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FRERARD: Frank hasn't had a good Christmas. Can Gerard change that?

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The snow on the sidewalks of New Jersey were whiter than white. The sky was a light blue with white clouds that could be mistaken for cotton. A man reaching at 5'4 was sitting on a bench in an abandoned park. Tears coming out of his hazel eyes. He had just lost his mother. The only person caring for him. Where was his father you ask? His father was somewhere in Vegas getting a lap dance from a bunch of no good showgirls. But of course Frank didn't know that. He didn't even know his own father's name. Let alone his identity.
Frank was all alone on this Christmas Day. "I hate Christmas." He said. "The only day I thought I would actually have a good time is ruined."
"What's wrong kid?" Asked a smooth, husky voice. Frank looked up only to find a tall, good looking man hovering over him. Frank stood up and wiped his tears away.
"Ummmm.................nothing just thinking about all fun time I'll have. I'm a little emotional on Christmas." Frank said. He knew he shouldn't have cried in public. He just didn't want come home to no one cooking a good Christmas meal and showering him with hugs. He didn't want to come home alone.
"I know a lie when I hear one. You're not fooling me. Now tell me what's really wrong." The stranger said. Frank knew he would regret it, but the guy was offering free help. Something a regular old person can't resist.
"Ok well my mother passed away. She was the only person I had in my life that didn't criticize me. She was the only one who didn't scowl when I told her I was gay. Basically the only thread I held on to in life. And now I'm spending the most special time of year alone." Frank confessed. Tears peeking from his eyes. He felt lost and sad. He felt like punching something. Mixed emotions circled his head.
"I'm sorry-"
"Don't be it wasn't your fault. And it's not like anything can bring her back anyway". Frank interrupted.
"What's your name?" The strange man asked.
"Frank. Frank Iero."
"Nice name. Mine is Gerard. Gerard Way." Gerard said pleasantly while holding his hand out.
Frank smiled and shook hands with the man. "It was nice meeting you. If you'll excuse me I have to go home." He said.
"Home to what?" Gerard said.
"Home to my dog. Animals need food to you know." Frank was lying through his very own teeth, he had no dog.
"Oh, well if you don't mind I'd like to take you home. Safe isn't really the right word for this town." Gerard said and gave a soft smile.
"Ok fine, but just so you know I don't do one night stands." Frank said with a small laugh. He wanted to play around a bit. He didn't want to be sad forever.
Gerard laughed along. Frank could only stare in wonder. His laugh was so.......musical. It was the laugh of a singer. "Do you sing?" Frank asked.
Gerard was surprised. Nobody knew this except for his family. "Yes, I do. How'd you know?"
"Your laugh. It was a hint I guess you could say." Frank didn't want to admit his laugh sent chills down his spine.
"Well then I should stop laughing." Gerard said with a smirk.
"NO!!!" Frank exclaimed. "I mean,no. It really does compliment you."
Gerard chuckled. "Let's just start walking before we got mugged." He walked and Frank followed.
Silence was among them both. No one talked, just walked. It was peaceful though. Not awkward. Frank smiled at this. This is what he needed. A man by his side. Someone else to love. Someone to take care of him in his time of need.
Gerard couldn't help but glance at the gorgeous boy next to him. When he saw the boy on the bench he felt sorry. He didn't like for anyone to be alone. Besides he wasn't doing anything special. His brother left to go visit his long distance girlfriend and his mother kicked him out the day she found out he was bisexual. Saying that no man should ever like two sexes at the same time. What a bitch. In all honesty this was the best thing that had happened in any Christmas.
"I just hope we get to be friends. Maybe even more. I would like that." Gerard thought.
"So how old are." Franks was voice interrupted Gerard's thoughts.
"I'm 21. How about you. Wait let me guess.........16."
Gerard said with confidence. Apparently he was good at guessing ages. But this time he was wrong.
"Nope, I'm 18. But nice try." Frank stated in a as-a-matter-of-fact voice.
"Wow you're young. Have you thought about college?" Gerard asked.
"No, I want to be in a band. Hopefully one that saves lives." Frank had always wanted to help people that thought about suicide. He was never suicidal himself, but he wanted help the ones who were. Having had so many friends who died that way.
"Well I hope you do good at it. Maybe even be part of the mainstream." Gerard said. He really did mean it. This kid had potential the whole world needed to love.
"Hell no. I live to be an outcast even in the famous world. But thanks for the luck." Frank appreciated the fact Gerard wished him the best of luck. He just didn't want to be so famous. He didn't want to fit in. He wanted to be himself.
The long walk had ended when Franks house came to sight.
"We'll this is my stop." Frank said once they were on his front porch. He was about to enter his house when..........
"Oh no you don't. You are not going to leave me just yet." Gerard said. "I know we barely met, but I have a gift for you. Look up."
Frank looked up and saw a mistletoe. His stomach fluttered. He was about tell Gerard that he didn't have to be kissed, but instead he was met with a passionate kiss. Frank didn't move at first knowing that at any moment he could screw the whole thing up. Then he thought what the hell it's Christmas. He kissed back and wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck. They stayed like that for a while.
"Best present ever." Frank said once they pulled away.
"Honey, for this present you have to unwrap." Gerard said sexily and Frank giggled. They both entered the house and made fireworks.
I guess Christmas wasn't as bad as Frank thought it would be.
That is my one shot I hope it was good for all of you. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
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