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Chevy Buff.

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Ray sits and thinks, while watching some terrifying news.

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Ray sat and thought. Nothing in particular. Just thinking.

It’d been almost a week since he left his ‘friend’ basically stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere. But he wasn’t thinking about that. He didn’t tend to delve into these kind of subjects.

It’s the reason he became a cop. To do something that helped people, but secretly, he could take it out on the ones who fired first.

And he never was much of a crackshot anyway.

No. He was thinking about how much he would like another beer. Beer. Beer was always there for him when his friends couldn’t be. And right now he didn’t seem to have any friends.

So beer was the best option.

Not that he was going out now. It was nearly eight at night…that’s when all the street whores walked their crooked waltz with the bruisers and losers of the city.

So, he settles for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s that is nestled snugly in his overcrowded freezer. And the nightly news, which came on right before all the ‘mature’ immature cartoons.

----thers say different. That’s your forecast for tomorrow. Jane?” A nervous looking young man in an overgrown suit fumbled about with the screen. Who the fuck wouldn’t be nervous? No one really watched the news, they experienced it. In fact, Ray was probably one of the very few news buffs that lived in fucking Camden. The screen flicked and static sat on the glass.

Thank you, Steve.” A woman with furious red hair and a polished smiley face said. Ray didn’t even like the newscasters. He had met them, too. All snobs. Well, except for Steve, who was just very clumsy and frantic about getting home…even when he was home he would worry about someone breaking into the house. The others would always pick at him for it, but really, he was the most sensible one. “In additional news, the police are in search for an ’87 Chevy with New Jersey plates. Police didn’t get the number but they say that the car was spotted at a murder scene. They are currently looking for a tall man…uhm…” the reporter shuffled awkwardly like Steve for a few seconds, mumbling something towards the camera. A man walked up to her and whispered something in her ear. He went off the camera and she looked disturbed. “…this just in!” She smiled frailly. “It seems as though we have details on the murderer and the victims.” She looked apologetically at her hands. Ray took another bite of the Cherry Garcia ice cream, realizing he must’ve only bought it because it was called Cherry Garcia. He really didn’t like cherries.

Then, he realized that he hadn’t bought it.

He sighed and put his spoon back in the container, setting it aside. He hated cherries, almost as much as he hated that goddamned cassette that was stuck in his tape deck. He didn't even really like the Smashing Pumpkins. The newsladys' face etched despair. She wanted out of telling this horrifying tale, probably to the victim’s families or to the fucking killers themselves.

…and their eyes were...” she gulped and stared through the screen with her own chillingly striking eyes. “…pu-pulled out and…” She rasped and stuttered through the words. She dropped the paper, easily forgetting the awful news and smiled pleasantly. The real reason she was hired. “In other news, the high school has put on the play Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels. Tickets are free to seniors, all students otherwise must pay five dollars at the door. There are no reservations. Sorry, adults, you gotta pay the extra eight dollars to see your kids where you’ve already paid for the school.” She said, a bit bitterly. She was definitely getting fired. It's okay, though. She's done with this shit. They rushed in the commercials. People needed to know the truth. Ray heaved a sigh and watched Drew Barrymore say she uses Covergirl to make her lips fake.

The phone rang, but Ray didn’t feel like picking it up. It rung and rung…the machine came on.

“Hey, it’s Ray---.”

“And he’s got something to say!”

“God, get outta here, G!”

“Awh! I wanna play! Can’t I sing?”

“No, Way!”

“That was too punny to be true, Raymond.”


“Change your goddamn message and get off your lazy ass.” The voice of Ryan bellowed through the machine. Ray lurched at the phone and grasped it ineptly.

“Ryan! I’m here, man…”

“You coming in? I need Gerard to sketch a criminal.”

“Uhm…I don’t know where he is.”

“...odd. Anyhow. I still need you here. A witness says they spotted the Chevy on Maddison. ”


“Yeah. Maddison. Got a problem, Toro?”

“What year did you say the Chevy was?”

“Hold on…” Ray could here the shuffle of papers. He had a strange feeling in his gut. “Says here ’87. Pickup truck. Why?”

“And the color?” Ray groans inwardly because he’s pretty damn sure he’s the only guy with a ’87 Chevy in this neighborhood.

“Red with white stripes…pretty beat up…what’s this about, Toro?”

“That’s my car.” He states. It’s awkward, dead air between them.


enjoi. 'specially Donnieeee, with my little Way joke.

X_o peace yo.
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