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Part one

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What would have happened if Will got eaten by the Kraken and not Jack?? Juicy plot.

Category: Pirates of the Caribbean - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Humor, Romance - Characters: Elizabeth, Gibbs, Jack, Will - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2006-07-24 - Updated: 2006-07-24 - 699 words

"So, where shall we be headn', Capin'?" Mr. Gibbs asked a very concentrated Jack.

You see, The Black Pearl had been taken down by the Kraken not even three months ago, and in the process killing a one William Turner. In his death, Elizabeth Swann had been tragically heartbroken, to only have the pieces of her heart picked up by none other than Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Wherever the hell you want Mr. Gibbs." A thoughtful look came over his face. "How about port royal? Just for the shock value." He grinned before chasing off after Elizabeth whom had promised to show off a new dress that she had gotten from a store in Tortuga. He trotted down the steps and opened the door to Elizabeth's room. "Too late."she smiled, the gown fit her "well" in Jacks perspective. Smiling she brushed her long hair out of her face,"Where are we going next?"she asked picking up the compass on Jack's belt.
Jack grinned as he looked at her marvelous figure in the wine colored dress. He untied the leather string that kept the compass on his belt and put it into her hands. "Well love, as seeing that we have been far from any upstanding ports for some time, I was thinking of perhaps paying ol' Port Royal a grand visit." There was a somewhat devilish glint in his eyes as he grinned.

Smirking, she drew closer to Jack, her light brunette hair circling her face. "I'd like that, my father, I am warning you might have a fit if he saw me dressed like this and with you." Elizabeth whispered, putting her arms around his neck tenderly."But I like it."
For whatever reason, Jack felt himself shudder as Elizabeth put her arms on his neck. He lowered his hand dangerously low on her waist and kissed her with a passion that had been building up for what seemed like eternity from the first time that they got close on that god forsaken bit of land that Barbosa had left them on. His hands traveled lightly down her back as their lips touched.
Elizabeth suddenly felt heat rise to her cheeks as he kissed her. Kissing him back, she wondered what her father would think of such a match. After all, she barely got him to like Will, but Jack? Well it was Jack for goodness sake. She did not care what anyone thought, after all when did she ever?
Jack stopped kissing her as he seemed to sense her apprehension. "What's wrong?" he asked, in the most caring voice he could muster. His heavily lined eyes scanned her face for any readable body language. It was kind of hard for Jack to really talk when his brain could only think about kissing her again. His light brown eyes locked on hers as he still held her closely, daring himself to let his hands fall from her lower back to well, lower.

"Nothing, It is just I hope you don't.....well....get arrested, and I'm a bit afraid that my father may greatly disapprove of me and become very cross..." Elizabeth finished, looking into Jacks brown eyes.

He laughed. "Ha, trust me, you seem to forget love, I'm captain Jack Sparrow." He said, trying to be reassuring as his extravagant hand gestures helped to lighten the mood.
"I'm sure your father will be glad to see his little girl unharmed. I'll just try and stay out of trouble...If that is possible." He grinned and touched her cheek lightly with one of his bejeweled fingers and moved to flop lazily down onto his couch and motioned for her to take a seat on his lap.
Elizabeth sat down on his lap smiling coyly, "Aye, that you are." She replied delicately, "That you are..but still I don't want you arrested...savvy?" She was quite pleased to have been able to correctly use his catchphrase. A gleeful grin spreading over her pink lips.
"I doubt your navy could hold me prisoner." His eyes scanned the corridor outside for any of the crew before he playfully sucked on her neck for a moment. "I always get my way, love."
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