm going back to sleep. I close my eyes and roll over, attempting to ignore her.

"No you don't! We didn't spend 2 hours finding you the perfect outfit for your date just for you to sleep through it!" Ashley proceeded to whip the sheets off my bed, cold air rushed over my body and I sat up quickly, glaring at my younger sibling.

"What are you going on about?? I'm trying to sleep!" I holler and look at the alarm clock sitting next to my bed. Groaning loudly, I lay back down and try to cover myself with pillows.

"No, it is time to get up and get ready. It's already noon!! How can you still be in bed?"

"Oh, yea. The lunch thing." My mind played catch up and I rolled back over to look at my sister who was still glaring at me.

"The lunch thing?!?! The lunch... oh my god, I'm going to have a heart attack. Right now." Ashley sat down on the bed and tried to calm herself through breathing. I tried to hold back my laughter, which failed as I fell off the bed trying to contain myself.

"I can't believe you right now! You have an amazing date, with a hot...was he hot, I don't really remember last night... anyway, with a sweet guy and you're just laying in bed! I can't BELIEVE we're related right now!" Ashley crossed her arms and huffed while laying back, refusing to look at me. This just made me laugh harder.

"Ashley, my love, my sweet. I wish to sleep longer only because we decided to have dinner instead since we were up so late last night. So I'm going out at 7 instead of 1." Ashley stared at me blankly for a minute then she jumped out of bed quickly.

"Dinner?!?! But we bought you a lunch outfit! Lucy!! Argghh!! Seriously, now I have to change your whole outfit for evening! Ridiculous!" She stormed out of my room, causing me to bust out laughing again, she is such a drama queen.

I had just finished pulling my blankets back onto my bed when Ashley poked her head back into my room.

"What do you mean, 'because you were up so late'"? I laughed and patted the bed next to me, Ashley ran and jumped into bed like a little kid. I told her everything that happened after we had dropped her off here. After the part about the kiss, she proceeded to give me a high five and told me that 'That's how we do it!!'.

I smiled at my younger sister and told her I was going to crash for a couple more hours and that she can wake me up when she has found suitable clothing for me to wear tonight.

"But seriously Ashley, nothing to dressed up. I already feel awkward about the kiss, I don't want to feel uncomfortable too." She waved me off and ran into the other room with her cell phone in hand, no doubt calling our mother. I sighed and laid back into my pillow, hoping for more dreams of Patrick.


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