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Archie and Atlanta

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Ice cream, blushing, freaky Cronos, 'Class of the Titans' episodes and more. It just got a whole lot more interesting... and funnier.

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It's been way to hot in Vancouver. So I'm sorry I didn't update sooner. I got a new desk. I know the other chapters might have been a little confusing but keep reading because it's about to get really funny. Thanks again for your support. And thanks to my reviewers. -Nuuoa Eclaire

The NEW list of rules and regulations:

1. No controlling the two couples involved. Unless making Archie blush.
2. No revealing your plan. It's way to risky... but fun.
3. No stealing Neil's three-paneled mirror for fun to hear him do his high-pitched squeal. But allowed to make someone other then the pairs cause him to do so.
4. Only use the ability of the author's keyboard, for truly helping make the fiction funnier or fluffier. No personally gain BESIDES a giant television! Yeah!
5. No forgetting about the teens and letting them rot in the basement. Then what will happen to season 2! But allowed to lock them in a closet.
6. Off track is good.
7. NO stealing Jay or Archie. NO matter how cute they may get. Squeal!
8. Random input of ice cream is to be in each chapter... hey its soo hot in Vancouver!
9. Make Cronos way out of character. As he is now my little puppet.

Nuuoa Eclaire.


After the three remaining Titans had taken care of the fleeing giants, they decided it was time to find their friends. But then Neil noticed that it had become far to hot. So Herry suggested they get ice cream. Herry got rocky road, Odie got vanilla and Neil got non-fat key-lime sorbet.


"Where am I?" Archie groaned in annoyance. He got up in a noisy manner and felt around in the seemingly endless darkness. It was either a basement or a dungeon... but something felt... different about it. Archie rubbed his vivid purple hair and then proceeded to make an endless amount of noise. He heard a grunt behind him.
"Geez Archie, make anymore noise and you could wake the dead!" Atlanta jumped to her feet.
"Atlanta! You're here with me! And you're all right! I'm so HAPPY!"
"... If you haven't noticed Arch... we're kind of in a creepy basement, we don't know where we are and we have no food or water." Archie responded clumsily in a macho manner, after his silly outburst.
"Right. It's umm... just better that... umm... I mean... Hey your arms still hurt!"
"Yeah... I
"I'll be alright though. Ok?"

"I hope we're not interrupting something." Jay's smug voice echoed off the invisible walls.
Archie jumped up in surprise. Atlanta scowled at their leader.
"I see you've been 'mystically' transported as well Jay."
"Oh joy." Archie grumbled.
"Look guys I think we need to find away out... so quit your yapping." Atlanta smiled radiantly, "Good to see I'm not the only one here Theresa."
"Theresa you're here too!" Jay would have hugged her, but the blackness was far beyond anything.
"Jay... come on." Theresa's melodic voice replied, a little uncomfortable. More because she was blushing unknowingly.

"I hope I'M not interrupting anything." Suddenly the room burst with light coming from a giant television screen 'magically' appearing against the wall. They shaded their eyes against the naked light. It burned into their skulls. But then a distant tapping noise could be heard and the pain when away. The room around them was filled up with old boxes filled with nothing. They finally looked towards the giant plasma television screen.

It was Cronos!

His smug grin placed firmly on his face. His red eyes flashed.
"Cronos! What is this! How did you do this!" Jay's chocolate brown orbs widened in shock when he reached for his xiphos. It wasn't there! And soon the other Titans realized their weapons were gone too.
"Well Jay... Cronos is here for reasons beyond your knowing... wait master..." He began to address an unknown listener.
"Since when does he have a master?" Archie whispered. The others shrugged.
"If the two pairs are together then that means that they will not open up... yes." He turned to Jay and Theresa evilly.
"Good bye Jay and Theresa. And no Cronos is not going to 'kill' you or 'hurt' you or your love Jay." Jay and Theresa blushed furiously and had their mouths hanging open. They disappeared in that manner.

"And yes Archie and Atlanta, Cronos know you have questions but let Cronos say, that I promise on my mini model of the city, that your friends are alright." He grinned with a hidden secret, "Let's just say Cronos is not himself today." And they believed him.
"Now take a seat." They sat down more because they were captivated by Cronos's behavior. He was even more of a freak then normal. Why the heck was he talking in the third person!

Suddenly the old rocking chair Atlanta had sat on disappeared and she found herself... on ARCHIE'S LAP!

-Enter Neil scream here. -

She rapidly tried to jump away. But she stayed glued to his lap. She grunted and she tried once more to heave herself off the furiously blushing Archie. Cronos chuckled.
"Sit down. Relax. What's so uncomfortable about sitting on his lap Atlanta? Is it too 'enjoyable' for you?" Archie blushed even harder, and doing so invented a new shade of crimson.
"I have no idea how you did this Cronos. But get me off his lap!"

"Shh... my master's favorite show's about to start. It's called 'Class if the Titans.' Look here's Cronos trying on new clothes to take over the world, in 'Road to Hades'. It didn't work out though..." A smaller screen in the corner of the T.V. appeared.

"We're on a television show? What the heck is going on Cronos?" Atlanta fumed in utter shocked. A still blushing Archie cut in, "And more importantly... Why are you trying on a prom outfit?" Atlanta punched Archie's arm. It was difficult but she managed.

"Oh here's a scene from one of my master's favorite episodes. It's called 'Pandora's box'. My master believes you know it well Archie..." Then Archie realized what he was seeing. It was just before he was about to kiss Atlanta on the cheek! And Cronos had filmed it! And more importantly ATLANTA was right there! AGGGHHH!!!

-Enter dramatic music here. -

Thinking quickly he covered Atlanta's eyes with his pale hands. Then her ears when Chiron mentioned to kiss. Atlanta squirmed away, and shot glares in his direction.
"What was that about Archie! I wanted to know what happened when I was sick!"
"Yes. My master and Cronos wonders also. But now I think I have a better scene coming up... Archie talking in his mirror... no that's not it..." Archie blushed and Atlanta laughed.
"Ahh here, 'Make-up Exam'." Cronos's eyes filled with evil joy. Archie became sickly pale... he thought, 'Does that mean the part where I almost said... NO!'

Atlanta seeing her best guy friend this way wanted to see it even more. She pinned down his arms, so he couldn't cover her ears or eyes. It was dreadful. And the part was getting close. Atlanta was thoroughly absorbed. Then he got a plan, it was risky and humiliating... but he would do it. Archie began to sing.

"Old MaCdoNald haD a fARm! Eii II Eii II OHHHH!!!! And oN that FARm he had a CoW!" His out of tune and off beat singing drowned out the words, 'I lo- I really, really care about you...'

Atlanta shivered. And didn't know if she would glare, laugh, admire or hate Archie for what he just did. So she remained perfectly still.

"You have ruined everything! Oh no! My master's mother is coming into her computer room! I must let you go now. I just wish I had, had more time to get the message across... and stare at Archie." Cronos's eyes went dreamy. Archie cringed in repulsion. Atlanta thought she would throw up.

The two Titans soon realized they were back on the roof of their New Olympia dorm.
"So... I umm..."
"This never happened Archie. They'll think we're psychotic!"
"Right! That was too weird."
"But I'm still curious... what didn't you want me to hear and see on that show Arch? And when you were singing."
"Nothing! It was just me uhh... never mind. We should go see the others."

They noticed downstairs, that Odie, Neil and Herry were downstairs licking their ice cream in synchronized movements. The two turned around looked at the sunrise, and then Archie turned to face Atlanta.

Her fiery hair curled into her face in the perfect places, to compliment her large lively hazel eyes. And the morning created a slight rosy blush across her tanned cheek... wait was that really the sun?! Or was Atlanta actually blushing?!

No, it couldn't be... it must have been just his imagination.

I've decided to make this a three-shot. Is that even possible? Oh well. After the first chapter I realized it would make much more sense to have them in the basement at a different time. How could you open up to someone if there were two other people in the same room? I'll update soon. Just let me finish my next update on my other story. And inside info: The next chapter I'm adding my parents into the mix, "Honey what are you up too/" "Nothing!!!" P.S. My basement isn't actually that bad. -Nuuoa Eclaire

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