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Part Two

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Rather short at the moment, but much more to come soon.

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She gasped involuntarily for a moment,"That you do. Shall we go up on deck then?" Standing up, she took hold of his hand before letting it go and dashing up the stairs and onto the deck. Her light eyes scanned the sea and ever fading form of Tortuga as it faded into the distance.

As Jack stepped on deck, he motioned for Mr. Gibbs to walk over. "Gibbs, we have a new heading." He said, accompanied by extravagant hand gestures. "To Port Royal!" He exclaimed. Mr. Gibbs looked at him with shock. "But Cap'in.... Port Royal? Thats a death wish for the crew. We could be outnumbered and thrown straight into the jail.... You don't want to face the gallows again, do you?" Mr. Gibbs looked concerned. What has caused this change in Jack? He asked himsely. Mr. Gibbs's eyes suddenly came upon the form of Miss Swann.

"Capin...." He started, "If you're doin' this for the lass...." Jack looked at him surprised. "Are you questioning my judgement? You heard me, har to starboard! We're heading for Port Royal!!" Jack grinned wildly as he sashayed back to Elizabeth. "And while we're there, perhaps I can take use of your father's hospitality and use one of your baths to clean up a bit, eh?" He suggested, remembering the "Lack of personal hygiene" comment made some time ago while still on the Pearl.

Elizabeth smiled, "Perhaps,"she said unknowing that her father had been arrested. Unknowingly, This was a ever greater risk than she and Jack thought after all her father did have a promise for Elizabeth to be kept safe..but Jack and the crew. Moving her hand up his shoulder to his neck she continued to smile, batting her long eyelashes slightly.

His lip twitched a bit as she did so. He began to lean into her when the ship began to rock violently. Captain Jack looked around at his crewmen accusingly before one of them spoke up. I think we hit a reef... Capin... A rather scruffy man said. Jack walked over to the rail and looked over and, sure enough, they had hit a reef. Well then.... He said, rubbing his forehead, Turn er' about, Lets see what that'll do. Jack really didn't care how much time he spent aboard the ship that he had borrowed from Tortuga, he just knew that at some point he would have to get Elizabeth back to Port Royal in order to assure her safety, and also to attended William's funeral. Jack then began to think of how Will stayed on the Pearl as the Kraken attacked, helping them all to get away. So sad. He thought.
Elizabeth moved to the edge of the ship, peering into the crystal clear water, How could you not see that? She accused to the closest crew member. Staring towards the shore, the familiar place of Port Royal loomed out from the see, barely discernable from the horizon. Not sure weather to smile or frown, she quickly walked towards the front of the ship to get a better view.
The crewman shrugged as he went to go and fiddle with the sails. Jack stood impatiently at the bow of the ship, looking out at the reef accusingly. Not the brightest crew we coulda' hoped for, eh'? Jack said, turning his attention from the water and the damned reef below it to Elizabeth.

No, they seem a bit in experienced, don't they? She said, shrugging. Her eyes gazed out onto the ocean with a certain distance to them. For whatever reason, she began to feel incomplete as the reality of Port Royal began to dawn onto her......... "Will....."

Her attitude seemed greatly different than it had been a mere ten minutes ago. Jack's eyes gazed into the water for a moment before he began to sense her change in mood. As the ship finally started to break free from the reef which held them captive, he looked up at a now somewhat forlorn looking Elizabeth.

The look in her eyes now as she stared off into the distance was almost identical as the one that she had for nearly three months after young William was killed. In that time, Elizabeth was quite reclusive, and Jack remembered how she would spend days at a time just standing at the rail of every ship that they had bartered passage on, refusing to eat or even speak to anyone. Jack turned back to the sea, allowing her some alone time.

I'm going to see what type of food is aboard this ship... Jack trailed off as he turned about and disappeared down the steps.

Elizabeth frowned once more letting the thoughts that she did not like exit her mind. Shaking her head she stood up straighter fixing her dress. Watching Jack go, she debated on following him... She did enjoy Jack's company and she appreciated how he wanted her to be able to see her beloved father, but she hated the thought of Port Royal.....and what they might do to him. Sighing, she decided to follow him in hopes of persuading him to not go to Port Royal..or at least not directly.

The Captain had successfully made his way into the kitchen, and was now opening cabinets, scanning their contents, and then slamming them once again. The only thing that he clutched in his hands was a satchel of peanuts, probably old anyway. He continued his massive rummaging until he scavenged a bottle of rum from a lower cabinet.

Jack, smiling gratefully at the newly found rum, popped his head upward, and in doing so, conked it on another cabinet. His face went blank for a moment as he tried to regain composure and stop the purple spots that danced in front of his eyes.

He looked to the door as he stood up again, putting his things on a table. Oh, Elizabeth. Hope you didn't just see that back there... He said, pointing at the cabinet that had caused him pain.

Elizabeth laughed as she saw Jack's reaction as he smacked his head on the cabinet.
"Unfortunately for you, yes I did see that."

Jack groaned as he stood up, brushing himself off. "Yes, well, would you care to forget that?" He said, a smile painted across his face. His attention then turned to the bottle of rum still in his hand.

"Rum?" Jack offered, extending his arm.

Elizabeth's eyes glanced downward. "Um, no thank you....." She replied, pushing his hand back towards him. "Jack.....I don't think that it's a very good idea to pull into Port Royal after all....." She shifted her weight and leaned against the frame of the door. "It's just.....I think that it's not a good idea...." She trailed off, her eyes avoiding his dark chocolate orbs.

Jack cocked his head, a bit confused at her sudden change in mind. "Well love, we don't really have a choice......" He didn't want to bring it up, but it was necessary. "William's ceremony was set to be held in just one week."

Elizabeth suddenly felt a pang of anger. "I know that Jack I'm not stupid " She yelled suddenly. "I haven't forgotten that the man I loved is dead " She finished, storming out of the kitchen and into her quarters.
Jack frowned and pulled the bottle of rum close to his chest. "Well that was unexpected....." He said, talking to the rum. "I think that we should toss anchor and stay a bit away from Port Royal until we figure this out, eh?" He made the rum nod. "That's what I say...." He finished, trotting up the stairs onto the deck.

((more soon! Sorry it took so long to add more!!))
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