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Episode 20: The Death Of Ferril

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As Rayne fight's Alice, Ferril fights Kagan. will Ferril Survive?

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Alice: what's the matter? Can't you break free.
Rayne: enough playing around.
(Rayne summons up enough strength and breaks free from Alice's clutches. Alice then swings one of arms and Rayne blocks it and Rayne holds her arm tight.)
Alice: let go of my arm.
Rayne: as you wish!
(Rayne rips Alice's arm off and smacks Alice with it.)
Rayne: I told you that you were weak.
Alice: my arm. You ripped my arm off!
(Alice goes into a frenzy and attacks Rayne viciously. Rayne blocks and avoids all the blows. Alice grows tired and Rayne then jumps into the air. Alice looks up. Rayne comes down and Slices another arm off Alice. Alice screams in pain and falls down. She changes back into her original form. Rayne walks towards Alice. Alice drags herself to get away.)
Alice: get away you monster.
Rayne: now I'm the monster.
(Rayne grabs Alice and picks her up.)
Rayne: I need a refill.
(Rayne opens her mouth and sinks her teeth into Alice's neck. Alice screams her head off. Then Rayne stops biting and snaps Alice's neck. Rayne drops the body.)
Rayne: that was refreshing. Now for Ferril.

(Meanwhile Ferril is caught on tape sneaking around the tower. Kagan comes to a decision.)
Kagan: tell Xerx I'm going to be there now to take care of her.
Shiva: right away.
(Shiva tells Xerx that Kagan is coming and Ferril is on her way to the lab.)
Ferril: I'm come this far. I can't stop. There's the lab. I have to go through there to get to the middle of the tower.
(Ferril sees Xerx and enters the lab.)
Xerx: Ferril. We have been expecting you.
Ferril: I bet you have.
(Kagan enters.)
Kagan: yes daughter. We have.
Ferril: you son of a bitch. I'm going to kill you for disposing me like I was some inferior human.
Kagan: we didn't need you anymore.
Ferril: you'll regret the day when you betrayed me.
Kagan: shut up already and fight me.
(Ferril charges as Xerx backs away. Ferril starts to claw at her father. Kagan avoids them, until one quick slash cuts his face.)
Kagan: I forgot how fast and strong you were.
Ferril: I'm even stronger now father and once I beat you I'll rule this kingdom as queen of the vampires.
Kagan: that's not going to happen.
Ferril: we'll see about that.
(Ferril again starts to attack rapidly and Kagan jumps out of the way and lands behind her and grabs her.)
Ferril: let go!
(She struggles to break free.)
Kagan: what's the matter queen. I thought you were going to kill me.
(Kagan then rips her arms off and kicks Ferril, sending her across the lab.)
Xerx: (cheering.) finish her father.
(Ferril gets up slowly.)
Ferril: you know I can regenerate.
Kagan: I know.
(Ferril regenerates and looks determine.)
Kagan: before we continue. I like to share something with you.
Ferril: what is it?
Kagan: (Pointing to the pieces of shards implanted on his skin.) You see this.
Ferril: so.
Kagan: how about I tell you that I have the power of the sun in my hands.
Ferril: I say you are crazy.
(Kagan raises his arm and shows his palm directly to Ferril. Then his hand starts to glow. His hand starts forming an energy ball.)
Ferril: what the fuck his that?
Kagan: it's a type of ki blast.
Ferril: that's just a trick.
Kagan: then don't move!
(He fires the blast and it burns right through Ferril's stomach, making a hole. Ferril screams in pain as she drops to the ground. She can hardly speak or breathe.)
Ferril: it felt like the sun pierce through my skin.
Kagan: the shard is just like the sun. I fused it with my body. It hurts sometimes, but my body got used to it. Now I have the power of the sun in my hands.
Ferril: (moaning.) This shit hurts like hell.
(She tries to get back up, Kagan runs to her and slaps her. Ferril falls.)
Kagan: Shiva my sword.
(Shiva comes out of the shadows and throws the sword to Kagan. Kagan catches it and holds it to Ferril's heart.)
Xerx: finish that traitor.
Kagan: any last words daughter.
Ferril: (In a dying voice.) Just because you have this new power, doesn't mean you'll beat the Dhampir.
Kagan: why not?
Ferril: she is the chosen one. The Legendary Vampire.
Kagan: (He laughs.) That's it. You tell me about some myth.
Ferril: I fought her. Her powers are greater than yours. She's the one.
Kagan: enough of your fairy tales!
(Kagan stabs Ferril in the heart. Ferril gasps and dies instantly. Kagan takes his sword out of Ferril's chest. He licks the sword clean.)
Kagan: I leave you in charge. I want you to kill Rayne with the sun guns. Set them up in this lab.
Xerx: you can count on me father.
Kagan: come on Shiva.
(Kagan and Shiva take the elevator upstairs and Xerx sets up the lab with the sun guns. Then Xerx goes up to his office in the next level and speaks through the intercom.)
Xerx: hey Dhampir.
(Rayne hears Xerx.)
Rayne: what is it?
Xerx: when you see a lab, come in. I'll be waiting for you.
Rayne: you got it.
(Rayne finds the lab. She sees Ferril's dead body.)
Rayne: looks like they killed you first.
Xerx: (through the intercom.) Welcome sister. I'm Xerx. Kagan's oldest son.
Rayne: where are you?
Xerx: see the elevator. You take that to the next floor and you can fight me.
Rayne: okay. I'm going up.
(Rayne starts to walk to the elevator, but one of the sun guns fires a laser of the suns rays at Rayne, but misses.)
Rayne: what the hell was that?
Xerx: that was the sun gun. It's main source of energy is pieces of the shard.
Rayne: you are smart.
Xerx: thank you. Now if you can destroy all the guns then you'll fight me. Are you up for the challenge?
Rayne: one question.
Xerx: what is it?
Rayne: did Ferril go through this test?
Xerx: no. Father eliminated her himself.
Rayne: so he can fight.
Xerx: yes he can, but you won't make it to him.
Rayne: we'll see about that.

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