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Episode 21: The Mad Scientist

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Rayne fights Xerx. Which one is more smarter?

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(Rayne gets ready to destroy the sun guns.)
Xerx: lets begin.
(The guns start firing at Rayne like a laser of sunlight. Rayne avoids each blast. Rayne counts how many guns are there. She counted ten.)
Rayne: just ten, this will be easy.
(She goes to the corner of the lab and tries to slice the gun, but another gun fires towards her direction. She gets out of the way in a hurry.)
Xerx: not so easy is it. These guns react more if you get to close to them. Another gun would shoot at you if you try to destroy one gun. So it's impossible to destroy them.
Rayne: (she laughs.) This is the best you got, why don't you come down here and fight me?
Xerx: (he grunts.) You retched girl, I'm going to enjoy when these lasers burns your flesh.
(The guns shoot rapidly, but Rayne is still to fast. She goes to a gun, while another gun is getting ready to fire, Rayne throws her blade and breaks the gun. Then she grabs the previous gun and breaks it. She outsmarts the guns. To Xerx's amazement, he couldn't believe Rayne was that smart.)
Xerx: (to himself.) Smart and strong. A dangerous combination.
(Rayne destroys each gun. Then she decides to fight Xerx on the next floor. She takes the elevator to the next floor.)
Rayne: come out, come out wherever you are.
(Rayne enters another lab. This one is twice as huge then the one before.)
Rayne: are you in here?
(Then a giant robot busts through a wall.)
Rayne: robots? Now he uses robots.
Xerx: no Rayne. I'm the robot.
Rayne: what?
Xerx: I'm inside of this robot. It is like a battle suit I created. It can shoot missiles and it can't be destroyed. It's my best invention.
Rayne: we'll see about that.
(The robot raises it's arms and fires two missiles. Rayne jumps out of the way. The missiles destroy half of the lab.)
Xerx: I'll destroy this entire floor. Eventually you can't run anymore.
Rayne: your right. So I'll attack you then.
(Rayne swings her blades at the robot, but nothing.)
Xerx: it can be destroyed, I told you that!
(Then the robot smacks Rayne and sends her across the lab. She crashes through a table. Then she gets up slowly.)
Rayne: that thing can pack a punch.
(Then the robot jumps across the room and lands in front of Rayne and grabs her by the neck.)
Xerx: I'll break your little neck.
Rayne: (struggling.) You wish!
(Rayne grabs the arm of the robot and rips it from its socket. She gets free.)
Rayne: I thought you said it was indestructible.
Xerx: you little bitch. This thing was suppose to be unbeatable, but I have not lost yet.
Rayne: stop denying yourself. It's over. You are weak.
Xerx: (he laughs out loud.) You think so. You think you know everything, but you don't.
(From inside Xerx presses a button.)
Rayne: what are you doing?
Xerx: I just set off the self destruct button. This floor is going sky high. (He laughs manically.)
Rayne: but you'll kill yourself.
Xerx: as long as I kill you. I don't care what happens to me.
Rayne: you're a sick bastard.
Xerx: maybe so, but in one minute. BOOM! Little pieces over there and over there. (He laughs.)
(Rayne runs out of the room as Xerx laughs. Rayne looks for an exit. She sees an elevator.)
Rayne: I got like thirty seconds left. Better hurry.
(Rayne makes a run for the elevator. She pushes the button and the elevator comes up slowly.)
Rayne: come on. Come on.
(Back in the lab Xerx starts counting down.)
Xerx: ten, Nine, Eight...
(The elevator finally comes and Rayne gets in and pushes the button to the next floor.)
Xerx: three. Two. One.
(The whole entire lab and floor explodes. The elevator shakes and rumbles. It comes to a complete halt.)
Rayne: I made it. Now to climb out of this elevator.
(She breaks a whole on the top of the elevator and climbs the chain of the elevator to the next floor. Rayne opens the elevator doors to the next floor with her hands.)
Rayne: who will I fight now?
(She enters a dark large room and starts hearing a voice.)
Voice: I knew that you would be a problem.
Rayne: where are you?
(The lights come on and Ephemera appears from the floor. She rises as black smoke surrounds her.)
Rayne: you must be Ephemera.
Ephemera: yes I am and this is as far as you get you half breed. You Mongrel.
Rayne: I have to give it to you Ephemera. Out of everyone I fought you are the most interesting.
Ephemera: how's that?
Rayne: you have no eyes. I guess you're a new species.
Ephemera: ha ha. Enough of these mindless insults Dhampir.
Rayne: my name is Rayne bitch.
Ephemera: like I said Dhampir. Now lets see if your good enough to kill me.
(Ephemera sinks through the ground.)
Ephemera: (From the surroundings.) Lets see if your good enough to beat me.
Rayne: where are you?
(Ephemera slowly rises from behind Rayne.)
Ephemera: I'm right here.
(She punches Rayne from behind and disappears.)
Rayne: that's all you can do. Cheap shots.
Ephemera: (From the Surroundings.) You really want to fight me. Then I challenge you to a blade fight. My blades vs. yours. I don't need to use tricks.
Rayne: fine.
(Ephemera appears in front of Rayne with her own set of blades. Ephemera attacks Rayne with ferocity. Rayne blocks and Rayne starts to fight back with her slices. In a moment both blades are thrust against each other.)
Ephemera: I will not lose to a Mongrel.
Rayne: Trust me, you will lose.
(Both sisters struggle to gain control. Then Rayne and Ephemera stab each other. Both pull the blades out of their stomachs. They both lick their blades.)
Rayne: your blood is divine.
Ephemera: yours as well. Lets continue.
(Ephemera starts to disappear and reappear through the grounds to confuse Rayne. Rayne looks everywhere, then from behind Ephemera stabs Rayne in the back. Then Ephemera disappears again.)
Rayne: (To herself.) I have to concentrate. I have to sense her when she rises from the floors.
(Rayne senses Ephemera coming from under the ground. Rayne jumps, then from the ceiling Ephemera phases through it and grabs Rayne in mid air.)
Ephemera: you are clever, but I'm more clever.
(Ephemera crashes Rayne to the floor and starts swinging her blades while Rayne is on the floor. Rayne rolls out of the way each time Ephemera tries to stab Rayne. Then Rayne blocks the slice with her heels of her shoe and kicks Ephemera in the stomach. Ephemera gives a cry of pain. She backs away.)
Ephemera: how could you stab me with your foot?
Rayne: easy. My heel has a blade built in it.
Ephemera: now who is using cheap tricks.
Rayne: (getting up.) If you can use cheap tricks, then I can.
(Rayne gets up and charges at Ephemera. As she reaches her sister, she disappears.)
Ephemera: where did she go?
Rayne: right behind you.
(Rayne slices Ephemera twice in the back, but when Rayne goes for the final blow. The lights go out.)
Rayne: what is this?
Ephemera: lets see if you can beat me in the dark.
Rayne: I thought you said no tricks.
Ephemera: I lied. (She laughs out loud.)
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