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Little Wing

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Davis and Kayla finally patch things up between them.

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Little Wing:

Rose won't need surgery, that much is certain. The doctors said that she had a withdrawal from the pills that she had been taking. She just needs to sleep it off. I paced around a bit in the hallway while Pete talked to the doctors. I feel like I must tell somebody. I can't tell Keisha; she would just flip out too much. Kiki's just wrapped up in her own wedding. I leaned up against the wall and sighed. Why did it turn out like this?

I drew out my cell phone. 12:30, huh? Doesn't feel like it. Time doesn't even seem relevant to me right now. My mind wandered towards Kayla and Charlie. I wondered what they were doing right now. I pulled up the message center and added them to the recipient box of the blank message. My fingers got to work with typing.

Rosie's in the hospital due to stress. Waiting out in hallway right now.

I hit send and waited. I turned to the ceiling. Maybe that could help. I am not holding out for hopes. A few seconds later, I got a reply. I looked at my phone. My eyes widened as both girls replied back to me.

Charlie's Reply:

Is she okay?

Kayla's Reply:

Which hospital are you at now?

I stared long at the last message. She finally replied back? I blinked at the screen for a long time. I have to keep going with them both.

She's resting right now. Thank you for asking. We're Miami Wad Hospital.

I pressed send. For some reason, I'm starting to feel better. But the question is, will they show up or not? I want to say that I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath. I stared at my phone again. 12:32. It's not like I really care about the time anyway; nothing's going to change right away. I shut my eyes to take rest myself.

"Davis?" I heard moments later. "Davis! You asleep? Wake up!" I opened my eyes and turned my head. Kayla stood a few feet away from me with concern on her face. A puzzled look came over my face.

"Kayla?" I asked. Wait, am I dreaming? I blinked and smacked myself in the face. Her facial expression didn't change.

"Davis, are you okay?" she asked. I nodded at her after I got my head together.

"Uh... yeah, yeah," I said. "I'm just so surprised that you came." Kayla didn't speak. She just sat down next to me. I pressed my lips together. I really should say something. I turned to her.

"Look, I'm sorry for..." I began to say.

"Davis, please," she cut in.

"But..." he said.

"Let it go already," Kayla said. "I forgive you. I just wanted to be away from you for a bit while I tried to figure things out. It was nothing against you, okay?" I drew my mouth closed. She forgives me? Okay then. I nodded to myself.

"Thanks for coming out to wait with me," I said. Kayla only nodded. I turned my head to the ceiling. Things might work out for me and her after all.

Fly On, Little Wing
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