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A Happy Ending

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Archie still trying to chouse, looks to Atlanta for insperation on what to do

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A/N:Ok, last chapter, well, on with the show
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He stared at the two girls, they both that looks of absolute fear on their faces.

"Don't I get my whip or anything?" he called back to Cronus

"Mmmm, no, that would make it to easy" Cronus smiled, he loved seeing Archie in such a horrible decision.

Archie looked over to Atlanta, and back over to Lynn, something caught the corner of his eye. Atlanta was smiling at him. She mouthed the words save Lynn, I'll flip over the bar

No Archie thought it was to dangerous, Atlanta might miss the bar, the rope might snap, he didn't want to risk his best friends life, if he saved Lynn, and she flipped over the bar would tip down, she could miss or slip and fall in No, I can't let that happen

do it she mouthed again

Archie shook his head. He didn't what to do it, he looked into Atlanta's eyes, they started to fill with tears

Trust me she mouthed, she looked at him with pleading eyes

He nodded at her, he had to find some thing to cut the rope with, he saw rocks on the ground, but they weren't nearly sharp enough. He needed something metal, or glass. He scanned the ground around him, nothing. He looked down at his feet and saw his ankle brace. He took it of, grabbed on of the larger rocks and started to pound it right in the middle. He finally made it thin enough to brake, he snapped it in two and continued beating one half until it was sharp.

He stood up and walked towards the walls of the cave they where jagged. He could climb on them. He grabbed one with his hand and started to climb sideways. His ankle hit a rock, pain seared through him, he almost let go throwing him into the pool beneath.

Ok he looked at Atlanta, she nodded back at him

Come on Archie, you can do this. Ok, one, two, three he jumped grabbing Lynn and cutting her loose with the sharpened ankle brace piece. At the same time Atlanta had swung around the bar that suspended her, she tried to land with her light feet but slipped. She was able to grasp it with one hand, she grabbed on with her other. She was now dangling inches above the pool below her. She used her hands to slowly inch towards the centre of the scale where the bar was higher.

"Archie, toss it" she motioned him to toss her the sharpened ankle brace piece. He through it and she caught it, but it cut her hand as she caught it.

"Owww" she yelled out. With her bloody hand she severed the rope adjoining her to the scale(still hanging on mind you). She jumped to the centre post and pushed of as hard as she could of it dive rolling to the other side of the pool.

"No, this can't be happening, it was fool proof this time" Cronus yelled

"Just one problem Cronus" Archie said as him and the two girls advanced, corning him "None of us are fools"

"You know, it was nice chatting with, but I best be going" Cronus said as he backed into one of his portals

"You know, that thing is really getting old" Atlanta said

"Archie, we'd better get you back to the dorm, your ankle is bleeding" Lynn said staring down at his right foot

Archie looked down, she was right he was loosing blood from cutting it along the side of the wall.

"Come on, we'd better find a why out of here" Atlanta said supporting Archie


Atlanta heard a knocking at the door of her dorm. She walked up and opened it.

"Archie," she exclaimed a little shocked "I thought you where out on another date"

"It's not going to work out between he and Lynn, going out with her made me realize that she wasn't right for me" he said smiling as he walked over and sat on her desk

"Oh really? And who might be right?" Atlanta asked

"I dunno, someone sporty, has bright short red hair. Someone who may be in this room?" Archie said looking down at the floor

"You mean it?" Atlanta asked

"Yeah" He said looking into her eyes

She ran over and gave him a big hug.

Lynn was standing outside of the door against the wall. She had heard the whole thing. She had mixed emotions inside of her. She was happy that her sister had found a guy she really liked, and that the guy she cared about did to, but al the same, she started to cry and walk back to her room.


"Are you sure you don't wanna stay?" Atlanta asked Lynn as she was walking out the door

"Yah, I think I need to clear my head a bit, don't worry, I'm staying till the end of the semester, I'm just moving back to the Rosewood. Hey, who know, maybe I'll see you again even after the semester ends" Lynn smiled at her sister

Atlanta gave her a hug as she left

"good luck with saving the world, say goodbye to the rest of the gang for me ok?" she asked

Atlanta nodded back


six months later

Dear Atlanta
How's it going, I still can't believe I got that scholarship for St. Georges here in Sweden, the snowboarding is great. I really miss you, I hope to see you soon. Hope everything's good with you and Archie
Love, your sis

Atlanta pulled out a photo that she'd taken while in New Olympia, it was of Archie Atlanta and herself, she put it on her bedside table. She walked out of her room and down to the table for lunch.

"Hey Atlanta" Theresa asked "how's Lynn doing?"

"She sounds like she's doing great" she said as she sat down next to Archie

A/N:I realize thier was an over whelming amunt of people who said that he should let Lynn drop and die, but i thought that was a little harsh
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