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A lot to think about

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Atlanta has a lot on her plate after Archie goes on a date with Lynn

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Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans, but I do own my story and characters I create

Jay and Theresa walked down the mall corridor hand in hand

"So, where do you think the other are?" Jay asked

"I didn't even know they had left the table, to occupied with other things" she giggled

"Like what" he asked already knowing the answer

"Like this" she turned to him and kissed him on the cheek

He turned his head to meet her lips


"Hey this is cute" Atlanta said looking at a pair of shorts at the garage

She walked to the change room

"Hey Lynn" Archie asked

"Yah" she turned to face him

"You wanna go out some time?" he asked, he figured that Atlanta would never say yes, so he was trying to move forward

"Sure, wanna see a movie tonight?" she asked

"Sounds good to me" he smiled at her

"So what do you think?" Atlanta asked after coming out of the change room

"Very cute" Lynn said

"Hey, their you guys are" Jay called as Theresa and him walked into the store

"It's already seven, do you guys wanna go soon?" Theresa asked

"Sure" Atlanta said as she when to go pay for her shorts "I'm out of money now anyways"

"We're gonna stay behind and catch a flick" Archie said

"How are you guys gonna get back?" Jay asked

"We can catch a bus back" Lynn said

"Ok have fun" Theresa called as they left the store


"Hey Theresa, are you their?" Theresa heard the voice from the other side of her door

"Yah, come in" she called back

Atlanta came in, and sat down next to Theresa on her bed. Theresa could see that Atlanta was upset.

"It's Archie isn't it?" Theresa asked

"It's not like I like him or anything, but something about him going out on a date with Lynn is killing me inside" Atlanta said

"You know Atlanta, most people would call that jealousy" Theresa said looking at her depressed friend

"Me? Why would I be jealous? Like I said, it's not like I like him" Atlanta said in her defense

"Are you sure about that?" Theresa asked

"What would give you the idea that I liked Archie, I mean besides you he's my best friend, but that's it" Atlanta replied

"I want to show you something" Theresa said getting of the bed.

She walked over to her dresser and picked a picture of the top of it and brought it down for Atlanta to look at.

"Look at this picture, what do you see?" Theresa asked

"I see the gang" Atlanta responded

"Look at yourself and Archie" Theresa said "Do you see how he's put his arm around your shoulder?"

"Yah, so?" Atlanta looked closer at the picture

"Look at your face, your blushing" Theresa gave a little giggle

"That doesn't prove anything" Atlanta looked back at her

"No?" Theresa took the picture and put it back on her dresser and took her PMR of her bedside table and trough it to Atlanta

"Scan through the pictures, do you notice that every picture Archie's in, you're in to, and you notice how your always happy when your with Archie?" Theresa said

Atlanta looked at all the pictures and laughed

"Ok, so maybe I might like him a little" she said

"So you see where I'm coming from now?" Theresa said leaning against the wall

"I don't know, but, you've given me a lot to think about" Atlanta said as she got up

She tossed Theresa's PMR back to her as she walked out of her room

A/N:Won't be able to update for a while, sorry, i'll try and update as soon as i can
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