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Mesuring on a Grand Scale

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Atlanta's gone missing, Jay tries to call Archie while he's on his date to pull in help but discover he's also missing

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A/N: Ok, New chapter, i've toned the humor down a bit and have started the biginning of the end. Thier will be probably two more chapters before this story wraps up. ok, then, well, enjoy the story, please review and rate when done

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Archie and Lynn got tickets for the new romantic comedy, they got their seats right in the middle of the middle row. The movie started, they both laughed. About half way thru he could feel Lynn put her head on his shoulder, he looked down at her and smiled, she looked back returning that smile.

Archie leaned in and they kissed

It was a kiss that was cut short by terrified creams of the crowed around them, they looked down at the screen. It was now torn at the bottom where two giants had walked thru it.

"What hell are those?" Lynn screamed screamed in terror as they started to walk up the steps

"Believe me, You don't wanna know" Archie replied as he grabbed her as he tried to get out of the theatre with the rest of the mop scene

"That's the one right?" Agnon grunted, he pointed at Lynn

His fellow giant nodded, they advanced on the couple. Archie drew his whip. Agnon ran and grabbed Archie who immediately reached by creating a deep cut along him abdomen, he quickly released him, but not before his partner grabbed Lynn.

"Hey, let 'er go!" Archie called after them, but the one with Lynn had already started to run, Archie tried to run after him.

"Your not going getting by me kid" Agnon said to him grabbing him again, this time around the arms so that he couldn't try and whipping him again "Your coming along to see Cronus with me" he laughed

Fear struck Archie. He struggled to brake free.

"Your becoming annoying" Agnon said while knocking him against the wall knocking him out.


"Have you guys seen Atlanta? She went for a run to clear her mind, but that was two hours ago" Theresa asked the rest of the gang

"That can't be good" Jay said getting his PMR out of his pocket "Archie you their?" Jay called into his PMR "Arch, respond" Jay called into his PMR again.

"That can't be good" Harry said hopping of his chair

"We've gotta find then" Theresa said


Archie woke up in a daze

What's going on here Archie thought to himself, then he saw a figure out of the shadows

"Cronus" Archie said snarled trying to get up, but he was restricted by chains connecting him to the wall

"you know something Archie? I'm in an exceptionally good mood today" Cronus said while snapping his fingers

A light came on revelling both Lynn and Atlanta hung on opposite ends of a balance, bound at their wrist by long pieces of rope. They dangled dangerously close to a dark liquid below

"What is that" Archie yelled at Cronus

"Oh, that? Just inches below their feet? That my young hero is acid, you see I'm in a win-win situation here. You have to chose who to rescue, as soon as you figure out how to rescue one, and release the rope that binds her wrists, the scale will gently tip the other person into the acid below, slowly burning away at the skin" Cronus had a smile a mile wide on his face "You see if you pick your girlfriend, you will bring about the death of your best friend, your team mate, and break the prophesy. If you chose your best friend, you will be killing an innocent bystander, and Atlanta's dear sister. Either way, it leaves you devastated, heartbroken and weak"

Archie couldn't respond to the horrible truth that was spoken from his lips. He stared at the two girls, both of them had tears in their eyes. Before he even tried to save one of them, he had to come up with a plan. His brain rattled with various ideas, each one a bust. He looked at his surroundings, the scale was standing in the middle of the acid atop a rock, about ten maybe fifteen out, the walls of the cave he was in surrounded the pool, he stared at them, another plan a bust, he stared back at the scale, a plan hit him.
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