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Thunder and Comfort

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Shayera was fast asleep until a noise woke her up. She looked around the room, groggily, trying to see if anything was out of place. Nothing, besides the sounds of the thunderstorm and downpour outside, so she laid her head back down and closed her eyes. The sound came again a few seconds later and she realized it was a muffled sound coming from Rex's room.

She looked to her side at the lump lying there. He hadn't stirred a single bit. Shayera sighed and pushed back the covers and got out of bed. Slowly, she made her way to her son's bedroom. Vaguely, she heard a muffled sob come from inside.

"Rex?" She called softly as she entered the room and quickly scanned around.

She saw her small, five-year-old son cowering under his covers, shaking and crying. He peeked his head out and looked at her with wide, emerald eyes. Of course, Shayera thought. He's always been afraid of the thunder and lightning.

She sat down next to him on the bed and immediately wrapped her arms around his small body and pulled him close to her. She could feel his tears soaking into her shirt and the shaking of his limbs as he wrapped his small fingers around her own.

She stroked his hair gently. "Shhh, Rex, it's ok."

"Mommy," He moaned softly.

"Mommy's right here," She told him.

He continued shaking. She bent down and kissed the top of his head and he grabbed her wrist with his tiny hand. Another loud clap of thunder sounded and he cried harder, hiccuping and snuffling. Shayera was hardly able to make it out when he whimpered, "Don't go."

She hadn't planned on leaving.

Shayera pulled him onto her lap and rubbed his back as he coughed and sputtered, unable to breath because of the tears that were clogging his throat. "Calm down honey, I won't let anything happen to you."

He coughed and nodded a little. He settled down somewhat, his tears slowing to a trickle as he relaxed slightly in her arms. Shayera gently brushed the tears off of his cheeks. She ran her hand through his hair and ruffled it slightly.

There was rumble of thunder and a flash of lightning and he whimpered, starting to cry again. Shayera wiped the corners of his eyes just as the tears came out. "Don't cry Rex, it's just noise and light. It can't hurt you."

"Why is it so loud Mommy?" He whispered as he sniffled.

"I don't know sweetie," She said to him quietly. "But I do know that you'll be okay."

"I will?" He asked hesitantly, looking up her, his eyes glassy with tears.

"Yes Rex," She said softly, running her hand up and down his side soothingly. "You'll be just fine."

"But it's loud and scary outside," The young boy replied.

"I know honey," She gently rested her hand on the side of his face, keeping him close to her chest. "But it'll be ok. I promise."

"It'll be ok," He quietly repeated, yawning. Moments later, Shayera looked down at him. Rex had fallen asleep in her arms. She smiled softly to herself, looking down at his sleeping form. He was just so adorable.

She sat with him breathing quietly as he slept. Shayera knew it would be impossible to pry him off of her without waking him. So she shifted him gently and rested her back against the headboard of the bed. She gently smoothed his hair out of his face and kissed the top of his head.

Shayera knew she would have cramps in her wings and back in the morning but, if she was able to comfort her son, it was more than worth it.
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